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Hello all!

I've finally decided to upload an alpha version of my mod. It's not finished yet (no wonder, no aircraft, etc), but I haven't been able to work seriously on it for a long time, so I think having it testing and get some feedback would be a good idea before I start again working on it.

Get the alpha version at my website

I don't want to waste almost 650 Mb of drive space here for just an alpha version!

When testing this mode, I'd like you to focus on 4 points:
Any error
General feedback
Speed of discovery, tech tree
Balance of the generic units

If you want to discuss how the mod works, have question about it or want to suggest new ideas, please do it here.

Agter the virus attack, I checked the files and they seem to be safe. So you can download the mod again. However, I recommend having an anti-virus working just to be safe. Alos, the mod is now a bit old and outdated, I plan to make a major overhaul, but I haven't foudn time to do so

In the last update, I've added all the American flavour units and French units. When doing so, I may have broken some of the units for the other civilizations. And the icons from unit32 will NOT be correct for any civ but America and France.
This will be fixed when I add the other civilization.

New pages on the website to compare the different civilizations!

Last updates
- 2007/12/22: Italian flavour units completed
- 2007/11/01: Russian flavour units completed
- 2007/08/24: German flavour units completed
- 2007/08/12: British flavour units completed
- 2007/08/04: British flavour units (except the early infantry line and settlers), update of some tech icons, and change in archer line
- 2007/07/28: Intermediate update, correction + scout lines
- 2007/07/27: Intermediate update to test population and new buildings
- 2007/07/14: Major update of the mod, with the French flavour units, and I started sorting the tech trees in the science advisor screen

- 2007/06/17: New version of the Excel spreadsheet, with the units
- 2007/06/17: Major update of the mod, with the American flavour units.

- 2007/02/25: New version of the Excel spreadsheet, with civilizations and governments.
- 2007/02/25: Minor update of the biq for the city improvment, a few errors corrected, and civilopedia updated for buildings.

- 2007/01/12: A new version of the Excel spreadsheet, where the city improvements have been added.
- 2007/01/12: Minor update of the biq for the city improvment

- 2007/01/09: A new version of the Excel spreadsheet, including the resources, terrains, worker jobs, and list of advances with cost.
- 2007/01/09: Update of the civpedia and slight correction in the main biq

List of civilization in the code, with their code for unit names
In bold, civilization which are completly flavorized.

-It: Italy
-Eg: Egypt
-He: Hellas
-Mp: Mesopotamia
-Ge: Germany
-Ru: Russia
-Ch: China
-US: America
-Jp: Japan
-Fr: France
-In: India
-AM: Asia Minor
-Mx: Mexico
-Af: Africa
-Ib: Iberia
-Br: Britain
-Sc: Scandinavia
-Ab: Arabia
-NA: North Africa
-An: Andes
This looks awesome! I can't wait to give it a try.

Note: I've never alpha (or play tested for that matter) a mod/scenario.
This looks awesome! I can't wait to give it a try.

Note: I've never alpha (or play tested for that matter) a mod/scenario.

Well, you play it as any scenario/mod, but just report here what you like/ don't like, and you have to know some parts are not finished.
So no complain ;)
I'll try it, is it for vanilla?

:eek: Vannila........ :lol:

Oh G! um, no. Im afraid its for Vannila my good sir!. But if you want to upgrade, its a wise choice. The latest and greatest developments are all following CIv3 Conquests at the moment. Except for Kingpins new mod based on PtW format due anyday now. Its very cheap to get up to date my friend and sorry I hope I didn't sound to rude.(not my intention)

Mr Steph I could help study Things like what size map n' how many turns are needed to power up that awesomly huge tech tree. (Tech rate in realtion to map size)
I like to find a balance where Im striving to get ahead or stay ahead but I still need to be able to sell some techs to stay in the tech race, therfor making the smaller Civs stay in the game aswell.

Its a fragile balance but I will do my best to document how your mod plays by charting all this and any errors I find along the way. I'l play a overly huge map size and basicly tell you where I ended how many turns it took and how the competition fared aswell

I am enjoying your first mod as of right now for a 2nd time(I don't fool around. my epics are 100's of hours long), aswell I have upgraded my memory to a 1000 so to take on another assignment in test play. I need some time of course to finish both. But let me know, if its alright with you, when a good time would be to start helping you with this epic sequal. It would be an honour man
Thanks. I'm trying to upload it today, but ran into several problems. I'm leaving tomorrow morning for one week. With luck, it will be uploaded before I left. Or you'll have to wait another week :(.

I'd really appreciate help and feedback, because I have some difficulty finding motivation to finish it while working on SSS, as I get frustrated not to be able to do what I want with Civ3... But I think the community deserve a little effort to finish this mod.

After the generic settings have been tested, I'll update the mod to make it civ flavoured, renaming the units, making the civilopedia, tweaking the stats, etc.

I think instead of doing it "unit type by unit type" (like add 40 Iron Swordsmen, two for each civ), as I did for the generic part, I'll do it civ by civ.

So make the whole Italian civ, with all their flavour units. Then I'll ask tester to play that civ exclusively, and give feedback on the feeling with playing with that civ.

I'm afraid the tech trees will remain the civ for all the civ, as making specific tech trees will require to much work, and make tech trading difficult, but the unit lines should be quite different.
The upload seems to be finished. I don't have time to check if everything goes well, so please try to download it.

If it works, you can start playing.

If it doesn't work, well... you can't start...
I'll fix it when I come back next week. In the meantime, you could still open the bic or have a look at the spreadsheet and tell me what you think of the stats ;)
cool, thanks; Ihave conquests, but like vanilla better(i'm wierd like that:D)
Hey Steph I got most the files with exception to the Calvery download, its giving me a message the file is damaged or unknown format so Id check that one to see whats going on.

oh an btw, Im glad to see how far you've become with this mod. The web site that tracks your progress, a very nice touch I must say.
I'm also getting a damaged/unknown format message when I try to extract the cavalry download.

Otherwise everything looks great.
Thanks for the help Stormrage, but how do I fortify a .rar file...?

Would it be possible to animate a unit for that? :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
I'm currently uploading again the cavalry
However, the infantry on the server seems to be different from the infantry on my hard drive (files are not the same size).
Did someone try to unzip it?
I'm currently uploading again the cavalry
However, the infantry on the server seems to be different from the infantry on my hard drive (files are not the same size).
Did someone try to unzip it?

Ya I unzipped everything to the desktop and joined it all up into one package.
I found everything unzipped properly except Calvery so thats all that missing from the main file that Im aware of.

Well, the infantry file is for sure corrupted to, it's 85 Mb on the server, when it should be 135 Mb

I'll upload everything again :(

By the way, no comment from any one regarding the unit stats I've included in the Excel spreadsheet??
OK I got Calvery no problem then got a crash as soon as I selected your mod from Civ Content. Im dowloading Infantry now and replaceing the old one with it to see if that helps.

UPDATE: I got the new infantry file and added it to the main file 'Stephs History' Loaded your mod from Content and immedidiatly got the error missing Forbidden place or something or other... Did you redo all the files or just Infanry and CAlvery.

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