A very silly idea


Nov 30, 2022
WWE (Vince McMahon or Triple H)

Civilization ability: Hall of Fame. Entertainment complexes and Water Parks perform culture bombs and provide extra amenities. Happy cities provide 5% culture and allows builders to build 5% of the wonders. Ecstatic cities double the bonus.

Leader abilities:

Attitude Era. (Vince McMahon) Military units trained in or near the capital gain +3 attack points and flanking points when attacking a corps or army in foreign territory. Defeated corps and armies have a chance of being captured. Gains Jim Cornette as a unique governor.

NXT Expansion. (Triple H)

Each time you levy units from a city state, it becomes part of your territory. City states with a previous suzerain can train the unique unit of said civ.

Leader agendas:

Vince McMahon: Ruthless Aggression. Tries to gain as much Great Generals and Admirals and like civs who focus on other matters. Dislikes civs who compete for them.

Triple H: Degenerate Pedigree. Focuses on amenities and likes civs with high amenities and trades with city states that they were the suzerain of. Dislikes civs with depression and civs who liberate them from his empire.
-99% strength to all military units because WWE wrestlers are drugged-up steroid abusers and can only pretend-act to fight.
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