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A Babylon 5 Mod for the Final Frontier Mod


FF: Babylon 5 mod team
Dec 30, 2007
Our last best hope for peace

Now we have done a large amount of work on this I'm happy for all to have a look and give us their opinions, criticisms, suggestions etc.

There is still a great deal of work to be done, please see the list below and if you would like to help out please let me know..
  • Pedia texts.
  • More events.
  • League of Non-Aligned Worlds ships.
  • Projects.
  • Vorlons, Shadows & other First Ones
There are probably a thousand things wrong with what has been achieved so far but we can only correct things if you tell us what is wrong.

The standard map generator for FF is available to use but there are also now Babylon 5 variants to these..

Something to think about - The map edges should simulate the Rim of Space therefore Any ships entering the edge tiles should be classed as going Beyond the Rim and are lost - Need someone really good at modding to be able to resolve this one.

Asteroid tiles
These still function as they do in Final Frontier.

Something to think about - What I'd like to do with the mining facilities is treat them a lot more like the villages used in standard Civ IV with a little difference. Instead of assigning population to the tile to work it thus making it grow the early mining community would draw food from the closest friendly star system it is connected to and once it has reached either a number of turns in supply or a food supplied to it total it would grow to the next size and become more productive.

Resources can be found in asteroid fields and will include: -
Crystal - Data storage
Quantium 40 - Required to build Jump gates/routes

Specials -
Flarn, Brivarii and Spoo (along with a few others) are all luxuries which will appear in a star system

Civilisations (limited to 10 images)

Earth Alliance
Leaders: William Morgan Clark, John Sheridan, Susanna Luchenko.
Human Clarke.JPG Human Luchenko.JPG Human Sheridan.JPG

Minbari Federation
Leaders: Delenn, Dhukat, Neroon, Valen.
Minbari Delenn.JPG Minbari Dukhat.JPG Minbari Neroon.JPG

Centauri Republic
Leaders: Emperor Cartagia, Londo Mollari, Emperor Turhan.
Centauri Cartagia.JPG Centauri Mollari.JPG Centauri Turhan.JPG

Narn Regime
Leader: G'Kar, Citizen G'Kar, Councillor Na'Far.

Leader: Warleader Jha'Dur.
B5 Dilgar Civ starting screen.JPG

Leader: Vizak.

Leader: Lethke Zum Bartrado.

The next races are all considered Minor races in the B5 universe and as such have been grouped together as the League of Non Aligned Worlds and will be classed as one of these types Aggressive, Passive or Neutral.

Leader: Vlur/Nhar.

Leader: Milashi Voktal.

Leader: Fashar.

Leader: Kalika Qwal'mizra.

Leader: Miziri Tal.

Leader: She'ah

Leader: Cil'tlakh

Fusion power
Communications lasers
Planetary construction
Early space exploration
Space exploration
Laser weapons
Early orbital engineering
Suspended animation
Zero gravity training
Orbital engineering
Advanced orbital engineering
Ship construction
Small attack craft - Required to build fighters and bombers
Artificial gravity theory
Plasma weapons
First contact protocols - Can only be researched after an alien race has been met or alien artefacts have been discovered
Language translation - enables tech trading
Universal language
Rail weapons
Mass drivers
Organic technology
Data storage
Energy mines
Advanced data storage
Doomsday weapon
Galactic diplomacy
Artificial gravity
Hyperspace theory - Required to build and use hyperspace (jump) gates
Vortex generators - Required to build hyperspace (jump) gates
Ion/particle engine
Gravimetric engine
Matter/antimatter power
Quantum singularity
ZPF Hyperspace tap
Credit chit

These units can be built by any civilisation.
- Starbase
- Construction ship
- Radiation scrubber

Each Civ has it's own range of vessels to build whilst the stats are the same across the board the appearances are all different.

There are 5 values in standard FF which equate to religions in normal Civ IV. These have been repurposed and now represent the following.
Revere First Ones
The Hand

Each is discovered by researching the relevant tech on a first to research it gets it basis.

Random Events
A number of random events have been added to the mod and there are many more that can be added.
Food surplus
Ion storm - disrupts (destroys) routes.

Great Wonders
Babylon Station

Planetary communications network
Satellite network
Planetary shipyard
Orbital shipyard
Terraforming station
Research Station
Military Academy

There are also many Civ specific buildings and the list is quite large so forgive me for not listing them.

As you can see this is a work in progress. I'll be adding to this as often as time and work permit. Any suggestions or work anyone can do on this would be welcomed. Guidance in helping me learn how to do some of the work myself would also be appreciated. I've found a beginners guide to C++ but it doesn't really help me. I've learnt how to adapt the XML files but couldn't set up any new features in it.:crazyeye:

Click the link below to get the most up to date version which includes all of the ship models produced by Premier Valle so far. Ships can be found here if you don't want the B5 Mod but would like to make use of the Shipyard.
DOWNLOAD Latest Version of Babylon 5 Civ 4 at Sourceforge
DOWNLOAD Latest Version of Babylon 5 Civ 4 at Mirror 1

The most recent update of the mod. Download it and unzip it to your BtS mods folder. This version also requires you to use the 3.19 patch.


As always please let me know if there are any problems or if you find a problem and can fix it, please let me know how you fixed it.


Known Issues.
Possible issue with Barbarians/Raiders start turn. Need feedback on this.

How To Install The Babylon 5 Civ 4 BtS Mod:
For owners of the original disc copy:
1. If you have the old original dvd version of Civ 4 Complete then you need to make sure that Beyond the Sword has the 3.19 patch installed. Regular Civ 4 & Warlords don't work on modern Windows (7+), sadly Firaxis only fixed them in the steam version grr, however Beyond the Sword with the 3.19 patch still runs fine on modern windows. You can get the patch from HERE .

2. Once you've tested & made sure that Civ 4 Beyond the Sword is working fine. Download the latest version of the Babylon 5 mod 7zip file from HERE (if you haven't already).

3. Go to your Civilization IV install folder, then into the 'Beyond the Sword' subfolder and then finally into the BtS 'Mods' subfolder. Create a 'Babylon 5 V3.3' folder and extract the 7zip files contents into that folder. Do NOT install the mod to the regular vanilla Civilization IV 'Mods' folder. Many people make this mistake!

For owners of the Steam copy:
1. If you have the newer steam version of Civ 4 Complete you will first need to make sure you install the Beyond the Sword version of Civ 4 (for some reason steam separates them into separate installs when you buy their Civ 4 complete).

2. Once you've tested & made sure that Civ 4 Beyond the Sword is working fine. Download the latest version of the Babylon 5 mod 7zip file from HERE (if you haven't already).

3. Just to be even more confusing Steam renamed the main Civilization IV vanilla install folder to 'Civilization IV Beyond the Sword' resulting in people thinking that they are in the BtS mods subfolder when they are not! So go into Civilization IV BtS install folder, then into the 'Beyond the Sword' subfolder and then finally into the BtS 'Mods' subfolder. Create a 'Babylon 5 V3.3' folder and extract the 7zip files contents into that folder. If you're still confused then check out this screenshot of where mine is installed:

4. IMPORTANT! The Babylon 5 Mod will not work properly with the Steam version of Civ 4 BtS due to the steam version of BtS not inserting any Windows registry entries. The game will start but there will be many missing graphics & "Error in FinalFrontierGameUtils callback handler calculateScore" errors. To fix this problem run the 'Civ4SteamRegistryFix.reg' file included with the mod. If your download is missing this file then you can get another copy from HERE .

How To Play The Babylon 5 Civ 4 BtS Mod:
1. Start Civilization IV Beyond the Sword.

2. In the main menu go to 'Advanced' and then 'Load a mod'. You should see Babylon 5 V3.3 in the list of mods (If not you've probably got the above installation steps wrong). Activate it and you should be good to go!
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You can acess the XML by right clicking on the file and going to open with. Select notepad and its good. For python, I don't see why you need it. From what I can tell, everything you want done can be done in XML. For Final Frontier I don't know because I know the code was modified heavily by firaxis.
Count me on the team!


Now talking about the buildings, I believe that every race can use the same buildings, but talking about ships, I believe that every race should have its own ships, or perhaps a common ship tree with some modifications for each race...
The one problem with B5 was that you very rarely got to see the planets that the races lived on. Centauri Prime was probably the best featured of the non human worlds. I'm sure with a little thought that unique buildings can be designed for each of the races but i agree with you common buildings for all races.
As for ships, a common ship tree would be best but with a different appearance for each of the races. There's plenty of images on the net that can be used to help create the images/animations for the ships. At the age of 43 i'm struggling to figure out how to use XML. If someone sat with me and showed me i wouldn't have a problem as i'm a fast learner. Alas there's no-one i know of that plays Civ that lives close to me that could help me.

I have seen another thread about events for FF and many of those could be utilised for this proposal.
XML is really easy. It just involves editing a text file. I lean't it in 1 week from the tutorials in the tutorial section. I would sugest making a basic mod to learn the stuff, then work on a final frontier mod.
Want to learn modding for Civ IV??

All I know about CivIV modding was thanks to these tutorials:

I hope they are usefull, I have made a few units, I can share the source code (XML)... in fact:

here at post #14 there is the Pathfinder, you can download it and check the XML, only contains the info needed for the pathfinder, so you don't have to check the whole CivIV XML files.
As it so happens, I can help from a non-modding perspective. I was a long time player of the game Babylon 5 Wars, so I know ALL the names of the various ships. For instance, you had the Minbari Sharlin War Cruiser, the Centauri Vorchan Frigate & the Omega Class Destroyer of the Earth Alliance. The Narn had the G'Quan class cruiser as their primary vessel & the Vree had the Battle Saucer. I will need to check my original sources, but I reckon I can give you the names of over 100 ships from Babylon 5.

Thanks for all of the suggestions and advice.:D
I'm going to work on the events first as i've got more of information on this than anything else. I also have a copy of what an existing event looks like so all i have to do is amend that and add all the information i want into it.
Hopefully i'll be able to post on here what i've done so it can be pulled apart and my mistakes laid bare.:sad: But, that's the only way i'm going to learn anything.
I can't help you work on it, I am working on another mod. I can look at xml files and try and find any errors.
Hi all, here is the first event i've struggled all weekend to put together. At the moment i haven't put into place any of the benefits from making the choices offered mainly as i'm not 100% positive which way to do it. Do you put all of the benefits in regardless of the choice made or is there a separate 'logic' to each response!:confused:

I Think there is some Python stuff that goes with the event but whilst i was reading that my brain dribbled out of my ear. So, now it's time to relax and play some Civ for a bit.:cool:

Looking forward to everyone telling me that this or that is wrong and that there is huge amounts missing.:goodjob:
I have never done a event modding, but it looks looks good. no missing '<' ,'>', or '/'. One thing I would reccomend. Get the 'base' of the mod done, like ships, civs, techs etc, etc... Leave even modding until later. I don't know your vision exactly for this mod, but I consider custom events, icing on the cake.
EDIT: Please don't take this as trying to be domineering. I fully respect the fact this is your mod.
^^ agreed, I believe Event modding should be done later, on the other hand, I don't recall seeing events in FF, so an experiment to see if Events can happen in FF is a good thing (And I'm sure events can take place in FF).

Now from a developer view, I think that planning comes first, but lets see, (a little warning: I have never created an event :p):

Event: Ancient ruins
Text: Extensive ruins of an extinct but obviously advanced civilization have been found in this star system

1. We should preserve these amazing echoes of greatness for posterity.
2. Excellent! Their loss is our gain; search for valuables!
3. We should study these technological marvels and better ourselves.
4. Let's make this archaeological gold-mine a Planetary Heritage Site and bring in the tourists!

but what are the benefits of each choise??, perhaps:
1. +10 influence on the system
2. + 400 credits
3. + 10% research on the system
4. + 10% credits in the system

or did I miss the benefits in the code. A suggestion:
5th Option: Great! Salvage whatever you can.

5th benefit: You get a free ancient ship! (a ship of the first ones :eek:) <- Warning: the ship can go rogue (remember the Ganymede Shadow vessel?)


Now, I'm not sure about this:
<English>%s1_civ_adjective hunters have discovered a great beast lurking near one of their camps</English> </TEXT>

I know it is a clone of the great beast event, but I don't get the use of these lines.

EDIT: I have also posted on the Units Graphics request thread to see if someone wants to make the B5 ships, but no answer yet..
When it comes to B5 Ships, I have just about every one for the show, either in 3DS or LWS formats, and a lot of the ones used in the B5 Wars minitures game. The problem is getting someone to turn them into units for civ 4. :(

:nuke: Cheers, Thorgrimm :nuke:
OK, so i suck at events:lol:

From what i've read here and on other threads, i need to do a lot more fleshing out of the overall proposal. Benefits of techs, personalities, buildings etc. As well as ship types I guess I need to outline combat values for the different units and what combat promotions are available with the different tech advancemets will provide. Is there anything else i need to do before i start on the more advanced proposal?:confused:
Now, I'm not sure about this:

<English>%s1_civ_adjective hunters have discovered a great beast lurking near one of their camps</English> </TEXT>

I know it is a clone of the great beast event, but I don't get the use of these lines.

EDIT: I have also posted on the Units Graphics request thread to see if someone wants to make the B5 ships, but no answer yet..

Nearly forgot to mention this bit. I forgot to amend this bit of text when i was doing the work. it should read
<English>%s1_civ_adjective colonists have discovered a great underground city near one of their settlements</English> </TEXT>

The benefits of the event was one of the things that really had me puzzled. Did i put all the benefits in that were needed or did i have to do different sections for different choices?:crazyeye:

That's something for much later as wiser modders have informed me.:goodjob:
I'm sure you have read Kael's guide for modding, there is an event section

Great man!... mmmhhh, I think I've seen some tutorials on how to do that.

Now, I'm thinking on work on the tech tree, I'll post when I get something.
Great man!... mmmhhh, I think I've seen some tutorials on how to do that.

Now, I'm thinking on work on the tech tree, I'll post when I get something.

If you can actually make them I am pretty sure we can fill the entire ship requirements needed. I have over 136 different B5 models that are already created and textured, including B5 Station and Earth Force One, PsyCorps Mothership, PsyCorps Starfury, Shadow Omega, Warlock, to name just a few. :D

:nuke: Cheers, Thorgrimm :nuke:
Now, I'm thinking on work on the tech tree, I'll post when I get something.
Premier Valle I'm at work at the moment so i can't show you what i've done so far with a tech tree. As soon as I get home i'll PM you to see how best to proceed with what i've been working on and what ideas you have.
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