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Got Lakes (Various Worlds) Map Script 29.0

Quench your thirst for exploration with this incredibly random map script!

  1. New mountain clump options and more!

    Scrum Lord
    Version 29.0

    New options for mountain clumps!
    • Introducing Mountain Clumps (Full, Maze, Hollow, or Random): controls whether large clumps of mountains are full of mountains like the base game, carved into mountain mazes, or hollowed out completely! Carves mountain mazes by default. The effects of this option are more noticeable with higher mountain level and/or mountains set to Clustered Highlands.
    • Introducing Thin Mountain Clump Edges: if enabled, uses...
  2. new civ-start options, start positioner improvements, and more!

    Scrum Lord
    Version 28.0

    New options for land starts and water starts!
    • Introducing Land Starts: controls how areas of land are assigned to major civs! You can assign all civs to the largest area (like Terra), divide up civs like normal, assign each civ to a separate area using areas that are most similar in size, or let the landmass decide what to do. And of course you can also randomize this option!
    • Introducing Water Starts: controls how areas of water are assigned to...
  3. September 2019 Update patch

    Scrum Lord
    Version 27.1

    Includes some minor tweaks to match the September 2019 Update of Civ VI.
  4. New options to replace the climate shuffle, and more!

    Scrum Lord
    Version 27.0

    New options to replace the climate shuffle:
    • Introducing 4 new options to replace the 13 climates with 120 possible combinations!
      • Climate: Snowball, Ice Age, Standard, Greenhouse, Sandstorm
      • Biome: Arborea, Prairie, Standard, Wetland
      • Sunlight: Standard, Tilted Axis, Two Suns
      • Icy Poles: Cropped, Standard
    • Introducing Biodiversity, which controls which terrain/feature combos are allowed on the map; by...
  5. Multiplayer map fix

    Scrum Lord
    Version 26.3

    Fixed map initialization to avoid using native random numbers for any game that starts with two or more human players. This ensures that all players in a multiplayer game see the same map.

    Note that in order to make this fix, I had to apply the following changes:
    • MP maps can no longer choose Random for the World Wrap option.
    • MP maps can no longer adjust map size based on climate selection (no height reduction for Ice Age Cropped, for example). Instead of reducing...
  6. Support for Antarctic Late Summer Update

    Scrum Lord
    Version 26.2

    Adds support for the Civ VI Antarctic Late Summer Update.

    Also adds compatibility with coastal flooding mods such as Nere's Inland Flooding and Climate Change. See what happens when a Lakes map becomes flooded!:mischief:
  7. Full Support for Custom Map Sizes

    Scrum Lord
    Version 26.1

    Custom map sizes such as the ones from YnAMP, Larger Worlds, and PerfectWorld now respect regional world wrap as well as climate-based grid size adjustments.
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  8. A few minor fixes...and an option to connect all saltwater seas!

    Scrum Lord
    Version 26.0

    Added a new Connected Seas checkbox: if enabled, connects all saltwater seas into a single network of oceans. Recommended as a balance fix for multiplayer games that have coastal civs on land-heavy maps.

    Spoiler Connected Seas: Off vs On :
    conn-seas v26.jpg

    Spoiler Screenshot of GS map with Connected Seas :
    Oval Normal ConnSeas.jpg

    • Capped mountain fractal granularity at 5 regardless of map size (fixes bad...
  9. Avoid non-mountain volcanoes

    Scrum Lord
    Version 25.2
    Problem: Got Lakes likes to create mountain passes, but for some reason the Terrain Builder doesn't completely remove volcanoes from the system, resulting in phantom volcanoes on flat or hilly terrain.

    Fix: Got Lakes now prefers removing regular mountains over volcanoes when creating mountain passes. This results in mountain passes that go around volcanoes instead of through them. So now this issue won't happen unless you have a wall of volcanoes...
  10. Fixes and Tweaks for Gathering Storm

    Scrum Lord
    Version 25.1
    • Fixed a bug that caused forests, jungles, etc. to replace floodplains (caused a shortage of floodplains, and possible corruption of volcanoes)
    • Volcanoes now respect the No Coastal Mountains option.
    • Added volcanoes, fissures, etc. to major-civ start plot calculations.
    • Doubled the frequency of volcanoes.
    • Doubled the frequency of geothermal fissures.
    • Reduced minimum size of floodplains group from 4 tiles to 2 (allows...