Airport Icons ?

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Nov 16, 2005
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Hi guys,

could you add Airport Icons to the city bars ? Or would this require a new coreDLL ? Anyway, great Mod ! I'm loving it ! :clap:

Sorry for such a late reply Imhotep. Do you know if there is already a MOD which contains the icon already, or would this have to be coded new? I don't think it'd need a SDK change.
Thanks for the reply. I've browsed the forums, but there were only Mods for Civ3 covering that issue. So I guess thus would have to be done new... :(
If you can find or create an icon that is roughly the same size as the other alerts on the city bar and I'll see what I can do to get it put in.
So I guess I'm the official Bubble Burster (tm), eh? DLL modification required would be my guess. I can look into it tonight pretty easily, but since it's driven by the core graphics engine, I doubt it's calling out to Python to get the icons.
I've made two pretty simple icons - one larger so that you could scale it down if needs be, the other smaller at the size I thought it would be appropriate for the game. Just look what you can do with it, if it doesn't work, never mind...

EF, how comfortable do you feel within the .dll? I'd say about 75% of the ideas I have, or think would be good for the project are based in the core file. I'm assuming it's just C++ when decompiled?
The source C++ is included when you install the game itself -- no need to decompile. I actually use it a lot to figure out what will happen when I call a Python routine as well as what new Python routines are available (the API at Apolyton hasn't been updated for BtS and I got no response from the person who created it).

I tried modding the BetterAI code a ways back, but my machine kept crashing during compilation. I've since figured that the problem is likely because I've overclocked my machine and the compilation was taxing the RAM more than any game I play. Go figure.

When I get some of that Free Time (tm) I hear so much about, I'll see if I can get it to build the BtS DLL. :)
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