Alternative Civ2 style railroads


Dec 5, 2001
With the release of Conquests, I'd like to upload the final version of this graphics mod, which is basically a pixel level tweak of previous versions.

This is now the definitive railroad modification for me, as it seems the clearest and least obtrusive rendition of straight-type railroads and integrates relatively effectively with the original civ3 art. Although some would argue that these new graphics are far too linear and simplistic, I propose that it's just a matter of deprogramming those hideous clunky default graphics out of your head. Try it out - it just may grow on you! :)


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Unzip and copy railroad.pcx to the art/terrain subdirectory of your main civ3 folder
Sample image: early modern era


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What is the name of the file I need to overwrite in the terrain directory?
The file I downloaded is just called civ2 railroads.
I like it. Glad to see it updated. It is easier on my eyes.
Glad you like it

I'm currently testing it with other modpacks. It seems to work especially well with Snoopy's terrain modpack for C3C (shown here), with the railroads running along the irrigation lattices.


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Well it's actually good that you've bumped this thread. I like it, but after a while when the AI starts to do a checkboard formation of mines and irrigation, then it would start to get annoying, I would think.
Those AI idiosyncracies seem to affect any railroad graphics mod (or even the default set for that matter) to an equal degree. Personally I quite like the look of occasional mines interrupting the repeating railroad tiles, as shown above. Try the new graphics set on a modern era map and tell me what you think.
Yes, it was hard to see sometimes on what tiles it went, especially on edges...
:bump: Knock, knock - hello?

I really like these railroads! But I´ve found a smallish glitch:

It only happens where a tile has rails on it and only the southern of the 8 surrounding tiles has rails on it, too.

I would be glad and quite surprised if someone could fix it. :)
This thread has been bumped so many times...
I like the raliroads, although I prefer the original ones.

BTW, I didn't know Snoopy's terrain existed in 2002! I'm such a newbie!
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