Attention: Devs! Comprehensive Recommendations/ Suggested Improvements List for Civ. 6


Jul 19, 2014
There's a lot of things that could be improved upon in Civ 6 to make for better player experience. Most of these suggestions are for increasing player efficiency, saving time, better display/accessibility of information, making the game easier to understand/ more intuitive, and reducing player frustration. None of my suggestions are about fundamentally altering existing systems or adding new ones. I've arranged the suggestions under headings. Some items fit into multiple categories. In those cases, I've just chosen which category I think it fits best, or chosen arbitrarily if of equal choice. Headings have been alphabetized.

Hopefully this thread is seen by some of the game's devs and they take these suggestions into consideration for future patches. This list has been a while in the making, so apologies if some of the items on this list have already been addressed and are no longer relevant.

I also posted this on the steam forum here:

City Screen

1. In production queue, when you want to move the position of a queue item, it will swap it with where you put it. Instead it should slide down that item to the next spot. This would be much more useful and time saving for players.

2. In production queue screen, you should be able to just drag a new item (one not in the queue yet) to the desired place in the queue. Right now you have to first click it, which puts it to the bottom of the queue, then drag it, which messes with the order of the current queue.

3. When you are in the city details screen, should be able to easily and quickly exit it by for instance right clicking anywhere on the map. Having to find the small x and click it takes time.

4. When in city details, right clicking on the map causes screen flashes

5. Should show you in city screen (perhaps in housing section) how many tiles in that city are contributing to housing (or use increments of .5, like 4.5 housing) so that you will know exactly when you'll reach the next threshold.

6. Should explicitly state in the production menu of a city which districts are specialty districts. Should also list them in the civelopedia (not just say that they don't require pop), because there's no way to tell in a city that has room for a specialty district.

7. When in the manage citizens screen, when hovering over the icon on a district, should show you what a citizen there yields. Would allow the player better decision making when managing citizens.

8. In each city, explain where it gets its defense value and hit points from (in a bullet point list). This will allow the player to learn how highly defensive cities are made.

9. In the power section of the city screen, tell us how many resources the city is burning a turn for power, and how much power each of those resources generates.

10. Make a hotkey to center the camera on the city u have selected. Also should be able to press a button to do so (such as the civilization flag icon to the left of where it lists loyalty, religious citizens, amenities, etc. because it currently does nothing).

11. When you minimize a production tab in a city (units, wonders, districts, etc), it should stay closed in that city (so whenever you come back to that city, it is in the state you left it). Right now the tabs serve very little purpose because their state is not saved.

12. A button for making a city infinitely complete the same build. This would save tons of time in the late game

13. The game makes it frustrating to change the production in a city that's building units that can be built as groups (armies, fleets, etc). Example: I start building a sub in a city. Then I change my mind and decide to build a sub armada. But when I go to that city's production screen, there is no option for submarines. So I first have to change the production to something different, then I'll be able to see subs again and can build the armada.

14. When u click the queue button (production queue) in a city, it moves where you are in the build menu (example, u were in districts, moves you to units). Should not move you.

15. Does not always show accurately in city screen what you built last.

16. Sometimes you are told a city needs amenities (icon next to city name in world view) when it does not actually, as proved in the city details pane.

17. Should show you what bonuses to production you are getting (Ilkum, Chivalry, Egypt’s Iteru trait) It could show you this at the top of the ‘choose production’ tab where it is showing you what you are currently building.

18. Ability to click center working citizen (on city tile) to unlock all locked citizens (like in civ 5)

19. When you purchase something in a city, do not take the player out of the purchase screen, please

20. In the housing screen, the audience chamber's +3 housing is shown under the civics heading (it has nothing to do with civics, putting it here confuses the player into thinking his civics are giving him housing). Either make a new heading, or put it under buildings

City States

1. Should be able to add an envoy to a city state in its screen (screen when u click it on map)

2. Very hard to read the text in city state screen on the levels you haven't reached (dark colour with dark background). Make brighter text.

3. More colours for city states, so we can easily differentiate. Should not have multiple city states with the same colour on any game with normal settings for number of city states

4. When on a specific city state's screen, should have arrows to quickly cycle through all the city states (instead of slowly clicking the icons on the right). Also, with the icons on the right, should indicate which ones you are suzerain of. Right now it only shows their impression of you (much less useful info). You could put an icon above the happy/sad face for if they are suzerain. Also on this screen, it should tell you how many envoys the largest person has here (very important info that is missing for some reason, making you have to take time to click “influenced by”)


1. Back button in civilopedia

2. Explain better in civilopedia how to defend against nukes

3. Write in battleship's description that it can shoot over terrain obstacles (this info is not given anywhere in the game and player must figure it out himself)

4. Warn that cahoika mounds can't be built in snow tiles. Also put this info on that city state's in-game screen.


1. Naval Combat: when a ship attacks a hex with both a naval unit and a land unit, should deal its damage to the naval (so the naval unit protects the land). It's unintuitive the way it is now (hitting the land unit), plus most players want to protect their land units

2. When a barbarian captures your settler at sea, should not kill the settler, instead turn the settler into a barb unit.

3. Sometimes when using city bombardment, no combat info is given (showing how much damage is expected)

4. Battleships do not protect from nuclear attacks as advertised.

5. When you attack a city with 0 walls, it still tells you that you did “defense damage”. Remove this.

6. I was bombarded by an AI's pillaged encampment that had 0 health. This should not be able to happen in my opinion


1. Should be explained better what generates tourism. Each wonder should tell you how much tourism it will generate (before you build it, so in tooltips and civelopedia).

2. When having to select what artifact (from archaeologist), you cannot exit the screen and look at what artifacts you have already (which is important for collecting sets)

3. Should have a toggle switch to make future civic and future tech repeat automatically


1. When you go to another civ's diplomacy screen, you should be able to see all their unique bonuses (as it is when you click on your own portrait)

2. Should tell you, when you make a promise with a civ (don't settle near, for instance) what are the consequences of breaking that promise. Should tell you somewhere (like in that civs diplomacy screen) how much longer that promise lasts for.

3. Turn number should be visible in the diplomacy screen (so u can compare it when looking at grievances)

4. In trade screen, clicking “never mind” should just clear the trade screen (keeping you in trade screen, not sending you back to main diplo screen). Make a second button to go back.

5. Because AI civs don't trade in gold regularly (they prefer gold per turn), it's very difficult to find the most gold u can get out of a deal. Clicking what would you give me doesn't work (they offer gpt), same with make this deal more equitable. Therefore, please make a toggle button with 2 options: trade in gpt or in gold, which is available on all trade screens

6. When you liberate a city, bringing a player back to life, it should automatically grant you open borders so you units don't get pushed out, ruining your positioning.

7. Should get more favour with Ais for liberating cities. Currently you only get +20 for the first one (every subsequent one does nothing to increase their favour with you) Should add +10 every time you liberate a city.

8. Sometimes when trying to offer something in a deal to AI for nothing from them, they refuse, but when you click what will it take, they offer you something. Example: offer one horse, they won't take it (you can't finish trade), click what would it take, they offer 1 gold and let you settle the deal

9. When trading, sometimes it won't let you settle a deal without first pressing “make this deal more equitable” even though they will accept that deal after pressing it. Example: offer 1 horse for 1 gold, no option for accept deal and the leader says “I can't accept that deal”. But you can click make deal more equitable, and when you do, it doesn't change the offers at all but lets u click accept deal (so the AI misled you when he said he can't accept the deal)

10. AI player sometimes trade at much better rates trading 1 good at a time. Example: Russia would trade his oil for me for 14 gold. But he would require at least 50 gold for 2 oil. But as long as I kept going for 1 at a time, I could keep getting the great rate of 14 gold. This makes it very tedious to get the best deals, having to keep doing these trades 1 at a time, clicking through a lot of buttons. Similar situation when selling. They may say “I'm not willing to trade that (20 coal)”, but if I do it 1 by 1, they will trade even more than 20 coal to me (he traded me 59 in one instance)

11. In the alliance tab, should be able to click on an alliance type. Then a drop down list of all the abilities of the alliance (levels 1,2,3) appear. That way you can plan better your alliances. Right now you're only able to see what alliance you have, and the next level. If you have no alliance, you can't see what level 2 or 3 level alliance of each type does.

12. List somewhere how many grievances the rest of the world has against you. A total and then broken down by each civ.

13. In the diplomacy screen, the leaders faces aren't in the same order as they are shown in top right of main/overworld view. Would be better if they were

14. A Screen showing all the deals that are active (with you and AIs), giving information about exactly what the deal was and how many turns remain

15. Should be able to collapse categories in diplomatic trade screen (like cities, resources, great works, etc), for easier and quicker navigation

Emissions, Power

1. Make it more clear where power in a city is coming from. Instead of just 1 heading “other”. Should say things like “city state” (cardiff ex). Right now it's really hard to determine where you are getting that “other” power from.

2. World Climate CO2 page. “Your CO2 Emissions” section. It gives total at top. It breaks it down beneath. However, the numbers don't match. In my game they were off by 1.

3. Should tell you somewhere how much each of the resources will raise your emissions by a turn (because they all have different rates).

4. On your co2 contributions page, when you expend 1 uranium a turn it always says it raised your co2 emissions by 0 last turn (even though every other turn it raises it by 1). Therefore, either tell your it raised by 1 on the turn your counter moved up, or say it raised by 0.5 last turn.

5. Unsure of how changing city production to a unit that has a oil/coal/nuc cost affects your CO2 emissions. Sometimes it says you added to ur total (like one time I queued 5 tanks in my cities, next turn it said I spent 2 oil, raising CO2 by 3). Why the numbers don't match by the way (I made 5 tanks not 2)? But most of the time it does nothing (i repeated experiment multiple times with different amounts queuing each time and it didn't add to CO2).


1. On government tab, should be a “new” section (alongside the military, economic, etc) where civics that were last unlocked are located for easy finding.

2. When starting a game not in ancient era. You are forced to choose a gov first turn. But you aren't able to see policies. Should be able to see policies, so you can plan your government.

3. When changing policies isn't free, it's too dark to see the policies clearly, and you can get blocked out of seeing policies depending on what filter (military economic, etc) was last selected. Make light enough to see and allow changing filters

4. Long policies (like wisselbanken), where all the text doesn't fit. When I go to view my gov, I can't read all of it to see what it does. So add a scroll bar to these.

5. Hard to tell the governments apart in the government lens. Should be more clear, and should tell you in tooltip what government it is when you hover over that area. Sometimes a colour is used more than once. Sometimes the colour in key doesn't match what it shows on map. Eg. Yellow in key yet white on map.


1. For governor bonuses, make it very clear if the effect is global or local to city. Example: Magnus's black marketeer is unclear

2. When you have the industrialist from Magnus, it does not show an increase in either production or energy per resource like it should

3. Reyna's renewable subsidizer bonuses are not reflected in shown values. Is it even giving me anything?

Great People

1. Great people recruitment history page. List what turn they were recruited (not just date, which is way less useful).

2. Clearly Show how many of each great people points a city generates (list them) in city screen.

3. Great person previously recruited page: include what era the great people on this page were from.

4. Stephanie Kwolek's (great person) ability does not apply to Lagrane and terrestrial laser stations. It should because these are space projects and are counted so for other things (like Carl Sagan's ability).

5. Should show how many of each great people are left in the great people screen. That way, you know when not to skip a great person if it’s the last one, and you know better how to focus great people points.

Menu Options

1. Option in menu to turn off settler lens when settler is selected, same for other units like religious, etc. These lenses are often distracting and can make it hard to see things on the map.

2. Option in menu for turning off builder recommendations for tile improvements. These often block your view of tiles' yields.

3. Ability in menu to enable a notification (right in center of screen, just a text) for when a new turn starts. It's not always clear currently.

4. Key Bindings: capital city. This key binding isn't what it pretends to be. Instead, it is the exact same as next city. It should go to your capital city whenever you press it (even if you are in another city tab)

5. The hotkey for “fortify until healed” should work for all units (including sea units).

6. Include a hotkey for “save game” (not just quick save)

7. When you click the “quick save button”, there should be some kind of notification saying it worked. It's important that the player is not in doubt as to if their game is saved or not.

8. Option for making aircraft animations faster or ability to enable or disable them completely. Aircraft take much longer than the other units. And while I like to see combat animations, it's unfeasible to leave them on because the aircraft animations eat so much time.


1. Make it clearer what is received from goody huts you went to. Currently, it only quickly flashes text above the unit's head, and if the game switches you to a new unit immediately, you miss seeing that. Should have popup box where you click “ok”, or a notification on right side of screen with the rest of notifications.

2. The “resource discoverd” right hand notification. When u click it, should highlight the tile in green (because it's hard to know which tile it is indicating, especially when a district/city is covering the resource)

3. Include a button on right hand side to clear all notifications from right side.

4. Should say when you have a builder selected and hovering over the build icon for solar panel or wind farm, how much energy they produce (not just the production and gold values). Also should have this info in the tile tooltip on tiles with them

5. Should be able to right click the large action icon when it's for things you can dismiss, to dismis. This would saves time and annoyance. Example, for governors.

6. Should be able to end turn without having to issue orders to all units. All units with pending orders should be automatically given ‘skip turn’. Would save a lot of time.

7. Grid is hardly visible in a lot of places. Especially water.

8. Resource report screen. Should separate bonus and luxuries and give total native (in your empire, not from deals) luxuries. Should also give total luxuries (including from deals, city states, and other)

9. Yields Screen: Columns should be sortable high to low and vice versa. Example, sort cities by highest production, highest science, etc.

10. Yields Screen: Ability to collapse all cities, so they just show the total of each value (prod, food, gold, etc). Theis way, able to quickly compare cities.

11. A Screen for listing ALL your units. All we have now is on the yields page, and it does not show units that don't have an upkeep cost. Should also sort by military, civilian, naval, etc. Should also tell you the resource cost per turn for the units.

12. Should be able to tell if an improvement is pillaged by its appearance in fog of war. Currently, you can only discern if it’s pillaged by the tooltip.

Natural Disasters

1. When a natural disaster is occurring (showing animation), should tell you what volcano is erupting, what river is flooding, etc, or give you other information so you know where it is happening on the map.

2. Are volcanoes supposed to be able to kill horses (the resource)?? Happened in my game


1. In Religion tab, should give a count of how many cities have your religion in them (including ones that aren't dominant in your religion, just have it).

2. In Religion tab, should give a count of how many cities out of the total of each civ the selected religion is dominant in. Example: You have Islam selected. India has 6 cities and Islam is dominant in 2. On Islam page it would say something like India:2/6. And it would do likewise for all the other civs in the game. This is crucial information for figuring out how close you are to getting predominant in each civ, and therefore how close you are to getting religious victory.

3. In Religion tab, specify for each belief if it only affects you, or any city with that religion.

4. In the lens for religion, don't ever use 2 of the same colour (this happened in my games)

5. There should be some icon, some indicator, telling you what cities are holy cities (at least make this visible in religion tab!)


1. Tech tree filters: include buildings

2. On science victory page, should tell you how many light years per turn the exoplanet expedition is traveling

3. When choosing science to research, if already have done future tech, clicking future tech on the tech tree doesn't work (doesn't start your research on it)

4. When a space race project has been completed and is showing you the animation, instead of just having the text “a space race project has been completed” say “a space race project has been completed in (city name)”, because u may be working on multiple of the same laser project in late game, it's nice knowing what city finished one and what landscape u are viewing in the animation

5. There’s currently no notification for when a research agreement ends.


1. When sending a spy out, should show you what cities have your spies or have spies traveling to them

2. When choosing where to send a spy, should have option for sending to last city he was in. Also should say beside the cities when choosing where to send if sources are active there and how much longer they're active (so you know where best to send them)

3. When choosing where to send spies, should show the cities' sizes

4. Explain somewhere in the game if active sources only matters when the spy is assigned the mission or when he finishes the mission

5. Should tell you on the civilopedia page for spies that it is Diplomatic Service that unlocks the first spy. Should list all techs/civics here that unlock additional spies as well.

6. When choosing escape route for spy, you aren’t able to exit that screen to check the spy’s stats (his promotion level and abilities). Should be able to, so you can better judge which route to take (you might be more willing to take riskier escape with a less experienced spy, for instance).

7. On spy screen it doesn’t tell you what promotion levels the spies are. Instead it has Recruit, Secret Agent, Master Spy. Should also have level (1,2, or 3) to be clearer. Should also tell you what promotion(s) each spy has.

8. Civic & Tech tree: Show with a separate unique icon if it increases spy count so you can easily identify those civics/techs when trying for more spies

Trade Routes

1. Tell you how long a trade route will take to complete (tell you this when making the route and in the trade route overview)

2. In trade route overview and when making a trade route, tell you what of your trading posts the trade route passes through

3. Ability to see path of trade routes drawn out on map (like it shows when making trade route, but all the time) Civ 5 had this option. Make it an option under map options.

4. Be able to see a list of your cities with trading posts

5. Improve the bonuses for trading posts (1 gold is paltry)

6. Trading posts should show all the time on the map

7. When deciding where to send your trader, when you hover over the destination city and it talks about extra gold for sea, tunnel, trading post, etc, please denote how much money u are getting from each of those sources

8. Function for ships to follow and protect a specific trading fleet

9. When u select a trader unit, its route should appear (outline on map), or at least state on the bottom right panel what cities the trader is on a route to/from.

10. Should show you what the previous route was when trader is selected and ready for a new route.

11. When game asks you to order trader, it does not automatically move you to position of trader. It should.

12. When selecting city to trade with, that screen should not block the mini map, which is important for your decision. So have this list stop above the top of your mini map.

13. In the drop down list that filters when sending out a trade route, include “foreign cities”, which wil show just foreign cities and not your own.


1. Show when a unit has an ability from a natural wonder (like matterhorn)

2. Should be able to see unique bonuses of your units when you have them selected

3. Ability to select a foreign unit to see its promotions, strength, and abilities. Should not have to select one of your militaries then hover over theirs just to see their strength. It is important to be able to know what promotions and abilities enemy units have but currently there's no way to know.

4. In the Units report, tell us the total number of our units (so we don't have to count).

5. When you click on a unit on the map, should tell you what class it is (melee, light cav, heavy cav etc)

6. When you select a unit, should tell you what resource cost a turn it is

7. There's no good reason why you can't delete injured units. You may need to reduce your carbon footprint, preserve resources, save money etc.

8. When a unit of yours gets attacked in AIs turn, should state what formation it is. Example instead of saying “your sub took 60 damage”, say ”your sub armada took 60 damage”

9. When an AI plane attacks on its turn and takes damage from it, tell us how much damage it took

10. For some units (such as missile cruiser) you aren't able to fit all the stats on their info bar (when the unit is selected on map), which is the most important area for seeing unit stats. Like for the missile cruiser you can't see it's melee strength (you show anti-air strength instead). So make room for this, even if just having a scroll bar for it.

11. When a naval unit is kicked out of a player's territory (open border ends or war ends), should not be placed in a location where impossible to get back to sea. My instance my sub got trapped in a landlocked lake. Or trapped in a one tile area by that player's borders with no way to escape.

12. All units should be able to sleep, so I can get through my turns faster with using 1 hotkey on all of them

13. Sometimes the “alert” action is not available for naval units

14. Units should say when you click them what age they are from (modern, ancient, etc)

15. Military Engineers should be able to build more roads. They are too expensive to just build 2.

16. Ability to change unit names (without having to get 2 promotions).

17. Aility to see “bonus to experience” (+25%,+50%, etc) on units.

18. Every unit should have the ability at all times to sleep.

19. Pressing the “attack” hotkey when an air unit is selected causes them to deploy to wherever your mouse is pointed. This should not happen. It's unintuitive and will be happen by accident a lot.

20. If u skip over a unit that requires orders (next unit button), then give the next unit its orders, it goes back to the one you skipped. The problem is I skipped that one on purpose, usually wanting to save it for last, so it shouldn't go back to that one till the end.


1. Should give you a lot of warning when AI players are nearing victory. Definitely doesn't do this now for science victories


1. Ability to cancel building a wonder, allowing you to immediately use that tile for other purposes. You may have clicked a spot by accident, or you find another civ is making better progress on that wonder than you.

2. Ability to see who has built what wonders (not just notification when they build it), like a list of all the wonders each civ has built, accessible through some menu

World Congress, Competitions & Emergencies

1. For emergencies, should show you who gets to vote before you vote (currently you can't see what AIs get to vote). When there is an emergency, show which civs will participate in the voting

2. Should show you how many diplomatic victory points each player has on the world congress page (on the left in the congress members section) Very important when voting for diplo points.

3. World congress randomly gives you diplo victory points without telling you why (I get a right side notification). Should explain why on this notification

4. For the sports competition. Not enough payoff for having stadiums and aqua centers. Only 1 point per facility per turn, so in 30 turns (max) only 30 points. Yet the project gives 50 points. Increase to 3 points a turn so its worth it.

5. City state emergency: should be a button on the emergency popout that centers your camera on the said city state (also for any emergency regarding capturing a specific city)

6. Coming first in a competition only gives gold and silver bonus (should also give bronze) This happened with the climate accords competition (got 100 favour instead of 150). If this is what was intended, state somewhere in the game that the favour from competitions is not cumulative

7. Projects for emergencies/competitions should tell u how many points they generate. The emergency/competition info sheet should list for each score generating option, how much score they generate
Very useful list, developers would get really good ideas from this.
Thanks, my friend! I'm really hoping the developers see it, but I don't really know how to get their attention. If you have any ideas, please let me know!
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