1. King Phaedron

    Evolving Civs and Leaders - Aztec to Mexico, Cherokee to America

    I have several ideas here. Please read and add your own ideas. (Evolving Civs and Leaders game mode summary) 1. Evolving Civs, as in the whole Civilization becomes another one when the world enters the Industrial age. 2. Evolving Leaders, as in Frederick Barbarosa trades his medieval armor for...
  2. Zegangani

    [LP] Rating the Leader Pass Leaders

    Now that we got all the necessary Information (Abilities) and Spotlights (Graphics) on all the Leaders in the Leader Pass, what's your Impression of them? how would you rate their Abilities and Leader Models? and most of all, how would you rate them from best to worst (or vice versa - you may do...
  3. A

    [BTS] How to make leader changing on time?

    Hello everyone, while playing Civilization IV, I'm Roosevelt from World War II and I meet *my laugh* Cleopatra who lived 50 B.C.E. The leaders there also live like 6,000 years, so I guess all of you want a lifespan like Cleopatra's in civilization IV, not Cleopatra's in real life. As for the...
  4. TyrannusRex


    Been thinking about potential leaders with the recent leader pass and all. Charlemagne came to mind, and I wanted to skim the surface here for opinions. Charlemagne ruled a realm, Francia/the Kingdom of the Franks, that encompassed most of modern-day France and Germany. So, would you erect a...
  5. Iconian

    [BNW] Recon Flavors mod trouble

    This is about two separate but related issues. About a year ago I created a mod that changes the recon flavors all the leaders in Civ 5. Recently I updated it, and then I tested it. In short, I've combined the recon mod with my cheap scouts mod, hoping the AI's would build quite a few more...
  6. raen

    Leaders Assets for Portugal is Nau v1.0

    Leaders' Assets for Portugal is Nau. All the nine leaders to add as new modules for Portugal is Nau! Note: for questions of size the download is on Steam CREDITS @LastSword - Afonso de Albuquerque @LastSword - João II @Mediocrity - Dinis I (and also João II and Albuquerque new Icons)...
  7. Griffinton

    Creating an alternative leader

    How would one make an alternative leader for an already existing Civilization, let's say... Japan?
  8. CanusAlbinus

    [NFP] PolyCast 391: Civilization Adjacent Titles

    The three hundred-and-ninety-first episode of PolyCast, “Civilization Adjacent Titles“ is now available for streaming on polycast.civfanatics.com. This episode features regular co-hosts CanusAlbinus, Stephanie “Makahlua”, and Phil "TheMeInTeam". Topics for this episode include: News -...
  9. Zegangani

    Collecting Ideas for a Rise and Fall of Civs, Dynasties, Cultural Pressure or Ethnicity Mod for Civ6

    I'm currently working on a Mod Series that introduces many new Mechanisms/Systems to the Game (and altering some existing ones), which work like the NFP Game Modes (that you can enable/disable as you desire), but are more fleshed out/detailed and interconnected with the Game's existing...
  10. TyrannusRex

    (France/England) and (Mongolia/China)

    Is there a mod or something that can remove those (to me, personally) mega-annoying (parentheticals) beside Eleanor's and Kublai's names? Honestly the one thing I hope they fix before Firaxis ends support for this game.
  11. TyrannusRex

    Which form of Greek representation/leadership do you prefer?

    I'm just generally curious what all you out there think, and maybe what you'd like to see in future Civ games. Do you prefer to see Greece represented in-game by the all-conquering Alexander, as they have been in several past entries, or do you prefer the direction the Hellenic world took for...
  12. T

    Scenario Civs

    I was going to do this myself but as I have no modding experience and very little time, I thought I would post the idea here. As some of you may know, there are full civilizations that are in some of the scenarios and I thought that it would be fun to add those into the real game. These would...
  13. TyrannusRex

    [NFP] Unusual graphical glitches on leaders

    I was playing a Zombie Defense game today and on certain occasions a couple of the other leaders... had some issues. I'll just put these here and let it speak for itself. Mansa Musa's were always temporary, Frederick's was permanent.
  14. Xandinho

    Which civs would you like to see in a second round of passes?

    Well, now that we know that the last NFP civ will probably be Portugal, I decided to create this poll to find out which civs are most popular for a second round of passes. We know it's not very likely to happen, but we'll see... You are free to choose up to 8 civs. And I purposely excluded civs...
  15. Porkenstein

    Massalia (Protis) 1.0

    Adds Massalia under the legendary Protis to the game. Massalia under Protis is an expansive mercantile civ benefitting from land trade routes and naval exploration. UA - Scions of Phocaea: All coastal cities form water Connections after discovering The Wheel. Embarked Settlers have +4 movement...
  16. L

    Extract 3D Models for Printing

    This isn't quite the right subforum here, I know, but this is the closest I was able to find. I'm looking to extract models of the leaders to 3D print, especially if I can pick different poses/stances, for use in making a chess set with the various leaders as the kings/queens. I've tried...
  17. Porkenstein

    The Saxons (Widukind) 1.0

    The Saxons under Widukind are a defensive civ with high faith yields while their cities are defended from foreign religious influence. In the early Medieval Era they gain a military advantage with the Degan and a religious bonus with the Irminsul that compliments their defensive bonuses. To...
  18. Porkenstein

    Bohemia (Wallenstein) (Brave New World) 1.0

    Bohemia under Wallenstein is a heavily military and Gold-focused civ whose truest opportunity for advancement arrives in the renaissance era with the unlocking of both unique units. If he is able to achieve a strong Gold income by the unlocking of Gunpowder, Wallenstein can leap upon the world...
  19. Exterrestrial

    Missing leaders in multiplayer?

    Hello, I want to play a multiplayer session with a friend and there are leaders missing for both of us. For example Sejong, Eleanor etc. We validated game files and they are still not available. Has someone any idea how to fix this?
  20. GoldenGraham

    Extract 3D Models

    Hello guys ! Awesome job you are doing here, congrats everyone ! I was wondering, is there a way to extract 3D Models like military units and leaders to work them in Blender or another 3d modeling software ? :confused: Thank you in advance ! (sorry for my poor english, not my native langage)
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