Fourth Civ6 Game - Hammurabi


Dec 16, 2008
Here is my fourth game of Civ 6. My first three games were:
Cleopatra of Egypt, Small Continents Map, Prince - Diplomacy Win
Gilgamesh of Sumeria, Tiny Continents with Islands map, Prince - Religion Win
Gorgon of Sparta, Duel Islands Map, Monarch - Domination Win

I will try to go through leaders in some kind of time order - or grab civilizations from cards on my old History of the World Game. This takes us to Hammurabi of Babylon, or Card 4 on Epoch 1 and they actually name Hammurabi as their leader. As a bonus, the old cards feature a Slinger for the first Epoch!

We chose the following map settings:
Standard - 8 Players
Pangea Map
Monarch Difficulty - The AI does not seem to have a competitive strategy in the later part of the game, so winning probably just means building a strategy that wins the game.
I might add comments and feedback on the game as we go along. Here is the start:

Spoiler :


We have multiple restarts on this map, so I have some map knowledge. Here are my comments so far:
From what can already be seen, we are on the north edge of Pangea. There is the Arctic Ocean to the north of us and there is a salt Tundra tile to the west of us.
There are 37 visible tiles from our Settler. We can reveal 3 more by moving the Warrior.
11 Desert - 1 Mountain, 1 Oasis, 2 Hills
14 Ocean - 2 Fish
1 Tundra - 1 Salt
1 Grass
10 Plains - 1 Salt, 1 Sheep, 1 Corn
A river irrigates 10 Tiles.

My normal play has been to go 1W1N to the Plains Hills and at least have a coastal city on the river that gets 2f2h. This site lacks a strong second tile. 8 Turns after settling, we will expand and hopefully get the 2f2h Sheep tile.

I wish we had some control over what tiles we are buying with Culture - like a flag on what tile we are buying next, or a culture pool a city gets to buy a tile. We would still have the normal ring limit - like you have to fill the second ring before starting the third ring.

The desert tile brings up the question if we should pursue the Desert Folklore Pantheon, but that has several issues:
It is popular among the AI and we do not have another source of Faith or even Culture. So we will most likely be very late getting a Pantheon and our choices might be limited.
Early religion seems to be contingent on getting a Holy Site down early. We are competing for 4 Great Prophets. There is no stone in sight, so it is not likely we can build Stonehenge. So now we are competing against 6AI for 3 Great Prophets. We are also moving for 2 Turns and that puts us further behind in the Culture Race.
There are no signs of a Natural Wonder nearby. We are Babylon. We need the Natural Wonder to boost Astrology, or accumulate the equivalent of 100s. The AI only needs 50s, less the AI bonus. They only need 30s if they get the boost.
So we are at some disadvantages as far as getting religion is concerned. We are just going to have to play some turns, up to the point we get Code of Laws, and see what is revealed on the map.
The idea of multiple 6-Faith Holy Sites seems quite awesome and this might be a good game to try it! A similar discussion applies to Dance of the Aurora if we have a bunch of open Tundra.

We are also on a Pangea and we should be focusing on getting some units. I will be back in a few hours and can play up to the Code of Laws civic. The most likely play is God-King and Discipling and work towards that Pantheon.

Something interesting about Civ 6 in general is the developers are experimenting with multiple new concepts. A side effect is some of these concepts are much stronger than others, but it is very interesting. So Hammurabi gets a penalty to Science that is more than balanced by getting tech by simply getting the boost. Each Civilization gets a unique ability and each Leader also gets a unique ability. Since some are obviously stronger and more exploitable than others, there is lots of potential for unbalanced games, but it is very interesting.

Here is a save. I will edit it in.


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A nice relaxing read, I like to read these playthroughs.

Thank you! I will try my best. They often turn into an incoherent mess, because I am thinking and typing at the same time and not proofing and editing. Your comment reflects my current opinion of the game, relaxing. My early impression is it is casual friendly. You can play for many turns and keep hitting the turn button and the game is not going to kill you for it.

The Timeline:
T1 4000BC
- The Warrior leads the way to our new home, wherever that might be, 1NW.
T2 3960BC - Our Settler found this weak city site and it is every bit as weak as we imagined it to be. We will try to make the best of it and use it to hopefully find better city sites.
T3 3920BC - Our Warrior crossed the Kha-Burr River and ran off scouting the lands to the west. There is Tundra to the north, but to the southwest, there appears to be a promised land of milk and coffee.

We settled Babylon on the north coast of Pangea.
Spoiler :


I think a standard city will have 4f4h. That's 2f1h from the city tile, 2f1h from a worked tile, and 2h from the palace. We are at 3f6h, so we are trading 1f for 2h. In 8 turns we hopefully have that sheep tile and that will put us at 4f6h and we have an advantage of 2h. An alternative is to work the Tundra Salt and have the standard 4f4h and an advantage of 1g and I used this tile in several starts, but eventually decided that we really need units early in the game and we are better off with the extra hammers.

T6 3800BC - We spotted a village 3W4S from Babylon and sent our Warrior to investigate it. We were rewarded with a Scout unit. We put it to work right away investigating the eastern extent of the Hamad Desert.
Era Score 1/11 Normal
T7 3760BC - Immediately our new Scout discovered a nosy Barbarian Scout 3E1S from Babylon. We will drive it away. Since this is a hex map, is to move in a primary (cardinal) direction as many tiles as we can, and then in a secondary direction. For east and west, this is very simple, because of the orientation of the hexes. A secondary direction of north and south will continue along the primary direction. So the 3W4S reference meant we went 3W, then 4SW. The total distance is equal to the sum of the two components. A primary south direction might have an odd component in the direction of the secondary component.
T9 3680BC - We built our first Sabum Kibittum. We will send it to investigate the NW tundra. We can build another one in 6 more Turns. They move fast and they can take out scouts. Meanwhile our Scout did its job and we can send it to explore to the southeast as fast as they can travel.
Era Score 5/11 Normal
T10 3640BC - Our Sabum discovered a Barbarian Outpost at 4W3N. We will position it to watch for any activity. This should otherwise keep our western front mostly secure.
T11 3600BC - Babylon has claimed the sheep tile for 2f2h. It is not much, but this early in the game it is something.
T12 3560BC - We have contact with the City-State of Singapore and we have claimed a single Envoy. This is worth 1 single hammer in our capital city when we finally start working on wonders, buildings and districts. They also gave us a quest to destroy the Barbarian Outpost 5SW from them. However, we are just a simple scout and killing an Outpost will prove challenging. We scouted the Outpost from several angles, but then continued our journey southward.
T13 3520BC - A Barbarian Outpost materialized 4S2E from Babylon. All we can do about it is patrol and make sure they do not scout our city.
T15 3440BC - Babylon grew to Size 2 and produced Sabum 2. The correct build in my opinion is a Slinger, because we are fighting 2 to 4 Barbarian Outposts. The risky build is a Scout. We deliberated and eventually decided on the Slinger.
T16 3400BC - We have contact with Suleiman of the Ottoman Empire. This also gives us Writing. We sent them a delegation.
T17 3360BC - The new Barbarian Scout stubbornly avoided our Warrior and spied our city. We must make sure they do not live to tell the tale. Suleiman returned the favor by sending a delegation, so the gold balance is equal again.
T18 3320BC - We got to Hammurabi's famous Code of Laws.

50s - T3 3920BC - Sailing
50s - T16 3400BC - Writing
19.5s/25 Animal Husbandry
With Hammurabi's ability, we are +60s from Eureka and -19.5s from the penalty. This amounts to +40.5s and appears to be a solid start for the first 18 Turns.

Babylon Production:
T3 - 8(1f 6h 5g 1.25s 1.3c) - Founded
T11 - 4(2f 6h 5g 1.25s 1.3c) - Claimed Sheep Tile
T15 - 3(1f 8h 5g 1.5s 1.6c) - Size 2 15f, 2 Sabums 2x35h
T18 (4f 26h 85g 19.5s 20.4c)

Our Units:
Settler 1 T1 - Founded Babylon T3 3920BC
Warrior 1 T1
Sabum 1 T9 - 8XP

T14 3480BC Sabum 1 v Scout, 17v10, 35v24, 4XP, 76hp to 65hp
T16 3400BC Sabum 1 v Scout, 16v7, 46v23, +4XP=8XP, 63hp to 19hp

Spoiler :


Discipline seemed to be the obvious choice here. We are fighting between 2 and 4 Barbarian Outposts and we have been spotted by one and we are trying to prevent the Scout from reporting back to the Outpost. We will then use the Slinger to fish out the Spearman and make them much easier to kill.

We are taking God King, because we have no source of Faith and we need 25 Faith to develop our Pantheon. Basically we are trading 1h for 1g and 1 Faith. This early in the game, it seems like a good trade.

Here is our situation:
Spoiler :



We have some Tundra to the NW. There is a lot of desert to the south of us. From this, we are supposed to find a second city to settle. Our River is very limited. I am not sure we can settle a second city at the source of the River. It is surrounded by desert. If we combine our Unique Building with Petra, we might have something, eventually.

We also have a lot of space. This makes sense. Tundra. Desert. Nobody wants to live in these places. We might have a race in the Southeast to grab land from the Ottomans.


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Session 2 - Turn 28 - 2920BC

T18 3320BC - We sent a delegation to our newly met Tamar of Georgia. She promptly returned the favor.

Era Score:
7/11 T18 3320BC - Contact with Tamar of Georgia
8/11 T20 3240BC - 40g from a Tribal Village we robbed from Tamar
11/11 T26 3000BC - Sabum 1 sacked Barbarian Outpost for 45g
12/25 T27 2960BC - Discovered the Eye of the Sahara

T22 3160BC - Animal Husbandry 25s
T27 2960BC - Astrology 50s
T28 2920BC - Bronze Working 80s

Development in Babylon:
T18 (4f 26h 85g 19.5s 20.4c)
6(1f 8h 6g 1.5s 1.6c)
3(2f 7h 7g 1.5s 1.6c) - Expanded to 2f1h1g Salt tile from 1f2h Hills
1(3f 6h 7g 1.5s 1.6c) - Added Fishing Boats to Fish Tile for 3f1g
T28 (19f 1h 34g 33.5s 34.8c)

Our Units:
T20 3240BC - Slinger 1 35h in Babylon
T23 3120BC - Scout 2 30h in Babylon
T26 3000BC - Sabum 1 L1 Battlecry, 100hp
T26 3000BC - Builder 1 200g in Babylon
T26 3000BC - Scout 1 L1 Alpine (because we were in a Desert at the time)

T18 3320BC - Warrior 1 v Scout, 25v13, 51-21, 4XP
T20 3240BC - Sabum 1 v Scout, 20v5, K, 13XP, 64hp
T23 3120BC - Slinger 1 got slaughtered by Barbarian Spearman, 59-16, but got 7XP out of the deal and we lured them out of their Outpost.
T24 3080BC - Sabum 2 v Spearman, 27v23, 39-30, 5XP
T25 3040BC - Slinger 1 v Spearman, 14v20, 20hp, 11XP
T25 3040BC - Sabum 2 v Spearman, 24v17, K, 9XP, 46hp
T25 3040BC - Sabum 1 v Scout, 19v13, 40-21, 15XP DING, 53hp
T27 2660BC - Sabum 1 v Scout, 22v6, 54-14, 1XP
T27 2960BC - Sabum 1 K Scout

It works every time!
Spoiler :


With the lucky find by our Scout 2, we came in third on the Race to the Gods Pantheon. Tamar took Religious Settlements and probably got an extra city founded early. Somebody else took Initiation rites. In third place, we still have a lot of choices open!

Desert Folklore seems to be the most interesting choice, because we can build a couple of 6-Faith Holy Sites, albeit in bad city locations. We will have to work hard just to get these Holy Sites built. We have not yet checked how far our opposition is in building Great Prophets. We have three of them to race for, because we are unlikely to get Stonehenge.

Another interesting choice is Open Sky. We have one Pasture so far and we can expand and build more. This has usually been my choice is Desert Folklore is not available.


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Session 3 - Turn 43 - 2320BC - Founding a Second City

T28 2920BC - We founded Desert Folklore. We will see what we can do with these 6 Faith Holy Sites.
14/25 Era Score
T29 2880BC - Scout 2 discovered the continent of Atlantica.
T30 2840BC - Contact with Lahore - 1 Envoy.
Babylon is now Size 3 (3f 9h 8g 1.75s 1.9c)
Sheep Pasture built
Horseback Riding 120s
15/25 Era Score
Slinger 2 got slaughtered 50-14, but it won 7XP and it did its job.

Did we say it works every time?
Spoiler :


T31 2800BC - Our Warrior 1 sacked the now wide open Barbarian Outpost for 45g. It then attacked the Spearman for 5XP. The counterattack won it another 4XP and left the Spearman with 28hp and it should be an easy kill for our Slinger.
17/25 Era Score

T32 2760BC - We obtained Inspiration for Craftsmanship from a Village. This was a 6-Turn waste. Why could we not get Early Empire?
18/25 Era Score
Contact with Samarkand, but no Envoy. This means another Empire is somewhere possibly nearby.
Slinger 1 killed the Barbarian Spearman on the counterattack and dings a level.
Archery 50s

T33 2720BC - Foreign Trade 24/40c - My count of culture was slightly lower than this at 43.7/44. It is possible there is some rounding. Or maybe I forgot how to add.
We try Survey. This is always a mistake. There are no Barbarians in sight, but that can change and it will be a long 14 Turns to our next change.
We will also switch back to Urban Planning, because we do not need God King anymore.
Slinger 1 is promoted to L1 Volley.
Scout 2 discovered Europe.

T35 2640BC - Suleiman developed the God of the Forge Pantheon. We are far away from him and not looking for any trouble right now.
Irrigation 50s from a Village. This also seems a bit of a waste, because it is easily obtained. We will try to make the most of it.
Discipline might have been a better choice. Our Scout 1 survived a double attack from the Barbarian Pirate Quads, with a single hit point.

1hp is all you need to live. Why is this not an Achievement?
Spoiler :


T37 2560 Settler 2 produced in Babylon.
Scout 2 discovered Matterhorn. 20/25 Era Score.
Meanwhile, a Barbarian Scout appeared to the east of Babylon.

T38 2520BC - Mining 25s
Salt Mine built 2f2h1g - Nothing impressive
Sabum 2 started attacking the scout and won a promotion.
Slinger 2 is carefully escorting the Settler past the Scout.
Scout 2 L1 Ranger

T39 2480BC Slinger2 took a few more hp off the Scout. Sabum 2 L1 Battlecry.
Scout 2 discovered Atlantis! We appear to be at a junction of 4 Continents. No wonder there are so many mountains and it is so hard to get around!
We now have contact with Vietnam. We sent a delegation to check out that Thang Long. 21/25 Era Score.

T40 2440BC Slinger 2 killed the scout for another 4XP. We will go hunting for the Outpost.
Contact with Ayutthaya but no Envoy. We might be done collecting free Envoys.
T41 2400BC - We found that Outpost.
T42 2360BC - Sabum 2 started to attack the defending Spearman. So deep in the woods it's harder to chase it out.
Slinger 2 got smashed by the defending Spearman, but won a promotion.

T43 2320BC - Caravan 1 is in Babylon.
Slinger 2 is now L1 Volley.
We settled Malgium 5S2E.
Spoiler :


Now we have some decisions to make.

If we are cheap, then we build our holy site right next to Malgium for 4 Faith. It will take longer and it will not be perfect. We can buy a 5 Faith site for 70g and a 6 Faith site for 180g. Meanwhile, for 70g we can set up a 4 Faith site in Babylon and get it going much sooner. This is the option I am leaning towards and will take a couple of hours and think about it.

EDIT: Added Save so that we have a place to recover to in case we make a big mistake.


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Session 4 - Turn 73 - 1120BC - Founding a Religion

30 Turns is way too long for a session, especially in the early game. There was...... too much suspense in if we could complete our objective from Turn 43. Can we get a religion when we start our plan so far behind? Can we get the beliefs we want out of this religion? Will we get hopelessly behind by pursuing the religion?

Given all the open space we have, we might have done better to focus on claiming land and resources.

Turn 43 - 2320BC
We decided it was quickest to build a less than perfect holy site in Babylon. We spent 110g to buy the desert hills tile by the Oasis, which we might call the Holy East Eye of the Hamad Desert. Then we started a trade route across the Hamad Desert to our new city, Malgium. This gets us an extra food and production which we need in Babylon. It also got us Currency for 120s.

Turn 44 - 2280BC - The Spearman came out of the Barbarian Outpost to continue beating up our Slinger. We had our Warrior nearby who was able to ding attacking the Spearman.
Turn 45 - 2240BC - Our Slinger finished off the Barbarian Spearman. However a Scout spawned to continue guarding the Outpost.

Turn 46 - 2200BC - Craftsmanship at 24/40c. We went with Maritime Industries and Urban Planning.
We have contact with Pedro of Brazil and we sent them a delegation. 23/25 Era.
Warrior 1 is L1 with Battlecry. All my melee units are L1 with Battlecry.

Turn 47 - 2160BC - The Ottomans have completed Stonehenge and founded Islam. Later we found out Islam has Choral Music and Meeting House.
We sacked a Barbarian Outpost for 45g. 25/25 Era.
Vietnam sent us a delegation and much needed gold.

Turn 49 - 2080BC - Galley 1 is ready in Babylon. 28 Era.
What we found was we used 3x12=36 production to build the Galley. The maritime card provided 2x12+5=29 production to complete it.
Babylon is now Size 4.

Turn 50 - 2040BC - Sabum 2 killed the rogue scout from the outpost we sacked.
Turn 51 - 2000BC - Pottery 25s
Turn 53 - 1920BC - Scout 1 sacked a distant outpost for 45g. 3 Era.
Scout 1 then killed a rogue scout on a counterattack.

Turn 54 - 1880BC - We built the Holy Site of Babylon. 33 Era.
Turn 55 - 1840BC - Galley 2 in Malgium. Shipbuilding.
Turn 57 - 1760BC - We received a delegation from Brazil. Tamar is impressed with our navy, but it is bankrupting us.
Turn 58 - 1720BC - Our empire population finally reached 6 and we obtained the Early Empire boost.
Builder 2 in Babylon. Hindsight says if we are going for the religion, then Prayers would have been more urgent. Right now it looks like we lose the race in 18 Turns, or Turn 76.
Turn 60 - 1640BC - The Ottomans have established an Autocracy. The race for early governments has started and we are far behind.

Turn 61 - 1600BC - The World enters the Classical Era
This completed Early Empire for us, because we are receiving a discount for being so far behind. We went with Discipline and Urban Planning for this round. State Workforce is available to us in 8 Turns.
In the Great Prophet race, we are in fourth place, but we are willing to take a risk for it. The AI appears to be not very competitive in this game, anyway.
We took Monumentality. This at least allows us to buy Builders and Settlers with Faith and then use them to build Holy Sites all around the Hamad Desert.
Finally, we appointed Magnus to Babylon. Given that there is only a single Forest tile, his Groundbreaking ability will do absolutely nothing this round.

Turn 62 - 1560BC - Brazil adopted a Classical Republic
We built our first Quarry and unlocked Masonry and completed all the tech in the Ancient Era. We are doing well for tech, given that we are Babylon. However, we are horribly behind in culture and population and city count. Unlocking Masonry also won us a second Envoy in Lahore.

Turn 63 - 1520BC - Vietnam is now also a Classical Republic
We established contact with Gaul and sent a delegation. 34/53 Era.
Turn 65 - 1440BC - We now have contact with Granada.
Monument built in Malgium.
In Babylon, we completed our Holy Site Prayers and this added 22 Great Prophet Points and got us to 44. We need 8 more turns to establish a religion. The suspense builds.
We also added more Fishing Boats to Babylon and completed Celestial Navigation.

Turn 66 - 1400BC - Suleiman declared war on Gaul, dragging his vassal city state Johannesburg with him.
Turn 67 - 1360BC - We developed State Workforce.
This time we are going with Conscription and Colonization. Our Galleys are bankrupting us and Conscription will give us 2g and we have no plans to build any units. To take advantage of Colonization, we should spend the entire cycle working on Settlers in Babylon. Hindsight says we could have also done this in Malgium, because it is building nothing important right now. We are winning about 7h in Babylon with the policy, compared to 2h from Urban Planning.

Turn 68 - 1320BC - Georgia also adopted a Classical Republic.
Elsewhere in the world, a City State we have not met has been defeated. Either it was defeated by Barbarians, or an unknown Civilization - Or the defeated City State was Suleiman's vassal Johannesburg.

Turn 70 - 1240BC - The Ottomans razed a city from Gaul. Meanwhile Gaul sent us a delegation.
Turn 71 - 1200BC - Settler 3 is ready in Babylon. This should have been about 30 turns ago and we are far behind in colonizing cities. On the plus side, we had Magnus in Babylon and he saved us 44f with Provisions.
We established contact with Muscat, which is too far away for a trade route which they are requesting.

Our trade route just completed, and Tblisi appears to be a perfect target for our next trade route. It appears this will be a single trip taking 44 turns and will be complete on Turn 115. The route appears to be easily defended from Pirates.
Spoiler :


Meanwhile the Great Prophet race was a nail biter right to the end. Was the AI going to come up with a surprise?
Spoiler :


We won in the end, or at least got a prize, Laozi. Now we have some decisions to make.
Spoiler :



The first choice is the easy choice. Our religion will be Judaism. That makes our leader :hammer2: Rabbi.

The second choice also appears easy. We should take Work Ethic. This provides hammers for our Holy Site. Currently we have a +4 Holy Site. The Work Ethic will give us +4 Hammers. We should be able to build a couple of +6 Holy Sites to provide us with +6 Hammers.

This leaves our third choice. I will search the options once again, but World Church provides +1 Culture for 4 followers. We are lagging badly in the Culture race. However, we will take some time to consider the other options.


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Session 5 - Turn 91 - 625BC - Our No-Wonder Wonder Religion

Turn 73 - 1120BC - Sure enough, we went with the following for religion:
Judaism - I already gave my reasons. :hammer2: Rabbi.
Work Ethic - We already have a +4 Faith Holy Site. We will eventually develop better ones.
Sacred Places - One day we might build a Wonder - Hopefully one in each of our cities. We simply have not stated yet.
Spoiler :


Elsewhere in the world, Georgia denounced Suleiman.
Turn 74 - 1080BC - We selected a spot for a +4 Harbor for 146h.
Turn 75 - 1040BC - Scythia also denounced Suleiman. He is getting marked as a warmonger.
Turn 76 - 1000BC - Founded Borsippa and claimed the Turtles.
We are about 30 turns late doing this.
Galley 2 sunk a Quad. However, it turns out there are two of them and we have to retreat. We also have a Caravan on the way and we have to do something to make sure it arrives.
Spoiler :


Turn 77 - 975BC - Settler in Babylon. With Provision, Magnus has made about 88 food for us. We will send him off to Borsippa.
Turn 78 - 950BC - Political Philoshopy
We adopted Autocracy, but we saw now results. Where are the extra yields from the Palace Building?
Maritime Industries - We need an extra Galley to protect our Caravan heading to Tblisi.
Urban Planning
Charismatic Leader - We are not planning to place any new Envoys
Discipline - We have a Barbarian fight on our hands.
Warrior 1 got lucky and was able to easily sack the Barbarian Outpost. The Pirate threat to our Georgia trade route is lessened.
Gaul founded Hinduism.

Turn 79 - 925BC - Founded Karkar
Armash declared war on Gaul. I do not know who they are.
We are probably about 20 Turns behind founding a fourth city, especially with such an open map. Most likely it means I am letting other things distract me.
Spoiler :


Turn 80 - 900BC - Iron Working from a Village. This was a good waste of a village, because we had a potential Iron Mine nearby.
Meanwhile, the Ottomans and Gauls finally settled a peace treaty.

Turn 81 - 875BC - Palgum in Babylon. 46/53 Era.
Mysticism. We adopted:
Maritime Industries - We still need that Galley.
Urban Planning
Diplomatic League - We plan to drop a couple of Envoys
Land Surveyors - We are also planning to buy some hot desert property.

We bought a total of 4 Desert Tiles and it looks like we saved 92g. The reality is we spent 368g on a bunch of open desert.
We also invested 165 Faith to get 2 Builders.

Turn 82 - 850BC - Lumber Mill in Borsippa for 1f5h
Mass Production! We also built a Lumber Mill in Malgium for 1f4h.

Turn 83 - 825BC - We established contact with Tomyris of the Scythians. It appears she captured Johannesburg and took them out of the game.
Still, we sent them a delegation. We are doing well on that front, perhaps because we are so distant. Everybody seems to like us.
The Malgum Iron Mine is built, 2h1s.
We cleared a forest near Borsippa for 91h. This is 30h credited to Magnus. So far he has made us 88f30h. His mission is completed and he can return to Babylon.
Granary in Borsippa.
We sent an Envoy to Ayuttaya and we now have 2 Envoys there. We figured we needed the culture.

Turn 84 - 800BC - Military Tradition. Ancient Era is complete in both Science and Culture.
We saw no result from Autocracy, and dumped it for Classical Republic.
Urban Planning
Corvee - This turned out to be a complete waste of a card.
Charismatic Leader
Diplmoatic League - We are giving up some great people points to pick up an extra envoy.

Turn 85 - 775BC - Malgium City Walls. Engineering.
Quest complete with Granada - 2 Envoys.
Envoy sent to Samarkand - 2 Envoys.
Karkar Lumber Mill 2f3h. Babylon Lumber Mill 1f5h.

Turn 86 - 750BC - 4 Iron to Vietam for 5g+1/t. Why not? We are at peace with them and we are getting gold.
Turn 87 - 725BC - 8 Diplomatic Favor to Georgia for 12g and Open Borders. Whatever.
Turn 88 - 700BC - Harbor in Babylon. 52/53 Era.
Discovered Uluru. 53/53 Era.
Turn 90 - 650BC - Gaul denounced the Ottomans.

Turn 91 - 625BC - We have a decision to make on what to do next. I forgot to take a recent screenshot of our empire. We have only 4 cities. I think we should have been:
Turn 50 - 3 Cities
Turn 60 - 4 Cities
Turn 70 - 5 Cities
Turn 80 - 6 Cities
Turn 90 - 7 Cities
Turn 100 - 8 Cities

The Ottomans are expanding in our direction. It it tempting to make a run at a Wonder in Babylon, but we really need Settlers more to secure our border with the Ottomans.


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Session 6 - Turn 111 - 125BC

A lot of turns feature some most likely misguided trades with the AI. The Diplomatic Favor is a relatively new currency and I suppose the AI spends it buying votes and maybe eventually winning themselves a Diplomatic Victory. Since we have been doing nothing for Science, we will be powerless to stop them, unless we pursue a different victory. It looks like:

4 Iron for 5g+1/t, eventually 35g
8 Dip for 12g and OB and a song
6 Iron for 8g+1/t, eventually 38g
8 Dip for 3g+1/t, eventually 33g
20 Iron for 4/t, eventually 120g

T91 625BC - Trader 2 in Babylon
T92 600BC - Games and Recreation. Coming up will be a long 13 Turns so we should choose more carefully.
Classical Republic
Urban Planning
Charismatic Leader
Agoge - and this one turned out to be the waste, because we never did get around to building a single unit.

T93 575BC - Cartography from a Harbor in Barsippa
180g for Builder in Karkar
T94 550BC - Karkar Sawmill 2f3h, Babylon Salt Mine
Karkar Granary
Gaul conquered Singapore - We should start tracking just how many cities the AI has. It seems to be 4 to 5.

T95 525BC - Settler 5 in Babylon
Babylon Mine 2f4h
Borsippa 195g for Builder

T98 450BC - Monument in Borsippa
T99 Borsippa Sawmill
T101 375BC - Settler 6 in Babylon
T102 350BC - Durmuti founded and Horses claimed.
Both Suleiman and Gaul complained we settled too close and we defied them.

T103 325BC - Drama and Poetry
We continue with the same policy, as it is only 5 Turns to Theology. Hindsight says we should have pursued this earlier.

T104 300BC - Beginning of Medieval Era. RIP Golden Age. We have a normal age. We went with Exodus of the Evangelicals. Eventually we will have to sent out our Missionaries.
World Congress. We cheated a little bit with a reload and obtained a single Diplomatic Point.
Mathematics - and this completes the Classical Era. At least we chose well which technology to slowly research.
Somebody was very interested in making sure we do not collect Great Admiral Points.
Spoiler :


T105 275BC - Spearman 1 in Babylon. We need that kill soon.
Holy Site Malgum. Lighthouse Borsippa.
We sent an envoy to Ayutthaya and vassaled them If we go on a building spree, we will at least get some of it back in Culture and we need all the help we can get in that department.

T106 250BC - Theology
We went with Scripture, of course. We will have a few +6 Holy Sites that will provide +12 Faith and +12 Hammers.
Colonization again. We are spamming Settlers out of Babylon.
Charismatic Leader and Urban Planning. We should probably start claiming a couple Great Scientist points.
Envoy to vassal Granada and we can now build the Alcazar. This is culture, so might be useful.
Elsewhere, Gaul and Scythia started a war.

T107 Bought Builder for 295g
T108 Founded Mashkin Shapir
T109 Finally contact with the Netherlands
We sacked a troublesome Barbarian Outpost that was supplying Pirates to plague our trading lane with Georgia.
T110 Military Tactics from a Spearman kill.
We set up a route from our new Durmuti to Babylon for 2f2h. We figured it needed some kind of boost to production because it's a border city and will unlikely ever have access to huge production.

Here is our T111 situation:
Spoiler :


We are at 6 Cities. We probably should have been there about 30 Turns ago.
We have 2 Holy Sites +6, 1 at +4, and one more coming up at +6. By then we should have amazing quantities of production.
We should retrieve and promote our Slingers and claim the new technology.
We are starting to generate some Faith. We should send out some Missionaries soon.
Finally, we should be choosing a path to victory.


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Session 7 - Turn 134 - 450AD

It looks like we caught a case of Wonder Addiction.

T111 125BC - Karkar Holy Site is now complete. This junk city now produces 25.2h.
T112 100BC - Malgium Granary. Meanwhile Pedro decided to block off our western expansion with a city far away from any of his other cities. I count 8 Tiles from Karkar. Our forces are badly outdated. The Barbarians are starting to walk around with Man at Arms. We are putting off upgrading our forces until we get the Professional Army buff, if possible. If there is trouble, then we have four cities with decent production.
We also invested 150 Faith for a Missionary in Babylon, especially given we chose the Exodus of the Evangelicals buff for the Medieval Era. This leaves us at 312+39.5. We appear to be at a junction between West and East. In the West, there is a lot of open space and only one religion to compete. The other three are in the East and Islam is dominant.
Spoiler :


T113 75BC Durmitti Monument. We invested 60g to upgrade 1 Archer.
T114 50BC Karkar Monument. Defensive Tactics. 4 Turns to Revised History. We went with:
Scripture (of course)
Land Surveyors - We are planning big investments in real estate.
Charismatic Leader - My policy is if we are likely to obtain Envoys, we switch to Diplomatic League. We see how this goes.
Urban Planning - We are sacrificing 2 Great Scientist Points for about 6 Hammers. The Hammers have priority. We are, of course, :hammer2: Rabbi.
We founded Tuttal, right back at Pedro. He complained about us settling so close to his new city, but he really should not have placed it there.
What Pedro is supposed to do is conspire with Sulieman and the Gauls to the East and give us a 2-front war.
Spoiler :


For real estate investments, we spent:
84g - Holy Site for Tuttul
84g - 2f2h Tile for Tuttul
240g - Monument for Tuttal - With this investment, we probably could have waited 5 turns to expand normally. However there is no control over this.
84g - Colossus site for Borsippa
We hired Liang and sent him to Borsippa. To figure out how much he earns, we can divide the investments in Builders by 3.

T115 25BC - Settler 8 in Babylon - We stopped the Settler spam for no good reason. We should have built one more.
Archer 2 in Malgium. Holy Site in Borsippa. It is now producing 31h. It's 400h for the Colossus.
Scythia finally sent a delegation. Dormuti now has an Amber Mine.

T117 25AD - Netherlands sent a delegation. This probably completes our collection.
Our final real estate investments:
84g - Site for Babylon Wonder
84g - Site for Karkar Wonder
So we count 5 tiles bought. The Land Surveyors card saved us 105g. The gold standard I use for a card is Urban Planning. If we had 6 cities for 3 turns, that's 18 hammers. If we choose the max 4g, that's 72g.
We promoted Liang to Zoning Commissioner. I am not sure how well this does. It means we move him from city to city to build up districts.
160 Faith for a second Missionary in Babylon. We are producing 51.7 Faith per turn.

Recorded History. 4 Turns to Military Training. We went with:
Scripture (of course)
Corvee - We have a few Wonders we are planning to build.
Charismatic Leader
Urban Planning

Turn 118 50AD - We set up a trade route from Tuttul to Babylon to help it build up that first Holy Site.
We also settled Kar Shamash in Pedro's face.
We converted Lahore to Judaism. It is probably easiest to convert nearby city states.
T119 75AD - Babylon Temple. Malgum Shrine.
400 Faith for an Apostle in Babylon.

T120 100AD - Karkar Aqueduct. Durmuti Granary.
Military Engineering from building the Aqueduct.
310g for a Builder in Malgium. So far Liang has made us 103.3g.
Military Training. Classical Era Complete. This completes the discounted Civics we are getting for charity.
We made no policy changes.

T121 125AD - Archer 3
Machinery. We are very late in finishing tech for the Babylonians, but we are chronic procrastinators.
T122 150AD - M Shapir Monument
T123 175AD - Coffee Plantation
T124 200AD - Malgum Temple. We vassaled the city state of Lahore.
T125 225AD - We converted Nalanda to Judaism.
T126 250AD - Colossus built in Borsippa.
Buttress from building a Wonder.
Developed a Whale tile.
Spoiler :


The picture is showing a shadow pointing towards the shore. From the map, it is the north shore of the Arctic Ocean. The shoreline runs east to west. The shadow is pointing southwards. Borsippa must be well north of the Arctic Circle.

T127 275AD - Barbarians appeared out of nowhere on our eastern frontier, but we had our unique unit guarding and it was just a Scout, Horseman, and Builder. In a couple turns, we managed to capture the Builder. It's a shame he only had a single build left.
We ran a trade route from Kar Shamash to Babylon to help it develop. Our policy really should be 3 internal trade routes and one external. Some time we might fix that.

T128 300AD - Civil Service - 7 Turns to Divine Right. We went with:
Scripture (of course)
Diplomatic League
Urban Planning
We went Envoys to Muscat and Bandar Brunei and got a bunch of gold from them.
Elsewhere, our Apostle finally caught up to and destroyed a Catholic Missionary from Brazil. This improved our situation in Lahore.
We invested another 430 Faith for another Apostle. This one we were able to get the Pilgrim promotion. So we will start him on a journey in the Southwest and then a tour in the East past a couple other Natural Wonders. Hopefully we do not get him killed. Our other Apostle only got Orator for 2 extra spreads, so we will send him back to friendly territory to evangelize a new belief.

T130 350AD - We completed the Mausoleum in Babylon. This also secures our Golden Renaissance Age.
Durmati has a mine.
325g for a Builder in Malgium. So far Liang has made us 211.7g, plus some hammers from working on a Harbor.
Spoiler :


See the icebergs in the background? We built this wonder on permafrost.

T131 375AD - Harbor in Malgium. Turtles in Tuttul.
We transfered Liang to Karkar. We might end up transferring him again due to indecision and conflicting plans. Magnus might end up doing better there for a moment.
T132 400AD - Granary in Babylon. Farm Triangle in Malgium. 3/6 Farms.
We transferred Magnus to Borsippa, but we are likely to transfer him to Karkar instead and move Liang to Babylon.
T133 425AD - We converted Muscat to Judaism.

T134 450AD - Kur Shamash Monument.
Divine Right. 6 Turns to Feudalism, but we might push something ahead of it in order to pick up a boost. We seem to be progressing our Civics faster than predicted, by about a turn or so. We have a vassal contributing 10% of a building's hammer cost to culture and we have been on a building spree.

Here is our situation.
Spoiler :



For our homecoming, victorious Apostle, we have a small selection on what to evangelize. I am thinking Holy Order for the discount in Missionaries and Apostles. An alternative is a Faith building and we will be building maybe 5 of them. Our Faith would be going from 74 to 99 to 111, maybe. That's 65.9%. The discount puts us at 70%. If we are planning other outlets for Faith, then the +5 Synagogue is worth it - or another Faith Building. However, we are planning to spread Judaism westwards.

For government, we will be adopting Monarchy, because that gets us instance access to Castles. We can choose:
Veterancy - We can turn a Military policy into an economic advantage
Conscription - I might think of something better, because this only makes us maybe 11gpt.
Scripture (of course) - It looks like this is winning us 22 Faith and 22 Hammers per turn. We will be looking for more ways to win with this card.
Diplomatic League - We have some envoys to place in the near future. I will eventually make a model to work this out.
Urban Planning - because I have zero creativity


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Session 8 - Turn 147 - 720AD - Renaissance Golden Age

Maybe the Exodus of the Evangelicals was a good choice for the Medieval Era. We got to 104 Era Score.

T134 450AD - We evangelized Holy Order to get the big discount on Apostles and Missionaries. We will spread Judaism westward.
We developed Monarchy and that got us Castles. We took:
Veterancy: We are working on some Harbor District buildings.
Limes: Sure. We can build up walls and hit on Tamar.
Scripture - Of course.
Diplomatic League
Urban Planning
Gothic Architecture - We still have a Wonder or two going.

T135 475AD - Karkar build the Jebel Barkel and we got a big boost in Faith.
Shipyard in Borsippa. Granary in M Shapir.
The World Congress gave us +5 to Melee and +100% to City Center building production. This is a boon to new cities if we ever get around to founding them. We are 2/4 on guessing the World Congress, 1 of which was from cheating. There is a Gang of Three who are 4/4 and running the show. They win in..... 240 more Turns.
Trade Route M Shapar to Babylon. We have been going for the 2f2h trade for our new cities.
320+120 Faith. We bought an Apostle and Missionary. We are at 281.8+96.
Spoiler :


T136 500AD - Dormitti Entertainment Complex. Karkar and Borsippa Walls. Malgium Lighthouse.
This gets us 2 Envoys in Nalanda and 4 in Lahore and Ayut.
After a 30 turn drought in Great Admirals, we finally recruited Hanno the Navigator. There is little he can do, trapped in the Arctic Ocean. We can send him on a quest to discover the North Pole. Maybe that is worth some Era Score.

T137 520AD Walls in Babylon, Durmatti, and M Shapir. We ran Limes for a few turns and we get some Culture back for buildings and we win points with Tamar. So why not.
Armash gets 2 Envoys. We are up to 99 Faith per Turn.
Naval Tradition. 6T to Feudalism. We ran:
Veterency, Limes, Scripture, Charismatic Leader, Urban Planning
Naval Infrastructure only gets us 10g per turn. So it might be a good while before it's really worth it. I think we have a 4, 4, and a 3.

T138 540AD Med Walls in Borsippa and Malga.
We got Education from Slow Research and doing absolutely nothing in building Campus Districts.

T139 560AD Karkar Med Walls. K Shamash Granary.
T140 580AD Borsippa Trader.
We are formally friends with Tamar. We established a Cultural Alliance from it. We will eventually send a Trader her way. Maybe we will send more, because Tblisi is a good trading hub.
Stirrups from Feudalism. 5T to Mercenaries.
Medieval Tech is complete. We are one tech behind Vietnam and this is very shameful for Babylon.
We went with Veterancy, Feudal Contract (Not Chivalry?) Scripture, Charismatic Leader, Urban Planning, and Serfdom
340g for a Builder and it's the only one we got with Serfdom, so marginally worth it.
Borsippa to Tblisi Trade Route 13g1s2c1F.

T141 Durmuit Med Walls
T142 Karkar Shrine. Tuttul Holy Site
340 Faith Apostle in Babylon

T143 640AD - Bologna converted to Judaism
T144 660AD - Babylon Aqueduct. K Shamesh Ancient Walls.
Mercenaries. 5T to Medieval Faires.
Professional Army, Retinues, Scripture, Diplomatic League, Urban Planning, and Naval Infrastructure.
We are planning some massive upgrades to get our military into the AD's.
250g - Upgraded 2 Crossbows. Metal Casting. Hopefully we will still be able to build our Trebs.
190g - Upgraded Pike and Shot.
125g - Upgraded Skirmisher.
255g and 20 Iron - Upgraded 2 Man at Arms
Armagh now has 3 Envoys.

T145 680AD - Another Coffee Plantation
130g and 10 Iron - Upgraded another Man at Arms. We are now officially broke at 9g+90.
We still have some units to upgrade, but that will wait for another cycle.
3 Galleys 1 Scout 1 Archer. That is what I could find.

T146 700AD - Knight at Borsippa. Meanwhile, this Dust Storm did about 140h worth of damage to our Harbor.
Spoiler :


T147 720AD - We entered a Golden Age in the Renaissance Era.
Medieval Fairs. 6T to Guilds.

We have a bunch of decisions to make.....
Spoiler :


Golden Era Dedication - Here are my thoughts:
Monumentality - This is my first choice. We get a substantial discount on Settlers and Builders. We can use our massive Faith income to spam Settlers once again. There is a whole bunch of Northwest Territories to expand into.
Exodus - Our substantially discounted Apostles and Missionaries will get a substantial boost in charges. This is a solid choice if we are going for a Religious Victory.
Dracones - We are on a Pangea. The other Continents are occupied. I see no gains here.
Coinage - This is interesting. We can pick up a lot of gold if we go international with our Trade Routes to Georgia.

I lean towards territorial expansion all the way to the West Coast of Pangea.

Next decision - We can run new policy cards. I lean towards:
Conscription, Veterancy, Scripture, Charismatic Leader, Urban Planning, and Serfdom.
We are broke, so there is no point in funding upgrades until we have some gold back in our coffers. Even if we did, we might do better to use that gold to buy Settlers and Builders.
Serfdom leverages on these Builders. We can get them with 6 charges.

Finally we have another choice to make - New Governor.
Mosh is interesting if we promote him more. We can put him in a city with 2 Districts and generate 4 Faith per Turn. He gets stronger with promotions, but I don't remember them well, because I do not use him often. We have a very strong Faith income. However, if we are using that to spam Settlers and Builders, then we will have nothing left for Missionaries and Apostles. This goes right back to if we are pursuing the Religious Victory with everything we have.
Amy - All the cool civs are using her. She is also interesting promoted.
Piggy - This little Piggy will get us back into the Culture game.


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Session 9 - Turn 161 - 1000AD - This Little Piggy went to Babylon!

T147 720AD - Sure enough, we went with:
Monumentality for the cheap Settlers and Builders bought with nothing more than Faith. Everybody else in the world deals in gold and sliver coin. We pass around colorful bills that say In the Flying Spaghetti Monster we Trust. All others pay cash.

6 Turns to Guilds
Monarchy - We will upgrade this soon. Hindsight says Monarchy would have been epic with all the Walls we were building.
Limes - We did say we were building Walls. A lot of our cities are developed and we are getting x2 for City Center buildings and another x2 for Limes. I checked the build log. We really are getting x4 towards Walls. From that, I think we are also getting a 10% Culture buff.
Veterancy - We are still building Harbors and Buildings. We should some day build an Encampment as well.
Scripture - Of course. It goes without saying.
Charismatic Leader - It was the best we could think of.
Urban Planning - We are not creative.
Serfdom - We will get a single Builder out this round.

We put this Faith to good use:
125 for a Builder in Babylon - with 6 builds
405 for a Settler in Borsippa
145 for a Missionary in Malgium - This leaves us with 314 +123/t
Our Apostles and Missionaries are running rampant and we converted Samarkand.

This little Piggy went to Babylon. We are trying to get competitive with Civics. So we hired Piggy and sent him to Babylon.
After that, we checked all of our builds and made some adjustments. Borsippa got wrecked by a Sandstorm and we have to repair the Harbor and all its buildings.

T148 740AD - Borsippa Harbor Repair. Babylon Shipyard. This got us Steam Power and put us into the Industrial Age. Hindsight says this was a mistake, because our Galleys promote directly to Ironclads and we no longer have a cheap Inspiration for Merchant League.
Granada converted to Judaism and we now have 4 Envoys.
K Samagh Iron Mine - I think we are now producing 10 Iron per turn.

T149 760AD Borsippa Lighthouse Repair. Durmauti converted to Judaism
Mags transfred to K Samagh.

T150 780AD Malgum Great Lighthouse. Founded Eshnunna and this will seal the coffin for Singapore. With the damage already done and having no more cities to settle, and for 30 Dip points, we promised to stop settling in his face.
We also circumnavigated the globe.
Spoiler :


T151 800AD - Babylon Industrial Zone. Borsippa is now fully repaired. The entire thing took about 4 Turns. Karkar and Tuttul build Trebs and that got us Siege Tactics.
It appears the Netherlands is now running the World Congress. They declared a City State of Emergency and war against Gaul, because they took yet another city state. We have vassaled 3 of them. They have captured 3 of them. Singapore. Johannesburg. Preslev.

T152 820AD - K Shamash Med Walls. Banking from Guilds.
We promoted Piggy to Connoisseur. The two promotions and arriving in Babylon increased our Culture from 55.6 to 70.6 - a full 15 points. For Science, he does not do much.

3 Turns to Reformed Church
Limes, Veterancy, Scripture, Urban Planning
Merchant Confederation - I think we have 25 Envoys and they will earn 25g
Traveling Merchants - These are very expensive Merchant Points. It is unlikely we get a Great Merchant in time.

T153 840AD - Babylon Med Walls. Tuttul Granary
Ayuttaha converted to Judaism and we now have 6 Envoys

T154 860AD - Military Science from a Knight Victory in the unclaimed Northwest Territories.
Reformed Church - 5T to Diplomatic Service
Theocracy - We are already getting a 30% bonus. What's another 15%? I forgot to check if it's additive.
Limes, Veterancy, Scripture, Simulenteum, Serfdom, Merchant Confederation
We are planning to send out some Settlers and Builders.
Thang Long converted to Judaism - We converted the Vietnam Capital!

T155 880AD Babylon R Walls. Trade Route Esh to Babylon to help get it established.
205g for a site for Babylon's Commercial District
350 Faith for a Settler (320h)
100 Faith for a Builder (94h)
So the conversion is 1.09375 instead of 2.00. The discounts add. We get 30% for the golden age and 15% for Theocracy. We are getting our Settlers and Builders at 55% of 2.0 or 1.1 Faith per Hammer. The 320h works out to 352F, but that rounds to 350. The 94 works out to 103.4 and that rounds to 100. Sample size 2.

T156 900AD Hoa Lu converted to Judaism.
385F for a Settler and 105H for a Builder.

T157 920AD Dormatti Theater
Quang Tri converted to Judaism.
415F for a Settler and 110H for a Builder

T158 940AD Karkar Encampment. Tuttun Shrine. M Shapir Harbor.
We claimed Sao Paulo. Brazil should not have settled so close to us. The same thing will happen to Singapore, unless Gaul brutally puts down the rebellion. We welcomed them into our empire by building a much-needed Niter mine. This got us Rifling.
Da Nang converted to Judaism.

Diplomatic Service - 7T to Humanism
Limes, Veterancy - Because we have very few units close to the front and we have no plans to attack any cities in 7 Turns. By then we might finally have our Trebs.
Scripture, Simultaneum - We are religious nuts.
Machavellianism - We are planning to build our first spy.
Urban Planning - No creativity. It's a workhorse. I don't know how many cities we have any more.

The Ottomans DoW'd on Georgia and that puts us at war.
Spoiler :


T159 960AD K Shamash R Walls. Malgium Shipyard. Borsippa Temple Esh Monuent. We also converted Esh to Judaism. It would eventually go on its own, but we want more pressure on Singapore. Founded Dur Kurigalzu.

T160 980AD Tuttol M Walls.
Sao Paulo had a major flood and we have to check the damage. The Niter mine might have been damaged. Dur Kurigalzu got a Horse Pasture and we are now producing 4 per turn, but are full. Dan Hoi converted to Judaism. Vietnam has only one city that has not converted. It will not be that long.
Brazil is Catholic and except for killing a single Missionary, we left them alone. They might be quietly plotting revenge for the loss of Sao Paulo and they have a few units in the area. We do not need a two-front war.
Our next target is Georgia. They are our Allies and it would be nice if we also share a religion. Ottoman is also a fair target.

T161 1000AD Sao Paulo A Walls
For 100gp we won a very cheap 2 Victory Points.
Spoiler :


We should start building embassies, but we are also saving cash for some eventual upgrades. Our trebs are slowly moving east and maybe we can start taking cities. As far as we can tell, they are relying only on their Walls.
Spoiler :


Spoiler :

Maybe they are busy fighting Georgia.


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Good luck with the war :spear:

Thanks! :spear:

Session 10 - Turn 178 - 1170AD - The Fall of Adana

T161 1000 AD - Founded Tutub along the coast of the Arctic Ocean. It is such a bad city site, I was too embarrassed to show a picture of it. I figured maybe we can get a Harbor built before the game ends. A trade route from Dur-Kur to Babylon yields us 2f3h and gets it started. We built some Crab Boats and spammed Embassies in 5/7 Civs.

T162 1010AD - Babylon Commercial Hub. Rebuilt the Niter Mine. That flood slowed down our plans to modernize our army. We founded Haradum and built an iron mine. I should have posted a screen shot of this one. If I remember it correctly, I originally intended a +4 Campus, but we can get a +5 Holy.

T163 1020AD - Durmuti R Walls. Borsippa Spy. Astronomy from slow research. Due to some flawed build order, we are going to be doing a good bit of slow research. We will not get a second university, so Printing will be slow. We also got to Line Infantry before Muskets, so we have to slow research Square Rigging.
We recruited Santa Cruz in the Arctic Ocean. From Icecap to Icecap, we will rule the Arctic Ocean.
For 120+285 Faith, we recruited a Missionary and Apostle team to continue our religious warfare.

Humanism - 4 Turns to Exploration
Limes and Veterancy, because we do not have enough resources to upgrade units
Scripture and Religious Stimulation and Urban Planning
Merchant Confederation
We probably should have put Invention right here.

T164 1030AD - Eshnunna Granary. Dur-Kur Monument
T165 1040AD - Karkar Armory. Tuttul Temple. Sao Paulo Palgum
Gunpowder from the Armory. This gets us direct access to Line Infantry.
Bursa converted to Judaism and we sent Mags to DurKur to help build it up faster.

World Congress - We guessed 0/2. Vietnam is 5/20 towards the Diplomatic Victory.
We voted +100 Grievances to Tamar, but the Gauls won it.
We voted for trade embargo against Sully the Bully, but we got targeted with trade routes and a bonus trader.

T166 1050AD We must have built a whole bunch of stuff in the past couple of turns, because we got to Exploration right away.
5 Turns to Enlightenment
Professional Army, Retinues - It looks like we are upgrading soon.
Scripture, Urban Planning
Merchant Confederation

85g and 10 Niter to upgrade our Bombard.
355g and 235g to upgrade two Rangers.
215g for the Taj Majal site - It seems to be very good for era score and keeping the Golden Age going.

T167 1060AD - Borsippa Man at Arms.
Singapore revolted against Gaul and they are firing on our lookout ship and sending troops to distract us. We really do not want to patiently wait for them to join us and taking them might cause some grievances. Our special session to reclaim Kutaisi for Georgia failed 5 to 2. We might have profited well in this case spending more diplomatic favor. Instead, we lost 30. Meanwhile, Tamar made peace and ceded Kutaisi. We should be facing the full wrath of the Ottoman Army, but they also have a war going with Gaul.
On the Religious War front, we bought another Apostle and 3 Missionaries. We still have 939 and an income of 171.

T168 1070AD - Babylon Bank, K Shamash Diplomatic Quarter, Tuttul Trader, Sao Paulo Monument, Haradum Monument
145g for the Tuttul Campus Site. It's +3 from Reefs an a couple of nearby Holy Sites. We will take it because we need to get into the Science game.

T169 1080AD - Karkar Military Engineer. The sole purpose to to build two Forts for the Eureka. We can put one in a brilliant choke point and the other in a silly location.
125g to upgrade a Crossbow. Trade route to help build up Haradum.

T171 10200AD Scientific Theory from Enlightment.
205g to upgrade Line Infantry. Dar-Kur Palgum from a Deer Chop. We will set up a Dam and an aqueduct for an amazing Industrial zone.
We finally captured Adana. The Ottomans might be finally showing up to the battle soon.
With Serfdom, we bought another Builder for 115F.

7 Turns to Mercantalism
Craftsmen, Wars of Religion
Scripture, Serfdom
Merchant Confederation

T172 1110AD - Sao Paulo Granary
We converted Adana to Judaism.

T174 1130AD - Tblisi converted to Judaism
We bought another Builder, Missionary, and Apostle

T175 1140AD - We destroyed the first Ottoman Knight we encountered. More are coming.
T175 1150AD - Karkar Industrial Zone. Tuttal Campus. Haradum Granary.
Mt Skheta and Gori both converted to Judaism. Georgia is now completely converted.
We also captured Singapore. In as much as liberating the city makes us look like good guys, we finally decided we had to keep the city to ourselves.
Spoiler :


Eventually we will have a Holy Site getting us another +12. Rid of that distraction, we can focus on breaking the back of the Ottoman Army.
We finally sent an embassy to Gaul and now we have Embassies with everybody except the Ottomans. We are at war with them and have not decided if they will see the end game or not.
Another trade route will help our terrible Tutub city. We bought another Settler, Builder, and Missionary.
We transferred Liang to Dur Kur and Mags to Haradum. We are going to work on the Holy Site that we might be able to build before the world ends.

Turn 177 1160AD RIP Ranger and RIP 355gp. They got attacked 4 times. I looked up the Ranger unit. 380h. There are old wonders worth less than that.
Printing from slow research. Next up is Square Rigging.

T178 1170AD Trader Sao Paulo. Monument Tutub. This brings us to our current situation and I forgot to take pictures.
We have Mercantilism and are eligible for another government change. We have 5 Turns to Colonialism.

15 Cities - I understand this is more than enough to win.
We are a little short on amenities. We might be able to build our way out of it. Or we can invest a bunch on Titles in Amy and send her looking for resources.
We appear to be leading the Culture race. However, it is also showing the Brazil and Vietnam are into the Industrial Age and we just completed all the Renaissance Civics. We started hopelessly behind, so we are getting there. We might do well to look up how to get a cultural win if we still want to go that route.
Our tech is halfway thorough the Industrial Age, except for Square Rigging. Our research capacity hopelessly lags the leader 139.3 to 47.3. We can stay ahead by grabbing Eureka, but eventually we will run out of those.

Added - Here is our front against Ottoman. We can see two Knights and it looks like they will both die this turn. I think there was a Crossbow who also shot our Ranger.
Spoiler :


So the score so far in this Ottoman War is:
We lost 1 Ranger. They lost 2 Knights. Maybe we took out a Man at Arms. Now I don't rembember.
They captured Kutasi Size 8. We captured Adana Size 2 with a Lighthouse.

Here is our western front:
Spoiler :


On the Copper is a +5 Holy Site. It is also a +4 Campus, but we can also bury a +4 Campus in those Mountains. We should build a Farm Triangle in Haradum so it can grow. We might be able to build quite a few Farm Triangles if we want.


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Session 11 - Turn 191 - 1300AD - Another Golden Industrial Age

T178 1170AD - 2 more Ottoman Knights destroyed.
Professional Army, Retinue
Scripture, Gothic Architecture
Merchant League, Invention
205g and 10 Niter for another Line Infantry

T179 1180AD - Adana trade route for 2f4h
Repaired a Horse Pasture ravaged by a drought

T180 1190AD Singapore Monument
Chaduppem founded. 16 Cities.
Destroyed Ottoman Man at Arms.

T181 1200AD - Recruited Francis Drake and retired him for a boon on plundering sea trade routes, for what is is worth.
181g. We got 181g for plundering a single trade route.
205g and 10 Niter for another Line Infantry.
Replaceable Parts.
334g from selling copper.

T182 1210AD - Singapore converted. Adana monument. Bought two more missionaries. We might be leaning Religious win. It might be the quickest. We will see.
Built a Fort in a silly place. Ballistics.

T183 1220AD Colonialism. Karkar Workshop. Industrialization.
85g and 10 Niter for a Bombard. 155g for a Field Cannon.
155g for the Haradum Science Site and 175h towards chopping the Holy Site.
Moved Mags to Singapore. Hindsight says no good reason.

T184 1230AD Durmouti Art Museum.
115g Cuirasser. 2x155g Field Cannon. Konya converted.

T185 University Tuttul. Dam Dur Kur. Arena Sao Paulo.
Taj Mahal in Babylon
Alhambra in Malgium. We have now secured our next Golden Age at 153/150.

T186 Sanitation from Mahiviara random tech. Had I read more carefully, I might have saved this until we could no longer get tech boosts. This saves us from building a couple of Neighborhoods. We might only have to build one.

T187 Opera and Ballet - 5 Turns to Civil Engineering
Raid, Wars of Religion, Crasftsmen
Scripture, Liberalism
Raj, Invention

Captured Builder from the Ottomans. Destroyed Treb. Captured Kanya and a Wonder.
Spoiler :


Granary in Tutub and Adana

T188 R Walls in Malgium
T189 My Tho converted. Vietnam is all converted.
T190 Square Rigging by slow research. Renaissance is complete.
Recruited Great Engineer Culture Bomb, for what it is worth. Bought Apostle. Captured Bursa.
Spoiler :


T191 1300AD - Industrial Era and another Golden Age. We have to choose a buff and not sure which really benefits us.
Spoiler :


Heartbeat gets us a few production and some production towards Wonders. So I am leaning towards Reform and moving our trade routes outwards.
We have another governor title and I'm inclined to give Piggy Grants.


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You write well - good luck with your campaign!

Thanks! I think it's an incoherent mess when I type it up, especially when I'm rushing between sessions.

Session 12 - Turn 230 - 1595AD - The Flying Hammered Spaghetti Monster Wins

Turn 191 1300 Industrial Era Golden Age. We took the Reform the Coinage buff. None of them seemed to do us much good.
Civil Engineering - 7 Turns to Nationalism
Craftsmen, Professional Army, Retinues - We're upgrading some units.
Liberalism, Scripture - We are having problems with Amenities and so many cities.
Raj - We figure this is more profitable.
Invention - This gets us more Great Engineer points.

We then spent 960g and 3 Coal to upgrade 3 Ironclads.

Turn 192 1310 - Potala Palace

Babylon Cavalry. M Shapir M Walls. K Shamash Chancery. Karkar Factory. We invested 1200g to build a Coal Power Plant.

T193 1320 - Electricity
Malgium Sewer. M Shapir Lighthouse. Tuttul Privateer. Haradum Holy Site.

T194 1330 - Karar Temple. Esh Harbor. Haradum Ancient Walls. 255g Oil Well.

T195 1340 World Congress. We went 1/2 on WC.
Truffles got banned, because we were not investing Dip for it. We should. We can run this Congress.
We invested in Trade with :hammer2: Rabbi instead.
Brasilia converted. Babylon Sewer. Dur Kur Aqueduct.

T196 1350 - Nationalism - 4T to Scorched Earth
Craftsmen, National Identity, Wars of Religion - It's time to take this war seriously.
Liberalism, Scripture
Raj, Machavelianism

Malgium Stable. Rio converted. Istanbul captured.... and forgot to take a picture.

T197 1360 - Borsippa Sewer. Karkar Military Engineer.
T198 1370 - Sao Pauli Ampitheater. Haradum Shrine.
Recife converted. Bought Apostle and Missionary. We are swimming in Faith.

T199 1380 - Destroyed Dutch Apostle. 260g for the Karkar Oil Patch.
T200 1390 - Scorched Earth - 7T to Urbanization
Craftsmen, Professional Army, Wars of Religion
Liberalism, Scripture, Raj, Mach, Invention. No Changes it looks like.
Malgum Armory
410g + 2 Oil for 2 Submarines
350g + 2 Oil for 2 Infantry - There was a Man o'Arms I forgot about.
T202 1410 - Captured Kutaisi, liberated to Georgia
Dur Kur Industrial Zone. Tuttul Military Academy

T203 1420 - Chemistry. Urbanization. 11T to Mobilization.
Babylon Seaport.
310g 2 Oil for 2 Artillery - We will run out of oil soon.
150g 2 Oil for 2 Infantry
Another Apostle and Missionary

T204 1430 - Malgium Spy. Istanbul Granary.
T205 1440 - Economics by slow research.
We got Leonardo da Vinci. I seem to remember a nice buff to our Workshops. And Radio.
Esh Lighthouse. Tutub Harbor
T206 1450 - Claimed Halep from the Celts. Istanbul converted. Combustion from Leo.

T207 1460 - Babylon Trader. Karkar Sewer. Tuttul Lighthouse. Esh Ancient Walls.
T208 1470 - Borsippa Seaport.

The WC summoned us to be on the receiving end of not one, but two World Emergencies.
Spoiler :


Unfortunately, since we were the target of both emergencies, we could not vote for them. That would be trolling the WC. The Religious emergency passed. The Military emergency failed. They are welcome to try. We will be attacking their Apostles in their home territory and completing our religious domination. The extra 200 DF is also nice.
Speaking of, we destroyed an Ottoman Missionary and converted another city.

T209 1480 - Mobilization - 3T to Natural History
Craftsmen Military Research, Force Modernization
Liberalism, Scripture, Raj, Merchant Confederation, Invention
155g for AT Crew. It's 1480. There will be no tanks incoming for a long time.
Kutasi converted. We recruited another Apostle and Missionary.

T210 1490 - More builds. Another Apostle and Missionary. They are causing traffic jams and the natural boundaries we have with the Gauls and the Dutch.
T211 1500 - Tutub Lighthouse. Another Apostle and Missionary.
T212 1505 - Natural History. No changes. 6T to Mass Media.
Another Apostle and Missionary. Captured Edirne.
Spoiler :


T213 1510 - Advanced Ballistics. Babylon Trader. Karkar Oil Power. Haradum Library. Konya Bread and Circus.
Edirne converted. So did CKostromskaya and Advatuca and Ratumacos.
Archaeologist in Sao Paulo.
Don't forget the Apostle and Missionary spam.

T214 1515 - Nanotechnology.
Malgium seaport. Tuttal Shipyard.
Halep converted. Apostle and Missionary spam again.

T215 1520 - Babylon Stock Exchange. Dur Kur Workshop.
This time just a Missionary.

T216 1525 - Mass Media. 9 Turns to Conservation.
We traded Liberalism for Triangular Trade. This might have been a mistake, because we are struggling for amenities.
Moshka got the Citadel of God promotion, so we are experimenting with that.

T217 1530 - We captured the final Ottoman city, because we were not patient enough to wait 30 turns.
This got us denounced by Brazil, the Dutch, and the Gauls, but we don't care anymore.
Shad Granary, Palgum, and Monument.

RIP Suli. Next time take it easy on Tamar.
Spoiler :


T218 1535 We converted another couple of cities to Judaism.
430g for a Machinegun Corp upgrade.
We continued with the Apostle and Missionary spam.

T219 1540 Destroyed a Dutch Apostle and won another convert.
More spam.

T220 1545 Another convert.
T221 1550 Forbidden Palace. Flight from slow research.
We recruited Admiral Nelson.
We undid our Liberalism mistake above with the extra slot.
Spam continues.

T223 1560 Recruited Jose de San Martin. There is no war going on.
It looks like another 3 cities converted as we continue our spam.

T224 1565 Hagia Sophia. Today I learned this adds a charge to all missionaries and apostles and not just the ones build afterwards.
Preslav converted.

T225 1570 World Congress - We ran the show.
We also won the Religious Emergency, because the world could do nothing about our plans of domination.
Recruited Ada Lovelace.
2 more cities converted.

T227 1580 - We are starting to build Aerodromes, but have no oil to build airplanes.
Combined Arms.
Defeated the Dutch Debater Apostle and won another couple of conversions.
We restarted our spam.

T228 1585 - We destroyed another Dutch Apostle. This might be their last.
Armash converted.

T229 1590 - Synthetic Materials.
3 more cities converted.
We founded Mari in the frozen Tundra, because there is oil and we need it more than we need amenities.

T230 1590 - Or not.
Ideology - 7 Turns to Capitalism

We converted Amsterdam and that gave us a Religious victory.
1329 Points
35 Achievements - I'm still a newbie at this.

Trying to go in some kind of historical order, it looks like Dido the founder of Carthage is next.
Next game is up:
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