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Another graphic library


Oct 15, 2003
The Dream
Because i do not like them anymore. Which is not to say that they are worse than the new ones (i do not like the arabic city either).
I just am quite problematic with what i do most of the time.
I always wanted a set way of creating gfx, but in reality i changed more than ten ways, and none of them remained stable ;)
I love your cities - you put a lot of detail into them. :)

(Oh crap! I forgot how to say Thanks in Greek! :cringe:)
very good job eycharisto
Varwnos, could you reupload your "Old" city sets? I might have a use for them as special strategic resources throughout the map
I downloaded the patch but cant find them there, you sure Embryodead used them in the patch? Im talking about the civ specific city sets you made, I was thinking on converting some to strategic resources and place them on an earth map in realistic locations so for instances civs with access to the English resource can build english mercenaries, like the longbowman for instances.

As I already posted in another thread, most of the links to your cities (as seen in your city library) are dead, I can only get my hands on three of them, could you please have a look?

For some reason, your city styles look the most 'organic' and real, it's a shame so much of your work is lost to us mortals.

Looking forward to more stuff!

@Madeira, if you mean my old series (the one with the scandinavian city) i do not have the files anymore. But i thought that embyodead used them as the first era of the mod. Anyway you can pm him to send them to you if he has them..

@Kampfbereit: I will upload some more of them in the future. Others are lost for good though.
I'd thought pointless bumping was infractable. Isn't this on the stickied thread?
We all know that your gfx pwn. Put them in your sig, in your gfx library, and let it drop.
I'm new to adding city graphics so i downloaded the ones i wanted and extracted and played the game. However as the age changed the cities didn't. Is this supposed to happen. i have the medieval byzantine and the ancient greek, Shouldn't one switch to another once i change age?
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