Aztec Peasant Spearman


Jul 16, 2005
Another Aztec, slightly higher in rank, he's earned the right to wear a cotton tunic. He's armed with a small shield with a leather face and a tepoztopilli, which is a sort of Aztec Spear/Halberd cross.

Using modified versions of Cam's Empire Swordsman animations!

Enjoy! :)


EDIT 2: Post Hacker FIles
Aww, man.. Seriously pissed off.

Making me DL stuff I haven`t seen previewed, like some noob made a unit.
A friggin Flicster screenshot would suffice, you know? :p

EDIT: `kay, now for comments.

Attack A is awesome. Teh ultimate spanking of doom & death (this time without laserbeams from his eyes).

Attack B - I`m not sure "I poke ya, you die" approach will work well for this dude.. :( Fortunately, Attack A works great on its own.

Of course, you aced the rest of the animations :)

I give it a 9+
Looks Good Quinzy :goodjob: Flc Speeds need to be set to prevent CIV from Crashing. Flicster doesn't like what ever was set.
Just my opinion but the Run could be set faster. 46 speed is where he does not appear slow motion. You can set the frame Rate before rendering to correct this if wanted.
I will PM you with a Civ Specific units_32.
Storm: I was in a mad rush and didn't have time to fiddle with animation shop. I'll do it tomorrow :p

Vulcadon: Thank you so much! I'll fix the speeds and post a 1.1 tomorrow with all the updatybits included.
Nice and generic, :D. Thanks, Quinn, I have a use for this dude. The animations are all good, man. Nice footwork in victory. The death could use a little work, though. I know those are hard.
Ooh ooh! I was gonna DL even without a preview, but then I heard about the v1.1 thing and crashing and thought I'd wait. But I can't wait!!! :crazyeye:
I really don't deserve maximum credit for the animations, they're all modified versions of Cam's Empire Swordsman animations. I completely forgot to mention that when I posted the unit >< I was so frustrtaded with various glitches and things that I just gave up and posted what I'd done. I'll have the 1.1 up shortly though with things fixed.
And on that note, the update is posted! Including preview of the attack A animation. :) Thanks all!
Holy crap, that is quite the weapon wield he's got there. Ouch.

(P.S. I am elated that I can DL this unit now in all it's glory)
I'm not usually one for old bumps, but the link is sadly broken. I received the ominous 404 while trying to download it. I'd really appreciate it Quinzy if you could repost him.
Thank you for fixing the link, much appreciated Quinzy ;).
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