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Got Lakes (Various Worlds) Map Script 29.0

Quench your thirst for exploration with this incredibly random map script!

  1. new civ-start options, start positioner improvements, and more!

    Scrum Lord
    Version 28.0

    New options for land starts and water starts!
    • Introducing Land Starts: controls how areas of land are assigned to major civs! You can assign all civs to the largest area (like Terra), divide up civs like normal, assign each civ to a separate area using areas that are most similar in size, or let the landmass decide what to do. And of course you can also randomize this option!
    • Introducing Water Starts: controls how areas of water are assigned to major civs that start in water instead of land! Possible values are similar to those of the Land Start option. You can even choose to force all water civs to start on land!
    • One example of what is now possible: choose Separate Areas for Land Starts with Sprinkles extras and a Pangea landmass, and all civs will start on tiny islands while the pangea is uninhabited! Note that you might want to exclude Kupe from this map for balance reasons.
    Spoiler Land Starts on Continents + Sprinkles :
    Largest Area
    landstarts 1 - largest v28.jpg Standard
    landstarts 2 - std.jpg Separate Areas
    landstarts 3 - separate.jpg

    Spoiler Water Starts on Seven Seas :
    Largest Area
    waterstarts 1 - largest v28.jpg
    waterstarts 2 - std v28.jpg
    Separate Areas
    waterstarts 3 - separate v28.jpg

    Improvements to the Got Lakes start positioner!

    • Added support for custom water starts! Now that Got Lakes fully-overrides water starts instead of using the base game's positioner, the chances of Kupe starting in water are much greater than they were before--even on maps that have no salty oceans! So go ahead and let everyone in the game play as the Maori!
    • Added a possible 2nd attempt at placing civ starts, in case your choices of Land/Water starts happen to be too restrictive for the generated map. Largest area too small to fit all civs? Not enough areas for separate-area starts? Icy poles too close to the equator? No problem! Got Lakes will just make a 2nd attempt at placing civs. The 2nd attempt reverts civ placement to standard starts and relaxes constraints on how to place civs in order to maximize its chances of success.
    • Fixed an elusive water start bug that sometimes removed a player from the game.
    • Land starts now avoid plots that are within 4 tiles of another civ's start.
    • Land starts now avoid plots that cannot host a city, such as passable wonders, oases, and geothermal fissures.
    • Region assignment now de-prioritizes land areas that lack fresh water and water areas that lack deep oceans.
    • Start positioner now prioritizes starts with rivers and coasts over starts that are near the edge of the civ's region.
    • Improved handling of too-many civs assigned to an area.
    • Improved handling of low-fertility terrain such as maps with all snow, tiny islands, etc.
    • Added tie-breakers for comparing starting plots to avoid biasing starts towards the SW or NE corner of the map.
    • Added a final scan of the entire map for eligible plots as a last resort to avoid a failure to place civs on the map.
    • Got Lakes no longer attempts to modify terrain when desparately trying to place starts.
    • Largest Area now ignores latitude constraints for globe maps (in case the largest area happens to be completely frozen).
    • The Donut and Oval landmasses no longer attempt Largest Area land starts by default.
    New options for controlling mountains, hills, and volcanoes!
    • Removed World Age, which is now obsolete (see below)
    • Introducing Mountain Level: controls the quantity of mountains only (not hills or volcanoes--see below!)
    • Introducing Hill Level: controls the quantity of hills; default value is "Same as Mountain Level" so that you can still effectively control mountains and hills with the same option.
    • Introducing Volcano Level: controls the quantity of volcanoes; default value is "Same as Mountain Level" so that you can still effectively control mountains and volcanoes with the same option. You can also set this to "Same as Hill Level" if you'd rather let hill level control the number of volcanoes.
    • Removed Ageless Hills, which is obsolete. Instead, just set Hill Level to Standard and Mountain Level to whatever you want.
    New checkbox for limiting coastal expansion!
    • Introducing the No Coastal Expansion checkbox: if enabled, replaces all shallow water that is not strictly coastal with deep ocean. Also prevents extra islands from expanding the coast of the main landmass. Useful if you enjoy crossing oceans before meeting other civs; however this does not guarantee that you will be totally isolated, even on island maps.
    Spoiler Large Islands with No Coastal Expansion :
    Large Islands no-coastal-exp v28.jpg

    Expanded options!

    • The following options have been expanded to include new values such as Very Low and Very High: Mountain Level, Hill Level, Volcano Level, Sea Level, Lake Level, River Level, Temperature, Tundra Level, Rainfall, Climate Granularity, and Grass/Plains Mix. Enjoy!
    • A few donut fillings have migrated from Low/High values to Very Low / Very High as a result of this expansion.
    New behavior for setting all Landmass options to None!
    • Previously, setting all Landmass family options to None would result in a randomly-chosen landmass, but now you will get no landmass at all! Instead you get a world filled with islands based on your choice of Extras--enjoy!
    Spoiler "None" Landmass with Sprinkles :
    None Sprinkles v28.jpg

    • Snowball and Ice Age climates no longer lower sea level. Most of those effects are now attainable by setting Sea Level to Very Low.
    • Removed the Oval landmass + Globe world wrap + Tilted Axis sunlight + Cropped icy poles easter egg due to a potential shortage of land. However, you can still crop the oval if you have Oval + Globe + Ice Age or Snowball climate + Cropped.
    • Fixed some bugs in Sea Level responsiveness, particularly for clusters, the Inverted Extras landmass, and tectonic extras.
    • The Clusters and Inland Sea landmasses now always use a polar fractal (improves chances of landmass having a reasonable shape).
    • Mini Donuts (both landmass and extras) now supports a 3:1 map aspect ratio.
    • Fixed some UI tooltips that I forgot to update last time.
    • For those of you who like to tinker with Lua code, I have added some new switches and tunable constants to GotLakes.lua for an even more advanced level of customization!
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