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About how to live best

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there's a good chance primary physician will need to refer, though it depends. in my case they did blood work that revealed an obvious endocrine issue, but barring simple tests that show something obviously outside normal ranges, it will often require a specialist. that said, primary care physician is a good place to start. they're going to be better at narrowing down causes than lay people or trying to schedule with a specialist directly first most likely.

my example is a good one of why not to make assumptions in medicine. more than one person thought i might have depression, but it turned out it was not so. going to a psychiatrist would not have helped in my case, i needed professional help, but from a different discipline. the impact from getting it was large. pcp will likely think to check for things we don't have the knowledge to even consider.
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That you do, Hygro; that you do in fact do.
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Spoiler Fashion Souls Elden Ring :

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This is similar of a question to "What is the meaning of life?", IMO. Everybody's meaning in life is different, and IMO the best thing you can do when you're younger (up to a young adult and beyond really) is to figure out what the hell your calling is. The sooner you figure that out, the easier it will be for you to get into your new life suit and live your best life.

Not only should you figure out your calling, but also what kind of person you are. Are you an introvert? extrovert? Something in between? Do you love having people around? Do you need 2hrs of social interaction a week and that's it? Figure out your ideal balance, and that will help you figure out how to live your best life.

On top of all that you're going to have to figure out a way to pay for everything. If you're fortunate to have been born in or to live in a western country, that becomes a lot easier. Make sure you get a good education and a useful degree. Work/life balance is important, so don't ignore it. You want a career that pays for your needs and leaves you with enough money to pursue your hobbies and other dreams and goals. Don't take on a job where you'll be working 80 hours a week, unless absolutely necessary. Some people will be lucky to end up with a career that's also a hobby.. BUT.. You'll want hobbies on the side even if that's the case. I know people who have gone into a dream career.. 10 years later they're sick of it and not only have they lost a love for what they do but also lost a hobby. Don't end up like that. Work to live, do not live to work. It will eventually destroy you if you try.

Maybe it's just me, but I've found that having a creative outlet in your life is important. Some sort of outlet that allows you to express yourself, whether that means drawing something, writing something, even on a forum.. writing music.. or what have you. Hey, you could build a dam in the woods, by the small stream. That can be artistic.

Embrace your inner weirdness. If you like pancakes with mayo, don't let anybody tell you that you need to conform to the norm. The norm is boring. Conform to whatever works best with who you are as a person. People will deal. And if they don't, you can find new people, there's a lot of those out there.

IMO life is all about compromise. You will never achieve all your goals and dreams without giving up something else as well.. Even if you win the lottery and strike it rich, you can't have it all. Figure out your priorities. If you want kids, and that's an important part of your future as you see it, figure out how to make that happen. Figure out what to sacrifice to make it happen.

Life is about ups and downs. Some people seem to strive for a perfect state of being, but that doesn't exist. Even if everything aligns perfectly for you and you are living an amazing life that you always wanted to, you will experience good days and bad days. Take the bad days as they come, you won't get rid of them. Don't be afraid to fail. Learn from your failures.

Cut toxic people out of your life and fill it with likeminded positivity instead. It's not easy meeting new people when you're an adult, but it is possible. If you only have 2 friends and they're big jerks, it's probably time to move on. If you walk into a room and you are the nicest or smartest person there.. you need to find a new room. Surround yourself with people you respect.

In the end living your best life is something only you can figure out.. and IMO most of us don't really understand what the needs of the person who lives inside us are. Spend time trying to figure that out. Going on a solo 2 hour long walk through the city or park is not a waste of time - it can be a perfect time to reflect, as you walk in a steady rhythm - or sit back on a bench overlooking some picturesque spot.

I'm not sure what to say about depression, but it's hit me in the past too. It's tough to say how hard it hit me, so I can't really say I can relate. Positive friends will help a lot though. If you're constantly surrounded by toxic people instead, that will probably not help your depression at all.
and trust to good verses
and trust to good verses
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I'm late to this thread, but would like to point out that @Lohrenswald hasn't chimed in since Page 1, roughly 2/26. @Lohrenswald, have you heard anything that makes you feel better? I feel like we've lost the point.
No, we didn't fail.

It is funny that we keep working at this thread, now that its OP has departed the site.

Still a valid question, though, whether we're helping him or not. The question, maybe.
Your friend killed himself and you think he was just quirky and not sick ("unhealthy"?)
What? Of course he was suffering but not from some disease, his parents were terrible people and he fell down a dark spiral.

He went to a doc who put him on anti-pyschotics, he gained 60lb and never got any proper support.

Part of it is my fault as my friend group who i introduced him to drank alot and when I moved away they took advantage of him, crashing @ his apartment and drinking all day.

The problem is survivor bias, everyone talks about their friend who took meds and got better whereas no one seems to talk about those failed by the pharmaceutical mental health industry

Anyway, about my friend (not that you're interested), his parents thought they were doing due-diligence sending him to rehab & a shrink but outsourcing care of your kid to people who A : don't know them, B : with strong incentives/agendas they may or may not match their needs is actually it's own form of neglect. I f-ed up too as a friend as I alluded to, if I had it to do over with what I know now I could've saved him. After he died I had dreams for years about it.

What the hell is wrong with you?
Who knows? That's for a shrink to decide init? And you? How did you become such a hateful lil worm? Do share, could be a cautionary tale that could help others.
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I am certain the people who make Zoloft want it to work
They want dependency. One of my exes had to take almost a year to slowly go off that drug dealing w severe depression the whole time.

The analogy was off the cuff but I think it works, both products promise happiness, both products somewhat deliver (create more pleasure in the brain) and both products are difficult to come off of)

Big pharm wants to help mental illness like cosmetic companies want women to feel beautiful (yeah they don't, they want you to feel lost & ugly).

More Americans are getting diagnosed & onto psych meds than ever before yet the suicide rate keeps rising steadily. It's almost like the system is not working... :hmm:

No idea where i could draw the line between mentally unstable and sick..some things are prolly not meant to be defined, humans are such complex beings.
Some suicides happen for reasons that look irrational to almost everyone else. Depression can be defined, but not every overreaction results from it (and depression builds up over many years).
My issue w the whole system is the fake 'chemical imbalance' theory. That mental illness is something that just appears like a virus that you take a pill for.
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No, we didn't fail.

It is funny that we keep working at this thread, now that its OP has departed the site.

Still a valid question, though, whether we're helping him or not. The question, maybe.
People always leave and come back.

And the thing about social media/forums is you never know who's reading
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