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Better Trade Screen 4.4

Adds sort options, filters and generally improves the trade screen

  1. Update for Portugal

    • Brought the Civfanatics version to parity with Github and Steam version
    • Correctly reports yields for Portugal
    • General performance improvements
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  2. September 2019 Update


    Fixes for September 2019 update.
  3. Gathering Storm Update

    Better Trade Screen Changelog v4.2

    1. Fixes compatability with Gathering Storm
    2. Adds compatability with mods that add new city state types
    3. Added optional setting where the trade path length is estimated using Eucledian distance. This can give a speedup of 25-50% late game, but sacrifices the accuracy of turns to complete a trade route.
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  4. Rise and Fall Update

    Minor compatibility update
    1. Minor update to port changes made in RnF.
    2. Makes mod not affect saved games.
    3. Fixes issue with localized text not showing up properly
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  5. Hotfix from previous update

    Fixes issue with the trade screen being offset incorrectly.
  6. Made Compatible with Fall 2017 patch

    Minor bug fixes that got introduced by the Fall 2017 patch. Also adds the religion pressure icons that were added this patch.
  7. Summer Patch 2017 Update

    1. Ports all changes made in Summer Patch update into BTS.
    2. Fixes issues brought about by the patch.
    3. Adds sorting by name (origin or destination) in TradeOverview
    4. Sorts the cities in TradeOriginChooser alphabetically.
    5. Significantly improves sorting performance, especially in TradeOverview with a group setting.
    6. Improves the performance in displaying routes in TradeOverview.
    7. Other minor performance improvements.
    8. Minor...
  8. Bug fixes, translations, and optimizations

    1. Fixed the bug with the routes not repeating in some cases.
    2. Fixed issue with Destination City yields not updating correctly in Make Trade Route screen.
    3. Performance improvements in getting yields for routes.
    4. Performance improvements in building possible trade routes.
    5. Added various translations from CQUI. Big thanks to all the translators (names in Credits).
  9. Performance and other improvements

    1. Implemented caching to greatly improve performance. Details here. Note: If playing on a huge map, late game you will have a noticeable delay, but significantly better than v3.0.
    2. Routes will not sort/group/filter unless absolutely needed. Collapsing and expanding routes should be really fast.
    3. Increased animation speed of opening trade panels....
  10. v3.0 - Repeat routes and Bug fixes

    • Probably the most requested feature, you can set a trade route to repeat. Additional option that route repeated, is top one from the sort settings.
    • "Make trade route" screen, has the last destination selected when opened.
    • Routes info are saved across sessions.
    • Bug fixes, performance optimizations
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