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Austrin Champion 2016-10-05

Austrin Champion

  1. WarKirby
    The most ambitious unit I've done so far, usign a custom kfm, a gloss map, and a lot of UV editing.

    This is a Champion model for the Austrin civilization in Fall Further. They're a race of outdoorsmen and wilderness explorers. This unit is a mishmash of various aesthetic styles. An unusual combination of east and west. Rugged hair and stubble give the appearance of a well worn man. I was also aiming for an "armoured ninja" look with his attire, thusly he has tight fitting practical clothing, and light, flexible armour plates in parts.

    For weaponry, this unit wields a katana in the right hand, and a wakizashi in the left. The latter is mainly for deflection/decoration, and the big sword is really what he cuts people with.

    For this case, I cobbled together a custom .kfm with animations from the Sumerian vulture, and Aztec Jaguar. The animation set is included with this download. The jaguar combat animations allow for wide, sweeping strokes, and graceful movements that really suit the weapons.

    All metal parts on the unit are also gloss mapped, so they will have an appropriate shine to them ingame.

    • 1038 faces
    • 2 textures
      • austrin_champion.dds 256x256
      • austrin_champion_gloss.dds 256x256 (glossmap)
    • Uses custom Austrin Champion animations (included)


    1. austrinchampion_demo_QVo.jpg