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Mordor 2016-10-05


  1. Nicheal
    Is there any need for another Lord of the Rings Scenario ?
    Yes. For the ultimate one. Do not download this ! It will blow your mind like Saurons damned spirit !
    The great eye is watching you !
    A Test of Time Scenario called MORDOR, playable OneMap or TwoMap, English or German,
    each of the seven Empires free and non-limited playable,
    each of the seven Empires has its own Events.txt to being beated at all.

    You can play the Dwarves, the Elves, Harad and Khand, Mordor, Gondor, Orthanc and Rohan.
    Each of the seven Empires has its own Events.txt to play that fine and non-limited.
    Even after you won or lost the war you can play along to get your lessons.
    A great and welldone ToT Beta Version. The Map is great and the cities are nice.
    The Units are great and their Values are nice. A welldone hell-playing ToT Scenario !

    Have fun !

    -Seven Empires playable
    -Workers to found new cities and to build infrastructure by yourself
    -The whole Tec Tree to research near hundred new technologies
    -New Units to fight with
    -Two unexplored great maps to conquer
    -Improvements and wonders to build
    -Expensive Units and Improvements to get a hard fight
    -Diplomacy for free
    -Further playable after Mordor or Gondor have won
    -Playable like hell
    -well balanced ToT strategic simulation

    and and and

    One Scen to beat them
    One Scen to treat them
    One Scen to get the fun mine !
    In the game of CIV, called Test of Time...


    1. title_mordor_122.gif
    2. dol_amroth_F77.jpg
    3. caras_galadhon_4kV.jpg
    4. underworld_62d.jpg