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Apollo12's Ukraine Crisis 2014

Discussion in 'Civ3 - Completed Scenarios' started by Apollo12, May 17, 2014.

  1. Apollo12

    Apollo12 Chieftain

    Dec 6, 2011
    Manchester, United Kingdom


    The year is 2014, Crimea has split from Ukraine, The Donetsk People's Republic has taken control of parts of eastern Ukraine and the new Ukrainian government tries to 'deal' with the threat while pressure from the West and Russia mounts.

    (No new leaderhead graphics)
    • Ukraine
    • The Republic of Crimea
    • Donetsk People's Republic
    • The Russian Federation
    • NATO
    • Finland (un-playable)
    • The Republic of Moldova (un-playable)

    (No new graphics)
    • Rebel (guerrilla)
    • Captured Tank (Panzer)
    • Modern Tank (Mech Infantry)
    • Modern Infantry (Marine)
    • Special Forces (Modern Paratrooper)

    Civilization III Complete

    The BIQ can be downloaded from the bottom of this post, no need for any other files.

    Place in your Civilization III Complete/Conquests/Conquests
    Place in your Civilization III Complete/Conquests/Scenarios

    • Vostos (for the map request)
    • MaisseArsouye (for the map of Eastern Europe, which I cropped)
    • Wolfshade
    • Lionic
    • timeover51
    • Gojira54

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  2. Apollo12

    Apollo12 Chieftain

    Dec 6, 2011
    Manchester, United Kingdom
    Everyone is free to edit and re-upload this mod. I f anyone wants to add new unit/leaderhead graphics then they are welcome.


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  3. Fortis1

    Fortis1 Warlord

    Jan 28, 2014
    Sukhum, Abkhazia
    Well, here some criticism:

    First of all, I do not know if it is proper to make scenarios about the crisis that hasn't yet resolverd. It is just my opinion of course and it is not for me to decide. The main reason is that future events and resolution of crisis are not known. So many concepts of scenario have to be changed later accordingly. Such is victory condition for example.

    Again it is only opinion of mine.

    Now about the scenario itself.


    The map seems to me too big for a scenario about Ukrane. Ukraine occupates only a very small part of map and countries that not really involved in conflict have much more terriotry. Personally I'd like to see the map of Ukraine only or even only separatistic states. The map is just too large to reflect events in key locations. There are only Donetsk and Sloviansk for DPR, but there are battles at Kramatorsk and nearby villages.

    In short, too large scale for such a scenario IMHO.

    2. Civs

    Theres a bug with Moldova. It stated to be unplayable but I still could choose it at the starting screen. The second thing that surprised me: Crimea is independed (and at war with Ukraine!) and Luhansk is not. In fact Crimea is a part of Russia now and there are now any battles near it at all.
    Luhansk proclamed independance along with Donetsk, so it should be a separate civ as well. Crimea should be a part of Russia.
    And again, too many civs. Finland do not participate in conflict at all. Ukrain, Donetsk, Luhansk and Russia, Belarus, NATO unplayable (I think., even NATO is not necessary). And Russia could be represented only by Crimea and some cities and villages on border with Eastern Ukraine. Western Ukraine is not necessary as well, I think.


    I started with Donetsk. Well, no industy. There should be at least some buildings, like Police Office, Armory, Civil Defence of something like that. And how can they build mobile SAM's? If I were you, I'd redone all units. For separatists I'd like to see not only armed rebels but civilians with bats, Molotov cocktail, armed civilians, captured APC's (not tanks), RPG's or something like that. For Ukraine: national guard, Right Sector forces, APC's, strike helicopters etc.

    After the first turn Ukraine signed military alliances against me with almost every nation including Russia. The last was at least... strange. It's better to remove alliances and packts at all. On the second turn Russia declared war on Crimea. And that was just... absurd. I made some more turns.
    Urkaine didn't send a troop on my barricades (they must have some near barrickades). Only landed a special force near Donetsk. But Russia moved some tanks and machinegunners, so I was unable to make turns anymore (defeat was just a matter of time). I think, Russia should be removed, but some border cities. The same about other large countries. Locked alliance with Russia wouldn't be correct. So you should think about reducing enimity and not only towards Donetsk.
    Barbarian reberls around Kharkiv also look strange. If they are also separatists, then only Ukraine should attack them.
    And the only victory condition is conquest. So Ukraine or DPR must capture Belarus, NATO, RF and others to win?)) I think, VP or even Diplomatic victory will fit much more. Again, as I told earlier, we do not know, how "the victory" will look like. Will separatists be defeated or protect their independance. If the latter occures, will they stop or march to take Kiev? Or everything will be resolved diplomatically. Or full-scale war will break out? (I hope not))
    Anyway, in my opinion, conquest is probably the most unsuitable condition of victory.

    That's all I wanted to say. I hope it wasn't too rude. Just what I think and I can be wrong. Anyway it is for you to decide to change things or not.

    P.S.: Forgive my English. I hope that my point is clear.
  4. Apollo12

    Apollo12 Chieftain

    Dec 6, 2011
    Manchester, United Kingdom
    -Yes, the map is too big, if I cropped It more it would be, however, too small for my liking. This was the only CIV III map that I found of Eastern Europe so that wasn't much choise.

    -The bug with Moldova is small, you can change that by going into the editor and changing Playable Civs. Obviously I forgot to change this.

    -The reason I wanted to include NATO and Russia was to show the pressure from East and West. Evidently pressure doesn't reflect in the game

    -I put no buildings in Donetsk or Crimea to show the effect of the revolts there.

    -I didn't want Crime part of Russia (partly because it is only accepted by Russia & its allies) and partly for greater game play. I could have put Russia and Crimea in locked pacts but that would mean a Ukrainian-Russian war.

    -I didn't put Luhansk as a civ as their leader(s) are as of yet unknown.

    -I'm not the biggest fan of Diplomatic Victories as I think the game is about WAR and not PEACE.

    I'm glad you tried my game, I'm sorry that you hate the scenario but if you want to make any changes you are free to do so.
  5. Blue Monkey

    Blue Monkey Archon Without Portfolio

    Jul 31, 2005
    Timeless Isle
    There are ways to make your own maps without starting from scratch. Quintillus' editor is a good choice. You give it a picture (bmp format) to work with, tell it what color you want to be grassland, mountains, etc. & it makes a biq out ofthe bmp image.

    Then you add the rules, units, etc. In this case you would import the rules from the biq you have & place the units, cities, etc. where you want them on the new map.
  6. Slimak81

    Slimak81 Chieftain

    May 28, 2008
    2 the creator of Map:

    Сrimea has been always the part of Russian Federation since Russian-Turk (Osman Empire) war 1877 y.

    Crimea was foolishly granted to Ukraine when a Soviet Unit (USSR) exitsted and became a gift of USSR to Ukriane in 1954 . Ukraine has no actually connections to Crimea in any of aspects militarry or econimic . Just a gift that we forced to take back under heavy global destabilization and a growth of a faciscm in Ukraine.

    Russian has not started any war in history but won them all!

    sorry for offtopic
  7. Apollo12

    Apollo12 Chieftain

    Dec 6, 2011
    Manchester, United Kingdom
    I'm guessing you're Russian? Everyone loves bias. Sorry but what has this got to with the scenario?
  8. Atoll

    Atoll Warlord

    Dec 15, 2009
    The Third Rome
    I'm Russian myself, but :lol: :lol: :lol:

    As for the scenario, i tend to agree with Fortis1: map is too large that makes the Eastern part of Ukraine (the area of main events) too small. Two cities per each of "People's republics" is clearly not enough while, for example, Finland is not necessary here.
  9. Bathyskaff

    Bathyskaff reality researcher

    Dec 2, 2010
    I saw that you don't have real flags (as Leaderheads) of your states in your scenario. If you want, you can get them here. Finland, Moldova, Russia and even Transnistria you can find in my flagpole.

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