More Unique Components for Vox Populi

More Unique Components for Vox Populi 87

- Tweaked/modified:
- new art & unit model for Assyrian Iron Chariot
- Siamese Seir Morb:
- Now gives a flat 20 damage if the unit has not moved at all before attacking, rather than damage based on moves left (only relevant if on roads, with partial moves.)
- Bonus damage hits every unit/city on a tile, including embarked units stacked under boats and garrisons inside cities.
- Roman Latifundium improvement time reduced from 1200 to 950
- Ethiopian Monolithic Church improvement time reduced from 1000 to 900
- Danish Longship no longer has Viking Exploration promotion
bug fixes
Tersane now gives GAdmiral points
Monitor city defense bonus increased to 10%
- Compatibility:
- Isibaya and Tersane now allow melee units to fall back to them after kills (credit to InkAxis)
- Bullring now +1 culture/tourism to jungle/forest/pasture
- Salon Tourism to Great Works reduced to +1
- Pitz Court Tourism per Population reduced to 1 per 4
- Greek Klepht now a Commando replacement (melee recon unit)
- removed Mandekalu move to knight and Carolean move to Fusilier
- these changes are now part of PDan's Civ Tweaks Mod, and can be added back there
- tweaked/modified:
- Hippodrome no longer gives unhappiness on Era change; WLTKD reduced to 10 turns
- Compatibility:
- Huey Teocalli now gives +1 Gold to Temples instead of Culture
- Sachems Council now gives 1 faith per CS Ally
- tweaked/modified:
- New unit model for Klepht
- Indian Archer renamed to Danurdhara
- Kampong can now be pillaged/repaired
- Great Galleass now has 4 moves and Bombardment I
- Reworked
- Tersane rework:
Tersane is now a unique improvement
Built by Expending Great Admirals adjacent to cities
Functions as a naval citadel with extra infrastructure bonuses
- France UB rework:
Grande Ecole replaced with Salon, a unique Museum
Gains additional %GP rate per chateau worked
Higher yields and theming bonuses
- Bug Fixes:
- Monolithic church yields for beliefs fixed; re-added stone as a valid tile prerequisite
Huey Teocalli yields updated (compatibility)
Klepht unit graphics update
fixes cattle placement for the Isibaya
- Compatibility:
- Unique components that previously blocked spy actions have had those abilities removed
- Reworked
- InDuna rework:
Ibutho now gives 30XP to stacked unit on Expend
Removed damage to adjacent enemies on Expend
Removed +50% XP for stacked unit
InDuna can now build Kraal unique improvement
fixes for the gagaku and latifundium
Tourism building changes compatibility

- tweaked/modified:
- Naresuans Elephant and Naga Malla promotion changes removed
- Building Changes for 4/14 compatbility:
- Pitz now has 1 tourism per 2 citizens
- Sambadrome and Kabuki now have +1 Tourism to GWs
- Pairidaeza and Riad now have +1 Tourism to WAM specialists
- Bimaristan has +1 Sci to Snow tiles
- Chaebol has +2 gold to Villages
- tweaked/modified:
- Mayan Atlatl and Zulu promotion changes removed
- moved to separate Tweaks Mod
- Monolithic Church can only be built on hills now (no stone)
- with the exception of the capital, Incan Coca is now given via a 100% capturable dummy building
- No longer on the map so the cities can be razed
- Cusco will replace any resource you settle on top of with a Coca.
- Increased Chasqui and Koa CS to 11 and 13, respectively
assyria iron chariot fix
text fixes
fixed grande ecole
- Reworked:
- Austrian Landwehr changed to Grenzer (fusilier)
- lower base CS, increases CS for every vassal or Diplomatic Marriage on empire. CS is adjusted on promotion
- No longer gains culture while garrisoned or on defensive tiles
- tweaked/modified:
- fixed Hippodrome's unhappiness bomb not expiring
- Renamed Shotelai to Chewa. Hooked Weapon promotion renamed to Shotelai.
- increased GE and GM scaling on Oppidum (03/02 compatibility)
- SPAD S.VII no longer requires oil again, RCS increased to 45 (same as base triplane)
- Grande Ecole yields to engineer and scientist specialists reduced to 1 sci/prod
- Bug Fixes:
- Text fixes on SPAD, Tersane, Wat
- added improvement bonuses to civilopedia pages (Kampong, Monolithic Church, Latifundia)
- IsNearbyPromotion re-enabled (it had been deactivated for performance reasons)
- fixed University of Coimbra lua
- Ranged attack no longer stays on upgrade for Impi
- Iron Chariot bonus changed to defense per adjacent enemy unit
removes religious needs from Byzantine era event
Roman latifundia are now unpillageable again
alti cur update
fixes khopesh/mamluk atlas bug
- Reworked:
- Arabian Madrasa replaced with Bimaristsan (mainly aesthetic change)
- tweaked/modified:
- Japan Guilds nerfed significantly. % of total bulb reduced on 2 guilds, only give 1 type of yield now.
- Aztec Eagle. captured workers have Prisoner of War promotion (-50% work rate), but also get a permanent promotion with +25 work rate
- Net -25/+25 work rate before/after 50 turns
- Icon updates for Seir Morb and Klepht
Bug Fixes
- Code optimizations for 7 units and 4 buildings to help with mid/late game stability
- Latifundia fix to give modmod compatibility
- upcoming modmod compatibility fix for Kabuki and Barbican
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