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  1. Nicheal
    On Archezep where the wild Archans live
    the native Tribes of the Land,
    there was the grand Killdown of Archut,
    which Dying is Legend and grand.

    On Archezep where mighty Cruzans built
    up the Colony Archut, the Pride,
    and Glory of Empire, there fought the War
    General Merchat and his Men, and

    all died.

    The Cruzans are a modern Tribe of Space Exploration and Colonization.
    And on many Planets, there were founded Cruzan Colonies in the far Space.
    The Cruzan Empire of the free Cruzan Planets and Moons.

    But some Colonizations ended tragically, and one of these Colonizations
    is the legendary "Killdown of Archut", the legendary Fall of the once
    young and growing Colony of Archut on the Moon of Archezep.

    You are the Governor and General Merchat Zur, who lead the great Efforts
    versus the Native Tribes of Archezep, who lead the last Defenses,
    and who failed -and died- in the last Battle called "Killdown of Archut".

    I will create a Civilization 2 Test of Time Scenario with low Efforts and
    maximum Fun. It will be nearly impossible to change the History, and to
    rescue Archut, Cruzan Colony on Archezep, and to lead it into golden Future.

    Three Difficulties for the Cruzans, three Difficulties for the Archans.
    You HAVE TO CHOOSE the Cruzan Empire or the Native Tribes of Archezep,
    double-click TCC Batch and choose your Difficulty and Empire and

    Have Fun

    The Cruzan Colony or TCC is a two Map Game, with only two Empires:
    The Cruzan Empire, and the Native Tribes of Archezep. You can choose each of them,
    and choose a Difficulty Level for each of the two Empires: Easy, Middle, Heavy.

    The actual Download Version is 1.3
    Changes from 1.1 to 1.2 are very, very slight Changes in Game.txt, Rules.txt, Describe.txt
    Wanted to wait for another Upload, to get more Changes in, but Uploads should be done,
    before they would be never done at all.
    Change from 1.2 to 1.3 is a 64bit Batchfile for TCC.

    And for better Understanding: The Cruzans call the Moon Archezep, and so
    they call the Native Tribes the Archans, or the Native Tribes of Archezep.
    While the Archans themselves call their Moon Cauzeroll, and themselves Zerollor,
    or the United Tribes of Zerollor, later the United Civilization of Zerollor.
    So when i say "Archans", it is the Speech of the Cruzan Invaders, and when
    i say "Zerollor", it is the Speech of the Native Tribes, but means the same.

    Have Fun.



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