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russian pilots served in large numbers in the war , they definitely defeated the US hard enough to stop using B-29s in daylight , the Communist air bases were in the sanctuary of Manchuria/China (which the American fighter pilots would not respect especially after 51/52) but practically the entire North Korea was open to air attacks by jet aircraft . In addition to White men , American fighter pilots claiming seeing German mercenaries and at least one woman . These tended to be pilots who were not caught by surprise and knew their trade and so were not easy to shoot down ; so , one could maybe use it as an example of Racism and stuff .
yw, my ten-year-old came up with it, enjoy.
Not surprised that it’s a childish buzzword :rolleyes:. Again, the proper term is anti-communist, not some bullhonky -phobe buzzword.
They crossed that border, part of the point of the post is pointing out the crimes people like MacArthur were perpetrating. Again, I feel the need to point out that the facts are not in dispute here.
The idea they, the UN forces, crossed the Chinese-North Korean border is utterly ridiculous. The only forces that crossed the Yalu River were the Red Chinese. If you actually read anything outside of commie dogma, you'd know that MacArthur was fired by Truman after the suggestion to use nukes within the Yalu River area. I just find it hilarious that you call MacArthur's tactics before his suggestion of using nukes to salt the Yalu River region to keep the Red Chinese Army at bay, "a crime", because he dared to defend South Korea against the aggressive communist forces of the Korean People's Army.
Your first source is garbage and the second one is saying basically what I've been saying here already. The aid was minimal. The UN forces enjoyed complete air superiority the entire war. Hence their literal bombing of NK into the stone age.
Full stop. The first source is not garbage. You only see it as garbage because it does not fit your narrative. Second of all the second source backs up the first. Again, the USSR aided North Korea. It does not matter if their aid was “minimal”. It may not be to the same extent as the Soviets gave to the Warsaw Pact nations, It's still giving aid.

I suspect you’d even call Encyclopedia Brittanica “garbage” too since they outline that the USSR backed Kim Il-Sung.

As it was mentioned numerous times in this thread: Who was the first that made the first strike and crossed the 38th Parallel? North Korea. Who pushed the South all the way to Busan? North Korea. Who wanted to unite Korea on their terms? Communists of North Korea.

The whole "Bombing of North Korea into the stone age" is just worthy of an eyeroll as just a half decade prior, World War II had just ended. Countries in both Europe and Asia were literally in ruins and it takes time to rebuild.
Something that felt to me as relevant reading/important context for why China responded the way it did when MacArthur, who at the time was a flag officer with considerable civilian power in Japan and was sometimes referred to as "the Shogun of Japan," did in fact invade China through the Korean police action:

Something @GenMarshall should be aware of too.
See my response to Estebonrober. The idea of invading into China via Korea is utterly ridiculous. Relying on rejected warplans that haven’t been carried out is just grasping at staws with Soviet apologia.

May I remind you that, until 1952 with the Treaty of San Francisco, The Empire of Japan was under Allied Occupation the same way Germany and Austria were. Unlike Germany, the Allies never assumed direct civil control of Japan’s civil administration and continued to operate under provisions of the Meiji Constitution until a new constitution was written and passed in 1947.

The idea that MacArthur had “power” in Japan and invaded China is purely laughable and rediculous.
The Soviet Union and the People's Republic of China are not the same thing at all.
Both nations were part of the Sino-Soviet Alliance, no? Both are different countries yes, but they are both authoritarian communist dictatorships.

Here we go!
the Japanese have always attempted to invade China from Korea . It makes sense to do the same when your infrastructure is in Japan as the occupying power . Truman's firing of MacArthur was political in the end . The latter might run for President and nobody could have stand against him . Though the US Military still had bad feelings against him . His tour in Washington DC was powerful , far too powerful but then Eisenhower built his alliances and he clearly wouldn't be deadly or something . He even let Castro win , in the first place at least .
"buzzwords are bad"

"except using tankie to describe anything remotely critical of US foreign policy, that's fine"

Well you have two people drooling over North Korea one of which is talking about cutting people's heads off.

Don't think there's any moral arguments left. Mask fell off.
just noticed it . MacArthur was the only person with power in Japan , like being a co-emperor . Let us not go that deep but a lot of Japanese warcriminals survived with fully crazy lot under their thumb .
just noticed it . MacArthur was the only person with power in Japan , like being a co-emperor . Let us not go that deep but a lot of Japanese warcriminals survived with fully crazy lot under their thumb .
He was an influential and powerful man who had to be removed from the theater because Washington thought he might start a nuclear war.

But more than that he was an important civilian as well as a military authority in the postwar state of Japan. He was the Emperor’s lifeline and by extension had been ordered to effectuate control of Japan through the imperial government, with Hirohito in some ways as a literal puppet. More than a few episodes demonstrate this point but really there’s just the fact that he was in Japan for four years after the war laying down the groundwork for a reformed Japanese state, which involved significant cooperation with the Japanese elite, and during a time in which the civil war in China had taken a turn against the Americans (leading in short order to civil war in Korea). The Emperor himself was a war criminal of the highest order who survived the post war situation by allowing MacArthur to use him as a puppet.

Finally the authority that MacArthur had was extremely transformative on Japanese society and government as a whole, among other things uprooting an ancient system of landownership in a way few governments have ever felt comfortable doing; and so, it’s not for nothing he’s remembered as a conquering Shogun who brought a new order to Japan. He was a “big deal” as they say.
It was likely that he felt the execution of the emperor would trigger either resistance or civil unrest
Though he should have been tried, found guilty, be forced to confess and only then be pardoned

Instead Japanese were and have rewritten much of there ww2 history
Maybe... but the Americans weren't really there to punish war criminals, after all.
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