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CIV Gold 3.0 - Final Vanilla Edition 2016-10-05

CIV Gold 3.0 - Final Vanilla Edition (Sept. 10, 2006)

49 new civs from around the globe; over 65 new leaders

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Additions in 3.0:

- Six new civilizations:
* Byzantines (courtesy of Amra) - Theodora and Basil II; Tagmata replaces Knight
* Scythians (courtesy of Amra) - Atheas; Scythian Rider replaces Horse Archer
* Maori - Heke; Waka replaces Galley
* Indonesia - Suharto; Kopassus replaces Marines
* Maghreb (North Africa) - Hassan II; Moorish Cavalry replaces Knight
* Upaajut (Inuit, Yupik...) - Thanadelthur; Qimuksiit replaces Warrior
- new leader for Greece: Philip of Macedon (Expansive / Industrious)
- new leader for Abyssinia: Haile Selassie I (Philosophical / Organized)

Changes and Fixes from 2.0:

- fixed missing First Contact quotes
- fixed problem with Siamese unit flags
- fixed Tashunkewitko error for Diplomacy XML
- added missing Strategy text pieces
- new leaderhead for Trudeau of Canada
- re-skin of Franz Joseph of Austria
- added monkspider's new Vulture unit for Sumeria
- re-balanced Infantry class unique units
- re-balanced Knight class unique units
- made Maasai Moran more distinct from Mali Skirmisher
- fixed various spelling errors
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