1. B

    Steam Error when starting game

    Hi Guys, I'm trying to back to CivIV with New Dawn afer... long time. But have the error (0000065434) when starting game from launcher :(. Maybe it is something generic, but for true - I'm a newbie who don't know anything and probably can't resolve it myself. Any ideas?
  2. Milennin

    Cannot launch Asset Editor

    When trying to open the Asset Editor from ModBuddy, there's a red text in the log saying 'Error: Failed to start bug submission'. When trying to open it from the explorer, there's a pop-up error saying 'Incorrect number of arguments!' followed by a bunch of stuff I can screenshot if it's...
  3. Knightfall

    [NFP] "Unhandled Exception" Error

    My friends and I couldn't play mp the other day because we kept having crashes and desyncs. Every few minutes one of us would get an error that looks like this: "Unhandled Exception Code: EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION Error reading address 0x30 Call Stack...
  4. J

    Demand tribute for our patience. Doesn't show

    Hello everyone, i need some help. I play Civilization 2 in windows 10, without a problem. But i realized that about the 1900 AD the option 'Demand tribute for our patience' disappeared from the diplomacy screen, and i need it to provoke my enemies and make them declare war. It was there all the...
  5. sman1975

    Steam Error - Fails to Publish mod -- Solved

    Anyone every seen an error message like this while attempting to upload a mod to the Steam workshop? Failed to published :( Steam Workshop Result: Timeout The odd thing - this error message pops up within a second of this "update" window shows up. Hard to believe anything times out so...
  6. J

    [NFP] [] World Congress BUG, 6 games/ Error counting votes during a World Congress.

    World Congress/ update, 6 games with voting errors, 2 types/ variants of errors, tests in progress. In one game, three resolutions were issued against me as a result of such a war policy and not another. Of course, I voted against:Military crisis (-18), religious crisis (-1), crisis of...
  7. F

    Asset editor doesn't load

    I tried to load the asset editor a couple of times but I get this message every single time: "Assert Failed File: c:\buildagent\work\acf3423fb2e59e7\civtech\libs\string\common\String_PlatformFunctions.h Line: 1192 Expression: eResult == Platform::ConvertString_CalcLength Message: Time...
  8. ShimonSays

    Long delay between music tracks

    Hello everyone. I am having a weird issue that I cannot figure out. Sometimes, in various mods, the music will stop playing for a few minutes when the track that is currently playing finishes, and the music will not immediately go to the next track for a while. Sometimes, the music just stops...
  9. R

    Unhandled Exception Code: EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION

    Civ crashes every time I try to start a new game. This is the error that my log shows. Anyone that knows what is wrong here? Unhandled Exception Code: EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION Error reading address 0x18 Call Stack ----------------------------------------------------- ??? ! ??? ???, line...
  10. J

    Game Interface is stuck in German Language

    All of the text for the game is in German some how. I tried switching the language in the main menu of the game and the language does not change. I have a steam version of the game. Steam's language is set in English and the game is set to launch in English. I have tried uninstalling and...
  11. HankySpanky


    Hi all, seen loads of threads and people getting receiving host information error. Simply put there is no fix to this issue. PS4 user here, 4th player will never be able to connect to game. Tried everything, 2k ticket, changed ip, every bit of advice online. reason you guys have seen threads...
  12. Stew Pid

    Civ3QEdit: Please Enter an Integer between 1 and 25

    This error happens when editing certain improvements in the conquest editor, can't back out or save when it pops up. Any Ideas how to fix it?
  13. jorissimo

    Egypt crippling CTDs and MAFs

    I'm experiencing relentless CTDs and MAFs when playing as Egypt. I'm familiar with these errors and even wrote a post once with tips to mitigate them. At some point I was almost completely free of these errors at least up to 1700, playing without modules aside from applying all the other...
  14. Cmski

    Modbuddy - Stops working out of nowhere

    Hi, I've been using modbuddy for a while now and I've never had this happen to me before. I was playing on my mod and noticed I'd spelled a word wrongly, so I went to modbuddy and changed the spelling. I then hit 'rebuild' which I've done loads of times and this happens.. \\\ C:\Program Files...
  15. Lenin1870

    My mod won't work.

    Greetings. I'm making Soviet Domination mod and testing it. It replaces Russian Civ to Soviet Civ, and adds many buildings and units to Soviet Civ. This is what I want to do. But oddly Russian Civ isn't substituted to Soviet Civ and did not add new units and buildings. Now I use Vox Populi so it...
  16. Fogelhaus

    [GS] Error joining Play By Cloud session

    Hi, I've for about 3-4 months been playing civ 6 with friend and alternating between Online mode and PBC. I'm the host. We play once a week and at the end of the session we set up the continuation of that game in PBC. We usually get it to work (often after a couple of tries) but this time a...
  17. A

    [MOD] LOTR: Crashes

    Hey all, this is my first post so I apologize if I'm in the wrong thread. I found someone's post about their mods conflicting so I assumed to post in the same thread. I have some Lord of the Rings mods installed. I am gonna list them below along with the game parameters and my computer's specs...
  18. ArchNova

    GeneratePantryPaths Error ?

    Hello I do appologies for posting this post and if it does actually exist i haven't found it. I got one error while trying to build my mod D:\Games\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Sid Meier's Civilization VI SDK\ModBuddy\Extensions\Application\Civ6.targets(104,5): error MSB4044: The...
  19. Fran-Viera

    [GS] Newbi needs help :(

    Hello all :) First of all my english is sadly not so good^^ Im german and having some issues with english, :) Well ok to the important part. I wanted to create Nitocris from the Fate universe for Civilization 6, and having alot issues with it. I watched alot of guideds. Keniisus and Joshs guides...
  20. T

    pls help lol

    I have an issue with my self-made WorldBuilder map I made. It was working as planned, then I decided to reuse the same map , but as a different civilization. Now, whenever I try and start up the game, this message appears. "There was an error staring the game We recommend disabling any mods...
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