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Druid 2016-10-05


  1. WarKirby
    This is a druid I created for FFH. The design is copied almost entirely from a picture named "Druid by higherdepths" which was found on deviantart, and is attached here. so he gets credit for the original design. I just made it into 3D and changed a few bits.

    Each druid carries a worn wooden staff, tipped with antlers taken from a fallen deer, and a single phoenix feather - a gift from Sucellus.

    The sash which is worn around the torso, is teamcolored. In the lower right of the main image, a few different teamcolor variations are shown. Button art is included, with a green background to emphasize the nature theme. The .psd I created along the way is also included for easy editing. Layers within the .psd include 3 alternate seasonal clothing colors, and 3 alternate hair colors. The default look here is autumnal with brown hair

    Technical Stats:

    944 faces
    single 256x256 texture
    uses unique_sumeria_vulture.kfm


    1. demo4_76i.jpg
    2. druid_by_higherdepths_D29.jpg