Argentina III: Argentina is Missing!


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Apr 4, 2010
Argentina is Missing! is a 1993 educational video game developed and published by DoubleA for MS-IOT, Never Ending Stories (NES), and Special Never Ending Stories (SNES). A EDE version was released in 1994. The player controls Brazil, who must travel around the world to find and return stolen treasures as part of a quest to find his brother, Argentina, who has been captured by the United States. Argentina is Missing!, part of a series of educational South American games, marked Brazil's second starring role in a video game, which would not occur again until 2001, when Crusader Brazils III was released by Paradox Interactive.

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this thread is about as legitimate as the US government

anyway read any good things
NinjaCow64 declares himself the Interim President of CFC until the legitimacy of Argentina can be determined.
It could be worse.

Given our decline in activity we could be merged into other subforums...
Some forums have even less activity and still remain.
As the Interim President of CFC I will promise that will not happen. Unless someone bribes me sufficiently.
Some forums have even less activity and still remain.

Sounds like a case for some good ole aggregation and economy of scale :mischief:
Okay, so, first order of business: who snitched?
Snitches get promoted to cabinet positions within my new interim government.
No. Bad title. Argentina is not a serial thread. No numbers. :nono:
As someone here who owns a business, I am qualified to answer the first order of business and say it was not me.
All right, it wasn't Tani. Anyone else wanna fess up?
As someone here who owns a business, I am qualified to answer the first order of business and say it was not me.

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