Artifacts/Relics Wishlist thread

This picture illustrates what I mean pretty well. Compare this Native American woman.

Yeah, I can see that.
But I'm afraid we're going offtopic in this thread. :p

Do you think my artifact list represents the entire world well? Or are there regions which need more representation?
Well, I think Eurasia is inevitably going to be overrepresented because, as they say, bronze is forever. But it looks pretty good to me.
I'm not sure if this is the kind of relic you want, but it has a fascinating history...
The (lost) Nga Mauk ruby.
Clovis points
Stone of Five Eras
USS Monitor wreck
Titanic wreck
Vasa wreck
Skuldelev ships
Queen Anne's Revenge wreck
USS Indianapolis wreck (just found this year)
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