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    While posting a link to my Vietnam guide, I realize that I had apparently neglected to post a link to my Babylon guide from back in December. Oops. Better late than never, so here is a link to a full guide that I had written for Hammurabi of Babylon:

    Some highlights from this guide:
    Babylon's ability is one of the most unique and game-changing abilities in the game. While Maya and Gaul's abilities encourage the player to change up how you settle cities and build districts, Babylon's Enuma Anu Enlil ability will influence almost every aspect of how you play the game. The ability nerfs your science output by a whopping 50%! But it offsets this major penalty by encouraging Babylon to achieve as many tech eurakas as possible, since each eureka will completely, 100% finish its respective technology for you, without you needing to spend a single turn researching it. Having a thorough knowledge of the technology tree and tech eurekas will be important for anyone playing as Babylon.

    More importantly, the eurekas can potentially propel Babylon to advanced technologies much earlier than otherwise possible. Babylon does not need to have researched the prerequisites for a technology in order for its ability to kick in. For example, killing a single enemy unit with a Slinger will give you the eureka that unlocks Archery. Building 3 Archers will then grant the eureka that unlocks the medieval Machinery tech. Babylon will then have access to Crossbows and Skirmishers much earlier than other civs. This can be done without needing to have researched any of the prerequisites for Machinery (Iron Working or Engineering). Further, by upgrading 2 of your Archers to Crossbowmen, you can trigger the eureka to unlock the renaissance Metal Casting technology (again, without having any of its prerequisites). Building an Aqueduct will trigger the eureka to unlock Military Engineering, which will unlock Niter and allow you to train Bombards in the classical era.

    It's also hypothetically possible to unlock more advanced units or building before unlocking their earlier upgrades. For example, the Bombard can be unlocked using the method described above without having ever researched Engineering or unlocking the Catapult unit. Try to be careful and responsible about how and when you achieve your eurekas. Some examples:
    • if you anticipate needing anti-cav units to help you fend off attacks from an adversary's horse-based army, you might want to use the Agoge policy to train a handful of Spearmen before you use any of those Spearmen to kill another unit, unlocking Military Training and replacing Spearmen in your build lists with the much more expensive Pikemen.
    • training at least one Catapult before upgrading your second Archer into a Crossbow and unlocking Metal Casting,
    • training some Skirmishers before building a niter mine and unlocking Rifling,
    • training a handful of Galleys before completing your second Harbor and unlocking Cartography,
    • training a handful of Coursers before killing a unit with a Knight and unlocking Military Science,
    • delaying a eureka for a later-era tech until you need the extra era score to get you out of a dark age, or to trigger a golden age,

    The unique building and unit are less impressive than the civ and leader abilities, but they have their situational uses. The Sabum Kibittum unique unit can be a good recon unit early in the game that can act as a sentry when placed in neutral territory or along rival borders. The Palgum is also really good when built in a city along a long, snaky river, but is much less valuable along small rivers.

    The full guide in the link also includes some advice for playing against Babylon. As always, I welcome any feedback, and would love to hear your tips, tricks, and strategies for building a Babylonian empire that will stand the test of time.

    Happy Civ-ing!
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