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BMP to WBS Converter


In the .pdf it explains how to do a river layer BMP. I'm working on trying this now. However it doesn't say whether the background of the river BMP needs to be painted green or not.

The picture example in the .pdf shows the rivers painted directly onto the height BMP. Is that how it should be done or should we paint the whole backround green, like in the terrain and feature BMPs?

I start with a green base for everything - makes it easier. Unless you use the colors recognized by the program it doesn't really matter though. Unless Rhye changed it I don't think the river map cares about green. It's just easier to start with the same base image for all of the final output.
Ahhhh, just read the instructions properly. They get put on the height map.

Doh! Must. Read. Properly.

EDIT: Ah ok. Yes it's easiest to use the height BMP as your base for all the other BMPs. :p
Erm. Is there an easy way to reverse the flow of rivers. I may have accidentally plotted then from the coast inwards, instead of the other way around, in my BMP.

*smacks self for being silly, again*

Hey, I made a map with this, but when I tried to build my first city (in the game), the game crashed. What's up with that?
Bah it accepts my bitmap and runs to completion and creates a map that is all grass :( . Loading this causes the "you have been defeated" issue when you go to load it.
I have been having the mountain problem too.

When I open the file in notepad, it tells me that I have grasslands in there but then when I open it with Civ IV all the land is mountain.
thx much~~~~~

It's a good MOD tool~

Use it,we can create a beatiful civ world~~~~~~~~~`

thanks so much~
When I try and run any of the .py files, only one plain black window comes up and nothing else happens. I don't think its a mistake as it does the same with the two unedited scenario .py files that come with converter. Any ideas?

EDIT: Never mind, I'm a fool who can't read threads properly. Installed wxPython and it runs now.
Rhye said:
Here is the BMP to WBS Converter.
With this simple tool written in Python, you can make maps and scenarios just with some bitmaps and storing scenario data info the scenario file.

The zip contains the tutorial Mapmaking And Scenario Design.pdf, which contains installation instructions and that will explain step-by-step how to make a simple scenario, and the sample bitmaps and scenario files produced in the tutorial.


Authors: Jon Shafer, Rhye, Jesse Smith, Locutus

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Is there any way to create a WBS -> BMP conversion program?
Ack, I'm having the mountain problem too. I've resized my BMP's to the same size as the map, and the only colours they should have is the ones needed. Should the bmp pallette be limited to just those colours though? Or is it ok to leave it as a standard 16 milllion colour BMP?
That might be your problem possibly, I think it needs to be a 24million colour BMP. Mine have automatically been that and I have now 4 BMP layers (not done Bonus, too many colours :p) and they all work fine. I'll upload the pics of my BMPs later so peeps can see an example.
Rhye said:
there is no way right now
maybe some day someone will write that tool

Are you saying that there isn't a way because nobody has written a program yet? Or there isn't a way because Civ IV and the WPS files aren't structured to be read like that? (meaning, it's fundamentally impossible)
ShroudedMist said:
Bah it accepts my bitmap and runs to completion and creates a map that is all grass :( . Loading this causes the "you have been defeated" issue when you go to load it.

I'm having the same "you have been defeated" problem that you and Jason are having.

Anyone have any ideas?
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