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mod help

  1. D

    [BNW] 2 Questions about great generals for custom mod

    Hi all! 2 questions for my first custom civilization .My civilization cant build settlers, but uses generals to settle. These generals also grant a bonus when stationed in a city. 1. Is there a way to passively generate great generals? Currently generals can only be obtained through policies...
  2. Zugaikotsu

    [GS] SQL Helper for Civilization VI 1.1.0

    Hello all, I've been working on a small project that I hope will be able to assist the modding community. The goal was to help bridge the gap of the understanding of SQL to a more open broad range of people who may not have coding experience or prefer a visual representation of it due to the UI...
  3. E

    Problems with creating leader traits

    I've been learning modding and creating a bundle of new civilizations for civ 5 using XML. Artwork, unique units, unique buildings and the like are easy enough for me to make, but even with the help of guides I can't manage to create truly unique leader traits. I'm not talking about traits that...
  4. Stilgar08

    Kinetikam Mod gone - cannot load ongoing game?

    Hi there, Obviously the Kinetikam 3 mod is vanished from the steam workshop. I had it enabled on my latest playthrough as Poland and now I'm unable to load the saves... Is there a way to rescue the game and finish it?
  5. Mangov

    [R&F] Getting first steps

    Hello i want to start modding and i want to change some of already done mods so i start learning how things work. The problem is that i cant get the civ 6 sdk and tools from steam and i am able just to do things with Notepad++. Can someone give me advise about what are the ways i can make mods...
  6. Mangov

    [R&F] Noob need help with civ mod

    Hello, i am just starting my first steps in modding. I really like the 2 mods that NerdByFate submitted - civilization mod for turkey and the one for ethiopia. So i decided to make one of the same for my country. I started my attempt to change the background and the leader icon on his mods but...
  7. D

    [Vanilla] Mod with 5 Religious Beliefs (Civ 6)

    I'm trying to create a mod that allows religions to have 5 religious beliefs instead of 4. I also wanted there to be an additional enhancer belief specifically. I thought it's as simple as editing the max number from 1 to 2 in the beliefs.xml file here: <BeliefClasses> <!-- This match...
  8. Nickify

    [BNW] Having issues with a custom civilization. Can trade artwork for help!

    I've lurked on these forums for some time now. I've been using them as a resource to learn about the game and to start the process of making my own civilizations and mods for Civ V. Lately I've tried my hand at making custom civilizations for me and my friends to play with in our custom games...
  9. P

    [Vanilla] Mods not showing as Ruleset option

    I've copied 8 Ages of Pace into the proper mods folder on my IPAD. It shows up as enabled in 'Additional Content'. When I attempt to cycle through the Ruleset in order to launch the mod, it shows default mods, but not 8 Ages mod. I have to do this in the Multiplayer hotseat option even though I...
  10. Proclo

    [CODERS NEEDED] TEaR: Trees Expansion and Reformulation

    Hi there! I've been working for quite some time with the idea of revamping the Tech and the Civic trees, adding the Enlightenment Era and a total of 12 techs/civics per era. So far I've got them both almost finished on paper but I have two major problems: 1st. I love history, this franchise and...
  11. Bobb978

    Ocean Ownership

    Is their anyway to make oceans unclaimable, like they are in real live. Or is there a mod that already does this?
  12. Gueux

    More Notifification 1.0.4

    Modify The Notification Game file to easily add notification to your mod if need help to create your notif just ask me :) just need 1 LuaEvents with a table LuaEvents.CustomNotification_OnDefaultAddNotification(pNotification); IMPORTANT: You should not use the event...
  13. L

    [Unit] Unit reskin/creation problem

    Before creating own units, I tried to go through all tutorials. So the cardboard destroyer was ok, but when i tried to reskin it, destroyer start represents in game like marine. VFS for art true, for XML false. Rebuild unit/landmark system checked, actions for updating database added. I have...
  14. L

    [BNW] Can someone help me with this "bug"?

    Hello, I'm creating a mod myself, and trying to add some new units. (Units that I've taken from others mods). That's the problem in the image below, the units are upside down. That's my unit code below. <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <GameData> <UnitClasses> <Row>...
  15. M

    Custom Civ's District and Unit having errors

    I'm having trouble making my custom civ's district and units work. The Unique District is the "Ecole du Coeur" which replaces the Campus. It seems to have a problem with the adjacency yield. Like the Acropolis in the game, I want it to have +2 its yield (Science) from being adjacent to the City...
  16. E


    well i start to modify xml files (i have the pirate game because i dont have money so i can¨t acces to the sdk) so i interested in modify alexander and add an abilietie of the german empire, (imperial cityes) can somebody help me how can i do this? or know some way to have the sdk whitout steam...
  17. Bender-Zadunaysky

    [Vanilla] Need help

    I have ready artworks (leader and background) for my modded leader, but I can't build a mod project in ModBuddy after Keniisu and Josh Atkins's video tutorials (errors with Asset Editor). I need a some advices about coding and artwork uploading. Also I'm looking for useful links. MY LEADER WILL...
  18. R

    Newbie trying to update old tiny mod, help needed.

    Hey, so, I really wanted to use this mod for showing all world rankings. https://forums.civfanatics.com/threads/requested-mod-world-rankings.604968/ Sadly, its outdated. I tried what I could to fix it. This is as far as I got. All the detailed tabs seems to work alright, tested with only 2...
  19. pineappledan

    Help with modding: Reverting CBP changes

    I am trying to re-add hakkapeliitta to Sweden and move the Carolean back to rifling, as they were in the base game. How do I overwrite CBP's changes to these units? Would it simply be easier to delete these units from the table and create identical units from the ground up?
  20. D

    [BNW] What mods should a newbie use?

    Hello everyone, I'm a newbie to civ 5 (BNW), played a couple games so far. As far as I can see, it's a great game, only problems that are immediately apparent to me is AI in combat and that diplomacy is over simplistic. So, I decided to wade into the world of mods and there are really a lot of...
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