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SMAN's The World at War - Irregular Units V1

Adds Militia and Partisan units to the game

  1. sman1975
    The World at War – Irregular Units (WAW-IR) is a companion mod to the main World at War mod that adds Militia and Partisan units to the game. These units represent local citizenry joining the fight, when it starts getting close to home.

    There are Irregular Units in all Eras, from the Ancient to the Information/Cold War. These units occasionally spawn near a Civ’s cities if they are at war with another major Civ. Wars against City States will not cause Irregulars to spawn. Militia can also be trained/bought (gold and faith). Partisans most often spawn when a city is captured by a different Civ.

    Mod Details:
    • Militia and Partisans receive the “Irregular Troops” custom promotion. It means they have a +33% chance to withdraw when faced with a melee attack. It also reduces their Combat Strength -25% outside of Friendly territory and -50% against cities.

    • Irregulars have a limited life-span, which is impacted by Game Speed: Marathon = 20 turns, Epic = 17 turns, Standard = 14 turns. And Quick = 11 turns. AI Irregulars last longer than units for human players.

    • When these units disband, they will return gold back to your treasury.

    • Irregulars can be “upgraded” to normal game units, but they will upgrade to an infantry unit an Era or two behind the Civ’s current Era.

    • Irregulars moved too far from home may occasionally “run away” to get back to where they once belonged…

    • Irregulars require no gold maintenance

    • Militia units can be trained in cities, or purchased with gold.

    • Militia and Partisans have a chance to spawn automatically in any city if that Civ is at war with another major Civ. Human players have half the chance of receiving an Irregular unit than do AI Civs.

    • Damaged cities increase the likelihood of spawning. The more damaged, the higher the chance.

    • Certain buildings increase spawn chance: Monuments, Barracks, Armories, and Military Academies.

    • Partisan units often spawn near cities that have been captured by another Civ.

    • Occasionally, militant City States will give you an Irregular unit.

    Although this is a companion mod to WAW, it can be played separately.

    upload_2019-1-19_13-42-33.jpeg upload_2019-1-19_13-42-45.jpeg upload_2019-1-19_13-42-55.jpeg upload_2019-1-19_13-43-11.jpeg upload_2019-1-19_13-43-25.jpeg upload_2019-1-19_13-43-35.jpeg upload_2019-1-19_13-43-55.jpeg upload_2019-1-19_13-44-39.jpeg upload_2019-1-19_13-44-51.jpeg upload_2019-1-19_13-45-3.jpeg

    Discussion Thread: https://forums.civfanatics.com/threads/smans-the-world-at-war.638328/

    Steam Link: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1629452724

    Acknowledgements: This mod would not be working at all without the enormous assistance of LeeS and Whoward69 on Civfantics – thanks ! ! ! ! !

    This mod was influenced by another several other mods:

    Militia Defense, by framedarchitecture

    Hulfgar's Modpacks - Industrial and Complete Edition

    Oddly enough, the ‘Partisan spawn on city capture’ routine I originally wrote myself. It was afterwards while researching another issue, I came upon Hulfgar’s mod with a very similar concept. Wished I would have see it earlier… ;)