Armageddon Scenarios


Feb 2, 2006
All Armageddon Scenarios Download (works with 0.31 and 0.32)
I decided to make one thread for them all since I'm thinkin I'll make several. So here they are in chronological order ingamewise:

Chapter 0 : Pre-Armageddon Scenario V1.0 (download as part of the pack at top)

The lands as they were before armageddon came.

Ingame Image:
Spoiler :

This is a free form scenario of all the other scenarios lands in one. Any options are good, the ones set to default are geared toward the flavour of the map, but are by no means necessary.
All civilizations are playable and should be competitive.

Chapter 1 : Amurite Armageddon Scenario V1.0 Download

The Amurites have been dabbling in darker magicks, and while they claim it is for the sake of science, their neighbours disbelieve and have formed an alliance to stop them before it is too late.
As the Amurites you must hold off the alliance until you can achieve greater power. The three most immediate and obvious routes are through sorcery, priests, or a pact with Hyborem himself.

Ingame Image:
Spoiler :

Only Ashen Veil, the Order, and Runes are allowed and already researched. Ashen Veil will be founded in a random Amurite city, and the other two will be founded in the AI cities.
This scenario is pretty much a prequel to my Bannor Armageddon Scenario, the idea being that the Amurites were the ones to summon Hyborem into the world to defend themselves (to their dismay he will automatically declare on them) against the alliance (who attacked thinking they would do such a thing, causing that very thing).
The true to story victory of this is to switch to Hyborem and destroy everyone, including your old Amurite self.
Advice: Abandon your two front cities, you'll not have opportunity to properly defend them, and fall back to the hill cities where you can mount a more effective defense behind the safety of the forest wall.

Chapter 2 : Sheaim Armageddon Scenario V1.0 Download

The Sheaim, Balseraphs, Calabim, and Clan of Embers all vie for control of the center of the continent. Rumours of the rising power of the Infernal to the west has each wanting to be the dominant force when Hyborem's armies arrive to begin the war on the Bannor and their allies.
Be the one to dominate your 'allies' by building the Tower of Mastery so none can doubt who stands as Hyborems right hand.

Ingame Image:
Spoiler :

The only victory condition if Tower of Mastery.
The only religions are Ashen Veil and Octopus Overlords.
This scenario is more free form than the others, it's advanced start with a fair amount of points, peace and war are allowed, and theres many ways to achieve the victory condition, and with any of the civs. The easiest way is likely to dominate and vassalize your opponenets for their manas. There's also a fair amount of mana around the map.
Note that the map shown in the image is how it looked for my setup for sheaim on noble on turn 1, its likely to look different depending on settings and how you spend your points.
Timewise, this scenario takes place after the Amurite Armageddon scenario, but before the Bannor Armageddon scenario.
Locationwise, this scenario is east of the Amurite scenario, and north of the Bannor Scenario.
Storywise, Sheaim should win without completely destroying any opponent civilizations and summon Hyborem and form a permanent alliance.

Chapter 3 : Infernal Armageddon Scenario V1.1 (download as part of the pack at top)

Hyborem has brought the combined armies of the Sheaim, Balseraphs, Calabim, and Clan of Embers to destroy the great Bannor Empire.
The Bannor are the strongest good empire in all the lands, with hordes of demagogs just waiting for the final battle, they won't go down easy, but once they are beaten there will be no force capable of stopping Hyborem.

Ingame Image:
Spoiler :

Order is the only religion allowed, and Bannor/Mercurians have it researched already.
The Infernal forces have no real cities, just a gateway city so that hell terrain can spread, and immortals have a place to respawn.
Infernal also have control of the 4 horsemen and Avatar of Wrath, though they will take longer to get to the fight.
Infernal have a lot of Beast of Agares trailing, they act as reinforcements that are location delayed, also they keep the AC up so keep them alive for benefits (all major units have stygmata, so high AC is very useful).
Hellfire event will happen right off, make the best use of those hellfires to cause disarray in the Bannor empire.
The Infernal have a 5000 gold stockpile to keep them going despite their -50 or greater gold per turn maintenance costs, you'll need to pillage a lot if you plan to take longer than 100 turns, but theres plenty to pillage and plenty to raze.
Storywise, you take control of the Infernal and destroy the Bannor empire, though it could also prove interesting as a 2 player multiplayer game with one person as Infernal and the other as Mercurians.
Locationwise, this is east of the Sheaim Armageddon scenario, and northeast of the Bannor Armageddon scenario.
The settings are such that you can't control anymore cities, and research is nil and can be pretty much ignored completely, you have everything you need to take down the Bannor Empire.

Chapter 4 : Grigori Armageddon Scenario V1.0 (download as part of the pack at top)

The Calabim and Balseraphs have been dispatched to deal with the small empires of the Grigori, Kuriotates, and Lanun.
A group of Grigori adventurers have decided to set out to try to aid their allies while seeking a route of escape. The mysterious maelstrom of the sea is said to transport those brave enough to sail in to random locations, a perfect and untraceable escape...

Ingame Image:
Spoiler Grigori Start :

Spoiler Maelstrom :

Time Limit for Victories is 250 turns. Feel free to turn that victory off, its mainly there so that you can win the story way.
Octopus Overlords and Ashen Veil are the only religions allowed, and the Balseraphs/Calabim have them researched already.
Storywise, you play as the Grigori and attempt to get as many of the heroes to the Maelstrom to escape the armies of evil (reaching the maelstrom can be considered a win, though you can keep playing). Another fun option could be to play as the Kuriotates and attempt to finish the Altar of the Luonnator before you are destroyed (they already have the required techs and the first level of the altar, so they need several prophets and time); also you can try to get Divine Essence (about 30+ turns) and build the gold dragon to win a conquest.
Locationwise, this is north of the Sheaim Armageddon scenario and the Infernal Armageddon scenario.
The settings are such that you can't easily control anymore cities, and research is nil and can be pretty much ignored completely, you have nearly every tech and can upgrade your adventurers in Lanun cities (so save up your gold).
There is a barbarian boat beside the far right Lanun city, you can capture it with any of your hero units (they all have the boarding promotion), though that is not the only way to reach the maelstrom.
You can acquire gold by pillaging, or by finding tribal villages, which you'll need if you want to upgrade your units. The Lanun cities will allow a unit to upgrade to any unit that doesn't require a resource; for upgrades that require a horse you need to upgrade in the Lanun city near the Kuriotates, and if you want to upgrade a mage to an archmage you need to do it in the rightmost Lanun city.

Chapter 5 : Werewolf Armageddon Scenario V1.0 (download as part of the pack at top)

When Baron Duin Halfmorn visited the Lanun city of Kingsport, he wrecked devastation on the city and reduced it to ruins, and turned all the populace to werewolves like himself.
More cities, in fact whole upstart civilizations, lie nearby. They are weak and ripe for the razing, but the Baron must be quick if he hopes to destroy them all.

Ingame Image:
Spoiler Centered on Werewolf Start :

Time Limit for Victories is 480 turns. Feel free to turn that victory off, its mainly there so that you can win the story way.
Leaves, Empyrean, and Esus are the only religions allowed.
Storywise, you play as the Werewolves and destroy all the other civilizations by conquest before they mount a real defense. Another fun option is to play as one of the other civilizations and try to survive, some civilizations are better at this than others heh.
Locationwise, this is north of the Amurite Armageddon scenario and west of the Grigori Armageddon scenario.
As the werewolves you can't take anymore cities, and only have 5000 gold, so itll run out if you get too many werewolves and take too long, at which point you'd start losing some.

Chapter 6 : Bannor Armageddon Scenario V1.2 (download as part of the pack at top)

Hyborem has dominated Erebus with his Clan and Sheaim allies, all that remains of decent civilization is a small colony of the Bannor that was hidden in southern tundra regions.
The colony of the Bannor cannot stay hidden long and will soon fall to the tide of evil...
There is small hope for the Bannor, they have a few angels left over from before Basium's fall, the hero Donal Lugh, a cursed paladin in need of powerful healing, a reknowned champion general who is well equiped, and a dragon slaying hero who escaped the fall of the Grigori. Their only other friends are the protectors of the Elohim sanctuary, but they may not be receptive and are no match for the forces aligned against them.

Ingame images:
Spoiler :

Spoiler :

The only religions in the scenario are Ashen Veil and the Order.
It'll say that the Order has been founded somewhere at some point, but it won't actually be founded anywhere on the map. The idea behind this is that the Order was already founded a while back and the holy city destroyed along with everyone else. For production abilities of the cities of the Bannor and Elohim techwise are backwards reflecting their remoteness which is represented in their much lessened technological advancement.
Bannor and Elohim can still get the Order in their cities by researching the Order tech and using the acolyte (you'll get a popup asking which religion you want to found, but you won't actually found any).
Designed for Marathon speed, the rest of the game options set in the scenario are highly recommended for consistancy. For additional challenge I suggest Double Armageddon option.
All civs are playable, but the scenario was designed around the Bannor and giving them a nice challenge.
For perspective, this actual map should be considered a very very small part of Erebus, with the rest being filled with Infernal, and this map being a fairly untouched remote area near artic wastes; the reason for this area being remote is due to the Lich king residing there and surrounding inhospitable land (the bannor colony and elohim sanctuary are in hidden valleys that are more pleasant).
Wow those scenarios look awesome, especially flavour-wise! Can't wait to play them in order and "relive" the story of Erebus. :)

Nice work!
just played the infernal scenario, and it's a lot of fun! One change i would make though: create a road from gateway to about where hyborem starts. Right now it'll take your beats and respawned immortals over 20 turns just to get to the bannor, which imho is rediculous. You could also try giving the infernals some more starting techs, so they can get all promotions (right now you can't pick mobility, blitz or city raider).
ya, i was worried about the lack of promotion choices, wanted to balance it against making their gateway city too useful (i want their city useless so its more about tactics and being quick about it).
ill try giving them just the promotion techs without any of the prereqs for those techs.

about the long travel time for beasts, thats intentional to make it so you need to wait for them, rather than using a mod to place units periodically as reinforcements.. myself i just tell them to travel the whole way and forget about them til theyre at the battle front.. the immortals thing kind of bothers me tho, maybe ill make the mountain pass from gateway cross the river early and not connect to jungle the way i have it now, or give the immortal units water walking like the avatar of wrath has
i finished the 4th chapter, its in the 5 pack download. its more of an adventure scenario, you get 1 dragon slayer hero, 1 grigori medic hero, 1 elven adept hero, and 2 adventurers, and have to travel across the map.

i made it to the maelstrom finish line with only 1 unit, an elven archmage heh, lost my dragon slayer, medic, and an adventurer trying to get through the mountain pass, but managed to get 1 adventurer and my elven adept through and to the kuriotates, then i upgraded my adventurer to a knight and my adept to a mage and made it all the way to the boat.. i then upgraded my mage to an archmage, but then a sea monster killed my boat with my knight on it, and my archmage walked on water to get to the maelstrom lol.. pretty rough going but tons of fun, i went for speed on that and skipped a lot of the exploration, finished on turn 90ish.
I just finished the Grigori sceanario, and it was amazing! I found a few cheats in it, but overall it was well balanced. I found out I could request gold from the Kurio and Lanun, giving me enough money to upgrade all of my units.I ended later than you, but all my units survived. All in all, my heroes only got in 7 fights through the entire game. Also, it was interesting as Kywthellar fell to the Calabim one turn before victory. This is certainly the best sceanario I've ever played. :goodjob:
I just finished the Grigori sceanario, and it was amazing! I found a few cheats in it, but overall it was well balanced. I found out I could request gold from the Kurio and Lanun, giving me enough money to upgrade all of my units.I ended later than you, but all my units survived. All in all, my heroes only got in 7 fights through the entire game. Also, it was interesting as Kywthellar fell to the Calabim one turn before victory. This is certainly the best sceanario I've ever played. :goodjob:
thanks, i tried to balance the kuriotates power to make them last atleast 50 turns (originally they were dying before turn 30) so you can make it there, they didnt die in mine but i was pretty quick about it and helped break the siege when i was there, so its good to hear they do eventually die before its over heh, i may weaken them a bit if i can do so without them dying too early

i may lessen the diplo bonus you get so theyre less likely to give you money, but some sharing isnt too bad i think since generally theres a fair bit of gold around if you explore too, im surprised lanun had any money to spare tho, i made them pretty poor heh
ive added Chapter 5: Werewolf Armageddon, in which as the werewolves you destroy the remainder of the civilizations. its part of the download pack at the top.

i also included an updated version of the Infernal Armageddon scenario in which their immortal units have water walking and theyve gained the technologies required to allow them more promotions.

im planning atleast 1 more freeform scenario which will comprise the entire world as ive made it, but before any of the other scenarios happened.
about the werewolfs:
Let me start with saying it's a great campaign, was a lot of fun while it lasted. Every city i reached, i started with giving the baron his kill, then the greater werewolves (the 11 str. gave them 99% chance against the warriors), then i switched to the ravenous werewolves to give them a chance to prove themselves. No point running around with a stack of str. 5 units, losing half but getting the other half to str. 8 seemed the best economical choice here.
One problem though: i started with killing the elohim, then took out the malakim. By the time i got back up to the elves, i only had to take out 2 cities before recieving a conquest victory. All the other civs had been whiped out by barbarians!
This wasn't on a too high dif. level i'll admit, but still, this seems a bit disproportionate, even with the insane cities some of the eastern civs had.
Another issue: the werewolves were only capable of getting combat 1-5, woodsman and guerilla. Maibe include some of the other military techs to give them more variety?
hmm, can animals get blitz? i think they can get city raider but that almost seemed like overkill heh, im hesitant to give them techs because techs increase their score and the way i have it setup theyll lose if it comes to a time victory and any other civ still lives

what turn did you win a conquest victory? did you keep all your werewolves together? in my main try i split my werewolves up so i could beat the barbs to all the AIs to take them out simultaneously

what difficulty did you play? i tried to balance it such that as the werewolves i could easily roll through the AI civs on noble (since storywise the werewolves are supposed to win heh), for more of a challenge id recommend upping the difficulty.

were there any civs that did particularly well or particularly bad? i tried playing as the non-werewolf civs and found on noble i could survive as malakim (fairly easily) and svartalfar (not til id weakened the werewolves significantly)

sounds like i should only give the barbs ravenous werewolves and maybe spread them out a bit more
i kept my stack together, don't know how many turns it took though. Still, halfway i opened the WB to see what was happening to the other civs... the doviello had well over 50 barbarian units roaming around in their area. Ah well, i'll go up the difficulty by 3 points or so and try again
I've a question - in the first scenario when you bring Hyborem into the world and play as him, shouldn't you be at peace with barbs? I mean, right now I have to fight Yersinia coz' I'm in war with the barbies. Aaaand, when I attacked the first orc that stumbled upon Hyborem himself, I didn't get a chance to "reconsider" that act.
Kinda sucks that riders and Infernals have to fight each other :/
So um... my questions is - did I make some mistake or in this scenario I've no chance to fight alongside with barbarians?
no chance, its a consequence of the settings, but the first scenario for hyborem can be considered his rise to power, and until hes gotten real dominance he doesnt get all the evil civs (barbs included despite that i know at one point they were set as neutral heh) to just go along without a struggle for whos on top.
however, in the actual scenario where you start as the infernal (chapter 3) you'll not just be at peace with orthus and the 4 horsemen, you'll get to control them
i added the Pre-Armageddon scenario to the main scenario pack download in the first post, it is a huge map that covers all the other scenarios lands. to make things to scale with each other, some lands will be much smaller than they were in their own individual scenarios (particularly the grigori and bannor scenarios), but most all are somewhat scaled down.

it takes place before the amurites summon the infernal, in fact much before it, when all civilizations were recovering from the age of ice and just starting to settle down and build cities, there are no special rules, just a regular game of ffh2 but with a set map.

i also edited chapter 6 to make it more consistant with the other scenarios

i may make a Post-Armageddon scenario next, not sure yet
Playing the chapter 1 right now, pretty fun at the start, holding off the hordes with endless skellies.

Some problems though;
a) the scenario is painfully, *painfully* slow on marathon speed. Friends don't let friends play marathon speed. I don't have 10 hours free for a scenario.
b) great sages won't lightbulb sorcery without going through alteration and diviniation first. If you give the player these techs, they'll stand more of a chance of actually getting Sorcery in less than 150+ turns.
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