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  1. thombran


    Hi all, Currently working on a mod, mostly tweaking Expansion1_Governments.xml The flat inherent bonuses to governments (not replicated in their wildcard policies) are set as "GOVERNMENTBONUS_X" Values. The xml file in question allows you to modify their percentage values, but not the type of...
  2. P

    Vox Populi: Increase Max City Tiles (buying, annexing, working)

    Hello Everyone, Just installed latest version of Vox Populi, which should be February 2018 (I installed all the features available, with the 43 civ inclusions). I'm setting up everything for a YNAEMP game with all civs. I'd like to go tall (single city), but the problem is that even though i...
  3. The Kingmaker

    Second Leaders: Which Civs Need Them?

    Given some of the current conversations I've seen about various leaders on the forums, I thought it might be time to "take the pulse" a bit and determine which civs everyone thinks could use a second leader, which leader you want, and why. I'll start off with a few caveats. My idea of what...
  4. Omega Alden

    [R&F] [VidLP] Zulu Deity - Can Impi Rule The World?

    Hey guys, I was super hyped about the release of Rise and Fall so I stayed up late playing Zulu and recorded it all. Stop by and check it out. Advice is always appreciated. I've been playing a while but I'm always looking to improve, and no better time than when a whole bunch of new systems...
  5. JustifierNA

    [R&F] All Vod-Confirmed changes and features in Civilization VI Rise and Fall

    Hello everyone not sure if anyone else has something like this but we've made this for our Discord Group Civilization League Players and I figured it wouldn't hurt to post it here as well :) (Click the Picture to see the information) (Edit) Also if you see something that is incorrect based on...
  6. theLateWizard

    Missing Civilizations from G&K and BNW

    Hi I am having an issue with the steam copy of my civilization V game. I have installed, reinstalled the game, and individually reinstalled the DLC's. In game, when I go to the DLC menu, both expansions are listed there and set to active. When I go to play a new game, I don't have _any_ of...
  7. Ozymandias9891

    What’s next? More DLCs or first expansion

    Now that DLC06 is out, what can we expect next? Some more DLC to get us through the winter months? Or maybe the first whispers of an expansion pack in the works? And when do you expect these to be realeased? It’s obvious that the game still pretty rough around the edges and needs some work to...
  8. snowern

    [BTS] Huge/Rainforest/Marathon/Settler Rapid Expansion+Research

    Assuming a rare cherry picked triple river gems start, what would be required to Lib Steam Power in the BCs with ~24 cities at that time? I'm trying to imitate Tristan_C's playthrough at https://forums.civfanatics.com/threads/most-super-specialists-by-turn-500.562931/#post-14809407 which means...
  9. Fish Man

    [BTS] Fast Science Victory - How To?

    I've been searching a long time for guides on how to get quick science victories, but I've never really gotten the gist of how to actually launch in the 1600s-1700s. I know generally how to play the game and win, and have about a 75% win rate on prince. I know which techs to generally go for...
  10. A

    Let's talk about the expansion phase

    There is a lot of the discussion about the opening moves, about the district development, about the wide empire strategy. But how do you perform the expansion phase around turn 50, and get many cities around turn 100? How to decide producing settlers or building the first districts. What are the...
  11. 2

    Civ VI Expansions: Brain Dump

    With Civ VI out on the market and DLC already coming out, which expansions should they add down the line? My ideas: Mighty Earth- Introduces many features related to nature and the environment to the game. Upon completing the industrial era, a CO2 bar becomes visible. This rises due to the...
  12. A

    Tiles unusable because previous city (maybe) expanded to them first (Not a Bug)

    I'm playing as Russia, and I have two cities that are within 6 tiles of one another (Smolensk and Tula) Smolensk is a very high-culture city, and it has speard beyond the 3-tile radius which can be worked by the city. Tula is comparably small compared to Smolensk, but should be able to reach...
  13. W

    What next...DLC Ideas

    My friends and I liked some of the ideas in civilization-6-expansions-dlc article on pcgamesn. The immigration, colonization, and internal empire dynamics could make the game more realistic and exciting at the same time. I'd like to know what other people think. This seems like a great (and...
  14. K

    expansion - how fast?

    i was wondering, how fast do you build your first settlers? i tend to prioritize my capital, building some districts and a small defence army before expanding, what is your strategy here? do you sit tight - or spam settlers immediately?
  15. lefuet

    nat. wonders for easier late expansions

    one of the smallest changes with the biggest impact on my playing fun was: changing all national wonders to give the building (that was required in every city) for free in all (also future!) cities really made (even late) expanding much more fun :) before this change building settlers quickly...
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