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Mar 4, 2013
The end
Halloween avatar

would've posted in the avatar thread, but It's been dead for like 3 years, and before that for a long time I was the one who posted there most, so you know
Hmmmm. Mayhaps I should don a scarier avatar.
Halloween avatar

would've posted in the avatar thread, but It's been dead for like 3 years, and before that for a long time I was the one who posted there most, so you know
I guess someone could start a new one...
Seen a bunch of people put up star trek avatars recently. They've not felt the need to like explain. Probably I shouldn't have had to either, but I dunno
It was spontaneous after Farm Boy got his avatar. Then people just went with it.
They actually have explained in a serial thread somewhere. It sort of… developed? It's what you get in the horizontal, decentralised culture of an Internet forum.

but in the sense of announcing it in an avatar thread, they didn't do that

which i used to do, but there's no real point
Or someone else, yeah.

Not all threads have to be deep, academic exercises in which we discuss Great And Deep Thoughts. Fun is allowed here.

I might start it myself, but it would seem a bit hypocritical since I haven't changed my avatar in years and have no immediate plans to change it in the future.

Yea it's true. I've been trying to think on and off during the past several years now lol of some kind of fun thread, but nothing's come to mind
most of my ideas have been one of stupid jokes, like the dorian reference I made last page. There's not enough threre for a thread
I'd probably have posted it on twitter if it weren't for circumstances

and also on avatars, I kinda hope to keep the one I've had for almost 2 years now for several more years, but it just so happened the cartoon it's from did a recorporation thing of the same shot which gave me this darker variant

stupid way of putting it

first vs last episode:

Spoiler :
Should be at the top, but it will take an admin to do that. @leif erikson

Here you can talk about avatars, your avatar, ask about others' avatars, ask for help, etc. It is not a great place to discuss the doings of Matsya, Kurma, Lord Rama or even Lord Krishna. Unless, of course, one of them is your avatar.

Why people choose or change their avatar is usually a pretty interesting story.

Old thread is here.
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Why would anyone change their avatar. Daria is the coolest.
We could just merge all these posts into the old thread and carry on.
They don't need to; this is the internet. Just link two statements with a comma; or semicolon, it works :)
I used to change my avatar fairly often. But once I found this little black cat who looks like Maddy, I haven't wanted any other (here, at least; I use other avatars on other sites).

They tend to follow themes. I've mostly gone with cats here. At another forum I won't name due to a non-amicable departure, I used a number of images of Enya. There are a couple of other sites where I've used some of the artwork by Apofiss (check out his cat and owl art on deviantArt; they're amazing).

But I did have one here that people seemed to especially like. Anyone remember Spud?

I remember when I was in the state of mind to change avatars to a cat ever single Friday near midnight. Fun times.
I change my avatar fairly often, since they begin to wear out. I like this new one though. I might keep her for a while.
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