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Quo's QA Godmode 2016-11-26

This mod is intended mainly for modders and QA testers. It provides settings for a "god mode" that allows you access to every unit, building, and district from turn 1. It also provides dummy settings for additional changes you may want to make.

The idea of this mod is that you can edit it quickly to change whatever values you need to quickly access a unit, promotion, building, tech, etc. You should comment out any lines of code that are not useful to you.

Bonus Materials
As a bonus, in the folder I have also included a cheat sheet of the common names of many primary tables and primary keys in the game. You can use this to help you quickly remember stuff that has to be spelled exactly right, like LEADER_SALADIN or ERA_ANCIENT, etc.

There are no INSERT statements in this mod, only UPDATE, so this mod should in theory be compatible with anything. However, be sure to comment out any lines that would interfere with your testing.

- Unless you are testing Barbarians specifically, I recommend turning them OFF before starting a game. They will spawn it at a very high level due to your access to any unit in the game

- The tech and civic trees will be mostly empty, because all the pre-reqs are by default coded out. Comment out those lines if you need to see things on the trees.

-- This mod does NOT as written give unique units/districts/improvements/etc to civs who normally would not have them. You can do that if you wish, but I thought it might break too many things, so I left it to only unlock the things a civ/leader normally gets.

Feature List

Cheat Sheet: Found in the mod folder, this cheatsheet will help you remember the database names of common game objects.


Game Edits: These should be edited by you and your team as you desire to whatever suits your purposes. Here's a quick list of what's enabled by default:

- Super Rocketboots: All units +5 movement
- Super Sight: All units 7 range sight
- All units cost 1 hammer
- All units purchasable for 0 gold
- No tech/civic prereqs for units
- Builders have x3 as many charges as normal
- Settlers do not cost population and can be built in cities with 1 pop

- Tech costs reduced by 80%
- Civic costs reduced by 80%

- All resources are revealed from turn 1
- No civic/tech prereqs on improvements
- Builders can build Barbarian camps (UNTESTED AND COMMENTED OUT, USE AT YOUR RISK)

- No tech/civic prereqs for buildings
- No tech/civic prereqs for districts
- Buildings/districts cost 1 hammer
- No population required for districts
- City center has 100 housing, 100 entertainment
- +200 gold per turn from the Palace

(options coded but turned off, uncomment to activate)
- Units start at level 5 (for testing promotions)
- ANY unit is purchasable with gold (for testing great people)
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