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Got Lakes (Various Worlds) Map Script 29.0

Quench your thirst for exploration with this incredibly random map script!

  1. New mountain clump options and more!

    Scrum Lord
    Version 29.0

    New options for mountain clumps!
    • Introducing Mountain Clumps (Full, Maze, Hollow, or Random): controls whether large clumps of mountains are full of mountains like the base game, carved into mountain mazes, or hollowed out completely! Carves mountain mazes by default. The effects of this option are more noticeable with higher mountain level and/or mountains set to Clustered Highlands.
    • Introducing Thin Mountain Clump Edges: if enabled, uses thinner walls of mountains for Maze and Hollow mountain clumps.
    • The Snowball climate now allows all strategic resources to appear on tundra and snow. This allows horses, coal, and aluminum to appear in completely-frozen worlds.
    • Updated menu items to show which option selections are closest to the base game.
    • Improved responsiveness to Hill Level for most maps.
    • Improved randomness of mountain passes, paths through ice, etc.
    Spoiler New Mountain Clump Possibilities :
    Full 1 full v29.jpg Maze 2 maze v29.jpg Maze with thin edges 3 maze thin v29.jpg Hollow 4 hollow v29.jpg Hollow with thin edges 5 hollow thin v29.jpg
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