Airbase Terrain Improvement - Unit Based V1.2

Adds the Airbase TI to the game

  1. sman1975
    Airbases Summary:

    The Airbase is a special Tile Improvement that allows you to station aircraft away from Cities or Aircraft Carriers. This mod differs from the 'Airbase Terrain Improvement' mod in that this mod uses a 'Land Carrier' - which is an actual unit, like the aircraft Carrier. It is immobile, has differing unit capacities, and behaves exactly like other units in the game.

    This mod also differs from the other Airbase Terrain Improvement mod in that it does not need to replace the UnitFlagManager UI. This will make it much more compatible with a wide variety of mods that also need to change that UI.

    The choice of which mod to use will depend on what other mods you combine with this mod, but one thing is certain: Do NOT use both of these Airbase Terrain Improvement mods together!

    There are 3 different 'airbase' terrain improvements your Workers can build:

    1. Tactical Airstrip (Flight): Stations 2 air units. Strength: 20 (defensive only).

    2. Strategic Airfield (Radar): Stations 5 air units. Strength: 40 (defensive only). +25% Defensive Bonus

    3. Theater Airbase (Rocketry): Stations 8 air units. Strength: 60 (defensive only). +33% Defensive Bonus

    Air units that may use these airfields are typically Triplanes, Great War Bombers, Fighters, Bombers, and Jet Fighters in the basic game. For additional (mod) units, any unit that uses the 'SpecialCargo' element set to 'SPECIALUNIT_FIGHTER' can use these airfields. Stealth Bombers may not.

    Airbases may be constructed in Desert, Grass, Plains, Snow, and Tundra Tiles. They may be built in tiles you own, unowned tiles, and even in tiles belonging to different civs, if you have an Open Borders agreement with them.

    Airbases do not increase a hex`s productivity or provide access to a Resource. If the airbase has a defensive bonus by 25%, it will not be provided to Units in enemy territory.

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