More Unique Components for Vox Populi

More Unique Components for Vox Populi 87

- Reworked:
- Added the Bullring as a unique replacement for Spain
- Hacienda is moving to base VP mod
- tweaked/modified:
- Impi no longer have ranged strike carry forward. Gunpowder combat bonus has been split into a separate promotion that carries forward
- Armada no longer have Boarding Party II for free
- University of Coimbra icon modified. Credit to EmeraldRange
- Hippodrome era riot downgraded from 1 turn of anarchy per city to 1 turn of -100% needs modifier in all cities
- Chasquiwasi promotion healing reduced from +10 in all territory to +5 in friendly only. Chasqui start with Medic I

Bug Fixes
- Text fixes
- InDuna, Shophet, and Suffet now get bonuses from Imperialism policies
- Qullqa Coca no longer replaces existing resources. If settling on an existing resource, no Coca is placed
- Qullqa and Buffalo Pound now place resources if the building was given for free with a Pioneer or Colonist
Text Fix
instant culture boosts now contribute to border growth
More Unique Components for Vox Populi changelog:
- changes
- Egyptian Khopesh (spearman) replaced with Mamluk (Lancer)
- Indonesian Prau (Trireme) replaced with Djong (Galleass)
- tweaked/modified:
- Monitor now has same base movement as the ironclad (no more double movement in coast)
- Increased base culture of Iziko to 3
- Chasqui now unlock at Writing
- updated text issues
- Reduced Great Bombard's Sahi Topu self-damage to 15. removed +10 healing in friendly lands. No longer has City Siege promotion
- Reduced Etemenanki's national population requirement to 15
- Removed Iron Chariot's Rough Terrain Penalty and fixed the lua errors.
added defense to harbors
changed new deal yields
fixed steam mill
updated ideology bonuses for unique improvements
hotfix for sql error in Inca Qullqa
- tweaked/modified:
- Khopesh now has Formation I
- SPAD no longer costs supply
- Oppidum now boosts GMerchant WLTKD by 10%
- RCS/CS tweaks to Danurgraha
- moved production from Coca to Qullqa (aesthetic change)
More Unique Components for Vox Populi changelog:
- tweaked/modified:
- Defensive building tweaks
- unit CS tweaks
- Pogost now gives Resource boosts (moved from Grocer for this patch)
- Harbour replacements now give +2 flat supply

Bug Fixes
- Monolithic Church fixed (wasn't receiving ideology bonus)
- Iron Chariot Art file fix
- Steam mill syntax fix (should now do everything it is supposed to)
Updates to citystrikemodifiers on defensive buildings
unique lancers have had their base CS updated in following with the latest changes to Lancer
small tweaks
- Compatibility:
- mounted ranged units have movement and CS/RCS linked to the base units and will move accordingly
- I have abandoned modifying these units here, as they are getting changed every patch now. Download PDan's unit tweaks for a more sane mounted archer experience
- tweaked/modified:
- Teutonic Order Faith on kill reduced to 15
- IsNearbyPromotion implemented
Goedendag! now gives +10% CS aura to units in 1 tile via SQL
Goedendag! no longer gives +25% vs mounted. Goedendag unit now has the normal +50% vs mounted promotion (unless using PDan's Unit Tweaks)
Burgemeeste promotion now gives +33% CS if within 2 tiles of a friendly city
InDuna's Ibutho now gives +50% XP to the unit stacked with it, rather than +2 only on attack.
- compatibility:
- Added 10% Food/Gold conversion and adjusted bonuses to Pasture and Farm on Andelsvaegelse
- Teutonic Order now gives a free great Writer
- tweaked/modified:
- Pogost: lowered stage 2 and 3 city connection modifiers to 5%
- Xiafan Guanjun: Can no longer enter rival territory without an open borders agreement
- Sambadrome:
- Dropped bonus gold/GAP for musicians in this city
- Dropped musician slot
- 10% of Culture in City is converted to GAPs
- Iziko: increased Culture gained from unit levelling by 1 at all levels (2 at lvl 2, 3 at lvl 3, etc.)
fixed ethiopia bug
added process modifier to Andelvaegelse
- compatibility:
- Added/Removed/Adjusted ITR bonuses on Steam Mill, Andelsvaegelse, Baan Chang, Agora, and Homestead
- Added +2 production per Steam Mill on Empire to Steam Mill
- Adjusted bonuses to Pasture and Farm on Andelsvaegelse
- tweaked/modified:
- Japanese unique guilds instant yield boosts on GP birth reduced to 3% from 5%
- Improper CS calculation on Spanish Armada, should now work as intended
- Ottoman Tersane now restricted to coastal cities
- Reworked:
- Celtic Oppidum:
buildable by GScientist, GMerchant, GEngineer, and GGeneral
Cannot be built next to another Oppidum (same as Citadel)
Base yields now +2 Food and +1 to all other yields
Increased Tile defense bonus to +100% from +50%
Tech yield changes reworked. Now gains +1 to 2 yields on 1 tech every era from Classical to Atomic (Food unaffected, but ends with +3 to all other yields)
Scales bulbing of scientists/merchants/engineers by 5/5/10 (half power of academy/town/manufactory)
Deactivated alterations to Celtic UA. Druidic Lore No longer gives any bonuses to GMerchant generation
- compatibility:
- 25 Food added on construction of Qullqa
- tweaked/modified:
- Persian Qizilbash ==> Provides faith/gold/GAP on pillage instead of every turn in foreign territory. Incentivizes more active play.
- compatibility:
- CS/RCS changes to match CS/RCS shuffle:
Dromon: 9/17
Fusta: 11/21
Great Galleass: 17/27
Xiafan Guanjun: 30/38
Yamato: 55/80
Scythed Chariot: 9/11
Pancerni: 16/19
Hashemite Raider: 47/57
Prowler: 22/32
Klepht: 28/45
Cacador: 32/45
Ballista: 8/13
Turkish Bombard: 16/43
Tarkhan: 14
Iron Chariot: 12
Chasqui: 10
Koa: 12
Black Tug: 27
Shotelai: 22
- University of Coimbra ==> culture on technology unlock increased to 50
- Goedendag ==> Dropped stagnates growing on production
- Andelsbevægelse ==> 1 food added to grass, as well as plains
==> dropped +3% worker speed
- Teutonic Order ==> dropped production scaler
==> lowered base faith from 4 to 1
==> added free Great General
- Promotion Changes:
Shotelai & Eagle gain cover I, lose Shock I
Bellum Alet: Pillaging a tile gives +20 HP heal (up from 10 HP)
- compatibility:
- Rough Terrain Penalty added to Mounted Ranged units
==> Scythed Chariot, Hashemite Raider, Pancerny
- tweaked/modified:
- Hacienda ==> moved to Compass tech
- Sambadrome ==> removed +25% GAP during Golden Ages. Added 10 turns WLTKD on completion
- fixed:
- Armada ==> fixed boarding party II bug
- compatibility:
- Field Works Promotion line added to Pracinha, Carolean, and Landwehr
- University of Coimbra culture on technology unlock reduced to 25
- tweaked/modified:
- SpanishArmada ==> Reduced CS, but increased bonus CS from Invincible
==> No longer has bonus XP on kills
==> added Boarded II for plague immunity
- Sachems Council ==> code optimization. Uses SQL for unit promotion now
- Eagle CS increased to 17
- fixed:
- Suffet ==> bugfixes for multiple suffet spawning and Imperialism policy compatibility
- compatibility:
- UnhappinessFromXSpecialists ==> Added no urbanization unhappiness from X specialists to Baan Chang, Pairidaeza, Riad, Steam Mill, and Japanese Guilds
- Polder ==> Removed ability to build on Marsh (can now do that in base VP)
- Removed unnecessary settings ==> Event_plot and Event_espionage no longer used with addition of Marsh Polder and White Tower to VP
- tweaked/modified:
- Pogost ==> Added no urbanization unhappiness from 1 specialist to Stage 2
- Steam Mill ==> Updated Steam Mill to match HungryForFood's Steam Mill... Again.
- Eagle ==> reduced worker conversion rate to 25%. gave Woodsman and 25HP heal. reduced CS to 15.
==> Jaguars instantly upgrade to Eagles after 10 kills.
- Legions ==> Pilum now is lost on upgrade.
- Sambadrome ==> reduced Culture modifier to the intended 10%, and Tech Tourism to the intended +3 at Radio
- Six Horns Council ==> fixed lua error that disabled text notification
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