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Got Lakes (Various Worlds) Map Script 29.0

Quench your thirst for exploration with this incredibly random map script!

  1. New options to replace the climate shuffle, and more!

    Scrum Lord
    Version 27.0

    New options to replace the climate shuffle:
    • Introducing 4 new options to replace the 13 climates with 120 possible combinations!
      • Climate: Snowball, Ice Age, Standard, Greenhouse, Sandstorm
      • Biome: Arborea, Prairie, Standard, Wetland
      • Sunlight: Standard, Tilted Axis, Two Suns
      • Icy Poles: Cropped, Standard
    • Introducing Biodiversity, which controls which terrain/feature combos are allowed on the map; by default, this automatically adjusts itself from Standard to Very High based on selected climate.
    • Introducing 6 new checkboxes to override each terrain/feature combo controlled by Biodiversity (in addition to No Grass Jungles and No Plains Marsh):
      • No Desert Forests
      • No Desert Jungles
      • No Desert Oases
      • No Snow Forests
      • No Snow Oases
      • No Tundra Forests
    Spoiler Climate minimaps :
    climate 1 snowball v27.jpg climate 2 ice age v27.jpg climate 3 std v27.jpg climate 4 greenhouse v27.jpg climate 5 sandstorm v27.jpg

    Spoiler Screenshots :
    Seven Seas Branchy v27.jpg Bagels Sandstorm v27.jpg LargeLakes Greenhouse v27.jpg Pangea Snowball v27.jpg SmallConts Prairie v27.jpg

    Landmass tweaks:

    • Added a new Seven Seas landmass, which is based on the new Seven Seas map script from the June 2019 update.
    • Added a Fresh Lakes Landmasses checkbox: if enabled, turns all saltwater oceans/seas for any Lakes family landmass (Inland Sea, Inverted Extras, etc) into clusters of fresh lakes!
    • What was formerly the "Lakes" landmass is now obsolete since you can get the same thing with Inverted Extras + Fresh Lakes Landmasses.
    • What was formerly the "Salt Lakes" landmass is now the "Lakes" landmass.
    Mountain/Volcano tweaks:
    • Removed non-volcanic mountains from "continent boundaries" because Got Lakes already has enough mountains with its mountain patterns.
    • Volcanoes no longer spawn on unreachable plots.
    New donut fillings!
    • snow: region + snowball + standard sunlight
    • desert: region + sandstorm + standard sunlight (no longer region + tilted axis)
    • volcanoes: tectonic extras
    • volcanic soil: very high biodiversity + [tectonic extras OR tectonic-and-chains extras OR everything extras]
    • Disabled merging of river systems to prevent rivers from becoming too large/complex--this prevents the game from crashing on start, yet still allows a decent number of river plots and interesting river systems on the map.
    • Fixed a bug that was causing maps with Kupe to fail on start.
    • Fixed a bug that was causing maps with Kupe to start with fewer than expected players.
    • Fixed a bug that was causing the Start Position option to interpret "Legendary" as Random.
    • Fixed the ordering of map options so that Start Position and Resources come first.
    • The Pangea landmass no longer attempts to shift land to the north or south edge of the map.
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