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[LH] Ptolemy Soter 2016-10-05

[LH] Ptolemy Soter

  1. The Capo

    This is the third of the wave of four LHs I have been working on.

    Ptolemy Soter was the founder of the Ptolemaic Kingdom of Egypt, which was a Hellenic-Egyptian Kingdom that ruled the land that is now modern Egypt as well as lands in Libya and parts of the Middle-East. Ptolemy was a General of Alexander the Great and was able to assert his authority over his Kingdom by acquiring the corpse of Alexander as per Macedonian custom. Under Ptolemy there was a veritable renaissance in Egypt, the arts, sciences, and literature prospered in his Kingdom and the Great Library gained worldwide notariety. He also comissioned the construction of the Pharos of Alexandria (Great Lighthouse) although construction wasn't finished during his lifetime. The dynasty he had forged lasted nearly three hundred years, and saw a new revival of power along the Nile. He was a companion of Alexander the Great during his conquest of the ancient world and was an ancestor of Celopatra.

    I am using him as a leader of Egypt in my Diplomacy II mod to represent the Hellenic/Ptolemaic era in Egypt.

    Here are his ArtDefines:

    I hope everyone likes him, and don't be fooled by his make-up; this is one tough bastard! :lol:

    Don't forget to rate him, and please visit my Leaderhead Gallery!


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