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  1. matheus4367

    Detailed History Project

    Hello For a long time, Civ3 was my favorite game, I played it a lot, but when more recent versions of the game appeared, I ended up leaving the Civ3 aside. A few days ago, I hit a nostalgia and decided to play Civ3 again. With a few days I ended up creating a project for a great modpack. Create...
  2. Dogrules23

    Custom Civilization Mod Help

    I'm working on a mod that adds all the houses from my fantasy novel and I've created the text and stuff for the first one. I have the Config, GameDefines, and GameText files complete so that my Civ has custom font and all that. I don't know how to do the colors or anything else I might need...
  3. C

    [BTS] Non decal flags issue

    Hi, I know there are tutorials for making non decal flags. I have gone through them and tried. The issue i get is, i can get the image to appear in game, but it only appears in shades of grey. i am using photoshop 7.0, from trial and error, i figured out i need an alpha channel, the problem...
  4. Z

    Modding Building_ResourceQuantity

    Does anyone know how to Mod the vanilla buildings to give resources? I wanted to try to have the Colosseum produce two horses as a trial. For some reason I can't add a new row to the Building_ResourceQuantity. I modded the shrine to give 2 horses. So I'm assuming only new buildings or only G & K...
  5. Grzemek

    Each World Wonder granting different adjacency bonus; Spawn resource/feature around a Natural Wonder

    Hello, after failing to figure out this stuff myself, I come to ask for some help. 1) How can I set district adjacencies, varying from one World Wonder to another? I'd like to achieve something like this (disregard values for any other purpose than illustration): Stonehenge grants +1 Faith...
  6. C

    [BTS] My Mod crashes when I select a created Unique Unit

    I have been searching up and down google, on these forums, everywhere for an answer or clue as to why my mod keeps crashing everytime I select a created Unique Unit. I have tried to isolate the problem, to try and pinpoint what is wrong. the unique units appear in the civilopedia, along with...
  7. M

    [BNW] Getting a Mod to Load Into the Game

    Hi there, I've been trying to get more into modding Civ 5, specifically adding civilizaitons. I was following the guide made by whoward69 and followed all the steps up through building the mod. However, every time I load the game and head to the MODS menu item, the Welsh Civilization isn't...
  8. Swinns

    Anyone can think of a way to make it so a land unit doesn't embark but move and attack as normal?

    oops. meant: Can anyone think of a way to make it so a land unit doesn't embark but move and attack as normal on sea? I am trying to make essentially a flying missile cruiser and I need find a way to either make land units not embark, naval units ability to go on land. I have been trying to...
  9. Swinns

    4 errors when building that I cannot figure out

    As a personnel project I am trying to learn how to make a modded civ and since I really like mass effect I decided to make some of the races. I am starting with quarians and had it working on bare minimum with just text fields and the civ icons. I added the leader fallback portrait and leader...
  10. M

    Guidance needed in creating custom civilizations

    Hey, all. Has anyone written (or is in the process of writing) a step-by-step, start-to-finish guide to creating custom civilizations from scratch, comparable to Kael's guide from Civ V? I had XML and art asset modding down in Civ V, but all of the successful examples I've seen from other folk...
  11. Swinns

    Is there anyway to add either official civs to modbuddy or other modded civs?

    Is there anyway to add either official civs to modbuddy or other modded civs? I have been trying to make my own civ and it would help me greatly if I could compare to an actual civ other than the kittens.
  12. SlySlySly

    Making a civ. Colour files do NOT apply

    Hallo. I need some help with my mod. Something is not working with it. I created custom colours, but they don't appear in game. What am I missing? I feel super lost. I checked everywhere and I don't know how it works... Colors <GameInfo> <Colors> <Row>...
  13. WatcherNinth

    Question:How to ban the Great Person patronage as a trait?

    Em...I don't think this will be easy,as I confirmed that there is no modifiers supporting this function.there is a MODIFIER_PLAYER_ADJUST_GREAT_PERSON_PATRONAGE_DISCOUNT_PERCENT,used in oracle to grant a discount on patronagement by faith, I tried to use minus to make the patronage fee very...
  14. A

    Need a Mentor

    So im completely new to modding in civ, but i would like to create my own civ (civ v). i did try to look up online on how to do it but i still don't fully understand. If there is anyone willing to help that would be nice. :)
  15. mauporte

    Defining what is currently selected help

    I am trying to create a mod with espionage type mechanics and whilst browsing through the databases and the code I stumbled upon the following in EspionageChooser.lua under Assets/UI/Choosers/ -- =========================================================================== -- MEMBERS --...
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