Goldsmith, Jeweler, and New Luxuries 4.2.3

Goldsmith, Jeweler, and New Luxuries

  1. isnorden
    Adds ten luxury resources and six buildings to the game.


    * Amber
    * Coral
    * Diamond
    * Emerald
    * Jade
    * Lapis Lazuli
    * Platinum
    * Ruby
    * Sapphire


    * Since most of the new luxury resources are gems, this mod also changes the generic "Gems" resource to Opal (which matches the onscreen art fairly well). Version 4.01 finally displays the Opal icons as I intended; Pouakai and Nutty get most of the credit for this bugfix.

    * As of version 4.10, this mod alters two religious beliefs: "Religious Idols" also grants a bonus on Platinum, and "Tears of the Gods" affects ALL gem types.


    * The _Goldsmith's Shop_ becomes available with Mining; it increases the monetary value of Gold and Silver mines closest to the city where the shop was built. A Goldsmith's Shop also improves the value of nearby gems and a few sea resources. However, the city must have a working Gold or Silver mine before adding this building.

    * The _Jeweler's Shop_ becomes available with Metallurgy. It also improves the monetary value of some gems and metals; however, that is not the main benefit of a Jeweler's Shop. The building can produce Jewelry in exchange for Platinum, ending City-States' monopoly on the trade. Of course, this also means that only a city with a working Platinum mine nearby can build a Jeweler's Shop. That city must also have a Goldmith's Shop first.

    * The _Court Jeweler_ is a national wonder, unlocked at Metallurgy and buildable only in a capital city. It acts as a free Jeweler's Shop, producing Jewelry without using or requiring local Platinum. However, the player must have at least four Goldsmith's Shops throughout his empire.

    Besides a free shop, the Court Jeweler provides three more bonuses: +10% each to the capital's Gold and Culture, and +2 to local Happiness.


    * The _Metal Refiner_ becomes available at Metallurgy; it provides Gold and has no further bonuses or restrictions.
    * The _Cultured Pearl Bed_ becomes available at Biology; it provides Pearls and adds a Science bonus to existing Pearls. Only coastal cities may have this building.
    * The _Synthetic Gem Lab_ becomes available at Electronics. It changes Coal to Diamonds, as well as adding a Science bonus to some gem types. However, a normal Research Lab must exist in the same city.


    * This mod requires the Gods and Kings expansion pack, but should also work normally with Brave New World. I have no plans to add a Vanilla-compatible edition, although other modders are welcome to try.


    * So far, I've needed to block four conflicting mods:

    1. The Lite edition of this mod
    2. The original Goldsmith building mod by WHoward69
    3. My Ancient Era tweak of #2
    4. "More Luxuries" by Barathor

    * Only mods which delete the techs and resources used here should cause any problems otherwise. If any conflicts occur that I haven't predicted, please leave me a note.


    * This mod borrows from several other users (see the list in the Mods window for details). I designed my own parts to reduce conflict with similar mods.


    * BASED ON MODS BY: Deep_Blue; framedarchitecture; whoward69 ( )
    * GRAPHICS: Barathor; Glacierheart; Horem; Skaz881
    * TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE: framedarchitecture; LeeS; Nutty; PawelS; Pouakai; whoward69
    * TEXT INFO: Barathor;; Glacierheart; whoward69