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Quo's Fewer AI Tantrums 1.0

Calms down some erratic agendas;

  1. isau
    This mod is intended to normalize the behavior to make the gameplay experience a bit less schizophrenic. This mod was written to bring gameplay closer to the experience of Civ IV and V, and offer an experience like you are actually playing against these great leaders in history rather than a randomly rolled one.

    Note this mod does slightly increase game difficulty, because leaders are much more likely to receive an agenda that lines up with their strengths. It is not the intention that you should be able to become friends with everyone, but this mod will calm the world down a bit.

    Requires the Aztec DLC. (If you are comfortable with SQL, you can remove the reference to Montezuma in the file to make it work. Thanks to SuperSylph for pointing this out).

    Mod is compatible with other "Quo's" mods. I recommend playing with Quo's Better France and Spain mod in order to offset France's loss of utility in the agendas being locked.

    Random Agendas Locked to Specific Leaders
    • The random hidden agendas are now locked to each leader (see chart) below
    • This is intended to promote better AI in general, as well as more accurately represent each leader
    • You can remove this feature and keep the rest of the mod by following instructions at the bottom of Code.sql in the mod file

    Changes to Specific Leaders
    These changes are intended to make these leaders generally more approachable, like their actual historical counterparts.
    • Saladin should now be only mildly annoyed by rival religious activity
    • Kongo is much calmer about you not bringing a religion to them
    • Pedro gets much less angry about Great People
    • Pericles gets much less angry about you meddling with City States
    Changes to All Leaders
    • All leaders should be somewhat less annoyed by units near their borders (work in progress, not totally fixed yet)
    • All leaders should be much less prejudiced for or against you by the First Impression random roll when you first meet them
    • All leaders should be more rapid to forgive broken promises
    • Leaders with the Explorer agenda should be much less angry about you out-exploring them

    Work In Progress

    Ideally, Hidden agendas should no longer be hidden since they are always the same. However this is somewhat tricky as it appears to involve editing lua files. Postponed until future.

Recent Reviews

  1. ITcore
    Version: 1.0
    Does what it set out to do. Leader's are less strict about their agenda's but it still does factor into their diplomatic points. Thanks!