April Fools': Xenforo enables new AI features

Spacetown Roboticist, "R. Daneel Olivaw even has a Justice programming."
Lige Bailey, "How can a Robot understand justice?"
Spacetown Roboticist, "Why don't you ask him?"
Lige Bailey, "How can you enfrce an unjust law?"
R. Daneel Olivaw, "How can a law be unjust?"

-Isaac Asimic, "The Caves of Steel."

First, it's by Asimov (looks like you had your hands a row over).
Second, that's one I haven't read.
Third, even if the staff here really does think this is a great idea, I'd ask the same questions - and remember, Thunderfall did fairly recent-ish float the idea of making a new banner using AI-generation. I'm relieved that most responders shot that idea down.

I'm currently doing NaNoWriMo (the April event) and wondering how many of my fellow competitors are cheating by having an AI do the work for them instead of struggling through every sentence, paragraph, and bit of dialogue as they should.
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