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Maybe your map is just too big?

I've created another map and I get the same problem now... just defeated straight away. Either that or your civs starting locations are under the ocean or if there's only mountains then you'd get the same thing? There's no way to specify exactly where your civ will start so that's a possibility I guess.

I reckon it could be a size thing. The map I made is 120 x 180 and I think it's just too big to deal with.
Feet said:
There's no way to specify exactly where your civ will start so that's a possibility I guess.

there are several ways do set startinglocs! :rolleyes:

1. on page 36 in the pdf is explained how you can code the startingplots in your *.py python-file

2. you can load your map (*.civ4worldbuildersave) in a texteditor (notepad,...), search the coordinates where a startloc should be and type 'Startingplot'

3. you can load it in the worldbuilder and place there the startingunits (i guess, thats impossible in fact of the 'you have been defeated problem'...)

i have already done two maps :D --->
I'm getting this error:

Setting WBSPath to C:\Python24\test.Civ4WorldBuilderSave

Traceback (most recent call last):
File "C:\Python24\", line 273, in OnStart
err = self.wxApp.ConvertBMP()
File "C:\Python24\", line 375, in OnStart
self.HeightMap =
File "C:\Python24\", line 1717, in open
fp =, "rb")
IOError: [Errno2] No such file or directory: ' '

:nuke: :nuke: :nuke: :nuke: :nuke:

I'm getting this exact same error with anything I try. Even the blank maps don't work and give the same error messages.

Anyone have any ideas?
@ 0d1n3oo3Broad: Ok well I haven't got that far with my map yet (which also works), so no need to be snippy, I don't mind being corrected (I'm new to modding Civ) but there was no need for the patronising rolly eyes. Atleast I'm trying to help the guy.

I didn't specify any starting locations for my map and all the civs still start on random locations on the map with no problems, like I said it was only a possibility.

I thought the size of the map may be causing the problem more then the starting locations. I say that too.
it was not ment to be snippy! i just wanted to help because i thought you didnt know how to set startinglocs! i had already the same 'you have been defeated'-problem and it hasn't occured since i set startingpositions so i thougt 'tell them this...'
another point to set startingpositions manually is that your startingpos is EVERY time the same! i do not know if it minds you but it minds me!

so i apologize if you felt insulted or so, it was in no way ment to be snippy! :beer: :D
allthough, im also new to civ-*modding* (just done 2 maps..) and i just wanted to tell you my experiences so that you know what to do if you get the same strange things....
Ok no worries 0d1n3oo3Broad. :) I'm very interested in what you know, just didn't like the smiley you used. I'm probably reading to much into it anyway. Forget about it. :D

Also I don't (or didn't) know how to set the starting locations! I certianly haven't set any on my map, and it works fine.

How come in my map the starting locations set themselves on a correct tile automatically (instead of ocean or mountain tiles)? And in other peoples maps they are getting the you have been defeated message cause the starting locs are in mountains or under water... very odd.

No idea why mine worked straight off and others do not.
Ok well I think that you actually need a height map and a terrain map to be able to open the wbs in worldbuilder.

Using just a height map producing the following in the WBS file,


I'm thinking you need to have a terrain map that's completely green for it to work in the Worldbuilder.

That's the problem. In the .pdf manual it says,
"Actually, only the first is required to generate a map. You can just select the heights map, andpress Cancel for the others."
This is not true. You need a height map, and a terrain map that is completely green for it to work.

EDIT: yes I've just tested this and that is the problem, my new map works but you need to have atleast a height BMP and a completely green terrain BMP fo it to work.
i have not tried it only with the height map. i have done 5 maps from the beginning. and it worked and still works fine to me ;) it sounds to be a lot of work but it's going smoother and easier than in the civ3-editor!

to set startinglocs i have done it this way: i have loaded my height map in MS paint, mirrored(?) it verticaly (cause civ4 has the coordinatesystem from the lower-left corner, ms paint from the upper-left) and just pointed over a tile, read the coordinates and set a startingloc (i have also pointed the pixel in pink to see where i have alreay one; i havent saved it but i would say you should it save under *startingloc.bmp* or so; you dont know if you need it later again...i did and had to search the coordinates out of the file and havent saved it again..... :( )

i hope my tips will help you! :goodjob: i have 'worked' the whole weekend on my maps until i knowed how it works how it should :)

but i have discoverd another problem: i have tried to set ladmarks and (i think) if a landmark is on the same tile or even near of a tile with a startingloc the message appears's strange.....
This is a great program, but is it possible to either:

1.Change the program so it uses other picture files (e.g. JPG files).
2.Change the pictures so they are BMP.
Thanks again Rhye,
If you have a jpg picture you want to change to BMP, do this.

Open it in MS Paint, click File and then Save As.

Choose BMP from filetype drop down menu and hey presto you got the same pic in BMP format. Or you can just just the extension up to you.
I can't get it to work. I installed Python and PyPIL and extracted the zip file to my python directory C:/Python24. I double-clicked on the file and I got a console window open up for a second and then it closed. How do I get it to open up the little application window like the walkthrough suggested? I beleive I followed it the right way.

Thanks for any help.
False. Correct answer is to go read the posts on the front of the page. Someone already had this problem.

Correct Answer (complete) is that you need to download and install this program: wxPython

Now, hopefully you have both learned something very valuable about Google ;p
Help! :)
I have Python 2.4, Imaging-1.1.5 and wxPython2.6-win32-ansi- installed and when I double click "" appears a black window for 1 second and then this window close. If I edit this file with IDLE and there type F5 sometime appears a message of error and sometimes a screen where I can type any command.

what I supose to do??? :blush:
To run it just double click on the I had the same problem's as the others. I installed the three following things.

PIL-1.1.5.win32-py2.4.exe Size = 521KB
python-2.4.2.msi Size = 9445KB
wxPython2.6-win32-ansi- Size = 5325KB

Cut and paste them into google and if neccesary do a find in page on the website that it finds.

I did of course reboot, which I don't think is even neccesary but what can it hurt. Then extract the into the directory C:\Python24 and double-click the file.

That should at least run the program. The PDF is pretty theral on this info. Good luck ;)
you haven't to unzip the to the python folder. it works also in another folder. eg. i've made a new folder called 'bitmapkonverter' in my documents (or where you want). i think its better to work with. there are only the utilities of the conv in it and not all the other things that are in the python folder. i have also made for every map a seperate folder with its bmps in it.
just a tip how i did it ;)
Just to say I've modified the original converter so that it can now add routes (roads/rails), improvements and starting locations from bmp images. Rhye has been kind enough to add it to the first post in the thread, here.
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