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Booze How Old Were You.

First sip... no idea.
Bought my first bottle of beer when I was 11 or 12.
Got properly drunk at 15 first, I think.

Kvas is great. Somewhat akin to non-alcoholic beer. Hmm... who was badmouthing non-alcoholic beer again? :lol:

It's kvass not beer. I figured it's probably like a sour low alcohol beer.

I don't mind non alcoholic drinks non alcoholic beer just seems pointless.

I drink milk and water over soda. I might drink one can of soda a month, there's two or 3 flavours I like one of them is lemon and lime, another is ginger ale plus whiskey.
I was badmouthing non-alcoholic beer :)
Kvas is much better, it's semi-sweet and doesn't have this specific beer's taste. It's more like soda, just less sweet.
Hence why I want to try it.

Generally find spirits to sweet. Only really started drinking beer in the last ten years or so, enjoying it last 2 years.

I'll put our milk and chocolate up against anything in the world, but or normal beer is terrible. Australian beer is even worse, I prefer their wine over ours but not a big wine drinker.

Our craft beers are good though. I'm finding Budweiser easy enough, it's a bit watery so easy to drink and died the job.
I had my first sip around 16, got drunk for the first time at 19. Started drinking too much in my 20's, caught myself and applied corrective actions before I fell into full-blown alcoholism.

I'm not one to be "that guy" in a social situation.
I struggle with this one. I don't like to drink and drive (not even a single beer over dinner) and I also don't like drinking when I'm not getting drunk. Having a single glass of wine or a beer makes me feel gross and unless I'm going to get drunk, I just don't drink at all. So when I go out with friends and refuse to drink, they always make a big deal about it and it's annoying they can't just let me be.
Think I was 14 the first time I got hammered. Drank perhaps a bit excessively at around 15-17 but by now things are pretty quiet.
I really enjoy how wine tastes, but I absolutely hate getting drunk. I do like that sort of happy feeling you get after having a glass of wine, and I wish I could stop myself drinking there. My problem, in addition to how I just keep drinking and drinking, is I become extremely flirty when I'm inebriated. I haven't really been having much wine for a while, I've been drinking non-alcoholic wine (Fre) with a teaspoon of vodka, just to give it a little "oomph" but without risking getting me drunk.

Except on my plane rides recently. They kept refilling my glass of merlot, an I walked off the plane totally hammered, lol! And then also at the Delta Sky Club, too much free wine! I couldn't avoid passing up such an opportunity, so I drank myself silly.
First time I had alcohol was when I was 14, after confirmation (communion). My parents said that I'm now a bit more grown up, and decided to give me a shot of egg liqeur. It was the most disgusting thing I had ever drunk.
Afterwards my parents were not really strict on that, and we always had beer in house, because my father liked to regularly have some. I always could have drank. I never did, it was not tempting. I also didn't go out with friends during my youth. So I also never got used to the taste of beer, and still dislike it. I also normally don't drink alcohol, unless I want to get drunk/am at a party. I don't drink any for dinner or for relaxation.

First time drunk... depends how you define that. We had an...er...afternoon party at school (?, whatever) when I was 16. One of the guys had a bottle of Jim Bean. He just filled up my glass. I had no idea how much alcohol that was, and finished it fast. I puked it out not much later. The card games in between didn't go to my favour. I arrived around 17h at home, and my mom asked why I was stinking after alcohol :lol:.

I normally know how much I can drink. 8 drinks (cola-rum, tequila-orange, etc), and I'll have a headache, considerable stomach problems and some issues getting out of bed. More I normally don't drink. Because that's normally enough to have a good buzz. And because also.... I can't in a normal time frame?
4 years ago during new year's eve, we first had a bottle of champagne (so... me 1, my 2 friends I was with also 1). Then I drank roughly the above mentioned amount at a party. I do not remember everything, so I consider this my first time being really wasted. I remember that I met a guy from Ethiopia who I barely knew at the party, as one of the few people there who I sort of knew. I danced closely with a Dutch girl I knew, until one of her female friends came to ask if she needed help. She asked in Dutch, and I'm somewhat proud that I understood it in this situation :lol:. I remember that I cycled home, but definitely not the whole way, and I guess this was pretty dangerous. I stayed the whole next day in bed with a horrible hangover, and that's my first real hangover (also the last one).
Can't remember if it was a few weeks shy of 18, or just after. Either way it was pretty close to the actual time I was legal age.
12/13ish. I drank Icehouse, a rather crude introduction to the world of alcohol, followed up by realizing the physical limitations of intoxication (a thrown football might as well have been a missile for all the likelihood I had to catch it), and also how alcohol can easily get someone sick.

It was quite some time before I drank much again, though that was more for practical reasons. I pretty much understood my limitations after that and only got pushed too far on 21st birthday otherwise.

These days I have a beer or wine sometimes, days of drinking a lot at once are behind me. Feels too crappy later.
First drink, probably wine with a meal with parents at about 14.
First time drunk went to a party about 17. Think it was the homemade Elderflower Wine that did it. Ended up being sick.
Normally know what I can safely drink as long as I don't mix too much or drink anything too unusual. If its a long session I'll switch to brandy. I can make one glass last a long time.
What are people ideas of to much? My wife can have a couple of wines and get giddy but she's 57kg and I'm 105kg or so. Bit taller than her as well.

I might have one or two with a meal, light drinking is a 6 pack, a dozen to get fairly plastered and heavy drinking an 18 or 24 pack which might take 4 to 6 hours to drink.

I don't really do the heavy sessions any more
A full bottle of vodka and more than light hangover perhaps. But I'm skinny.

How big is your bottle and how high is the %

Last I drank a bottle of vodka it was 40% 1 litre mixed with cranberry juice.

Got the taxi driver to pull over paid $20 threw up, staggered home threw up again went to bed and threw up again the next day.

It was something like 30 standard drinks.

I wouldn't even bother trying to keep up with a Russian on vodka. When younger drinking most tourists under the table wasn't hard, Americans were easy. Aussies could put up a good effort but a Yankee defeated me last year.

Cheap date these days, mate wrecked his liver on absinthe a few years back. 85% tastes like aniseed bleah.
A proper bottle of vodka is always 0.5L, always 40% and never mixed with anything :)
I could probably tolerate 0.7 with the similar effects as you described, but litre is too much for me.
A proper bottle of vodka is always 0.5L, always 40% and never mixed with anything :)
I could probably tolerate 0.7 with the similar effects as you described, but litre is too much for me.

That's almost a hip flask.

A small bottle here is 375ml, they have downsized to 1 litre used to be 1125 in the 90s. That's when you would drink a whole bottle. Generally 37% to 40%.

I used to get a 700ml bottle of Sambuca for a nights drinking.

You might buy a 24 pack of beer but probably share a few.

1375ml is my record on spirits back in 95 at mates 17th. Probably shared some but that was blackout drunk.

The other time it happened I lost track after 15 and my sister lost track after two dozen.

Woke up in a park. Crawled through the door at 7am.

When I met my wife we would buy 2 litres of vodka for my mate, her and two of her friends mix it with juice. That was in November 2000 so a while ago.

One of her workmates can do two 24 packs of beer.
No idea when I first had a taste of booze.
Started drinking with some regularity - albeit no more than one drink a day - at 14 or 15 (my folks were fine with this)
First got totally drunk at 17 (friends birthday)
Started drinking a lot more than one drink a day at 18 (when I went to uni)
Got back to one or two a day around 25 or so, maybe a third if I'm out with friends, and have stuck to that for the last decade outside of the occasional celebration where I might have a few more and get a little tipsy, but I can only think of one time in the last 10 years that I've been truly drunk (cousin's wedding).
In Polish culture alcohol has a big presence, especially during special occasions and holidays, when relatives are visiting, when friends are visiting, when something good happens, when something bad happens, etc.

I might have had some wine along with some food here and there in my early teens, but I can't really remember any details. My parents probably gave me a bit of champagne for NYE celebrations when I was fairly young, probably preteen. But that's just like a sip or two or a glass or whatever.

In grade 5 in West Germany I went on a church uhh sponsored retreat. We went out into the woods/the outdoors, camped, and did group activities like hiking, various games, sports, puzzles, etc. At the end of every night we'd all sit around a campfire, and the organizers would put a giant pot thing on the fire and they would pour some sort of wine in it. Then once it was ready, everybody got a cup of the wine to drink. It wasn't very strong, but it was strong enough to make us uhh fall asleep easier. I suspect that's the main reason why this was done, so we wouldn't bug the adults at night and would just zonk out after the campfire.

I had my first beer at 15 or 16 or something like that. Nothing very exciting. By the time I started university I was already of age, so I could drink whenever I want. But it wasn't a huge deal to me as my parents never made alcohol into a big deal. So I did not turn into an alcoholic, although I did go to my share of parties and so on.

These days I prefer to sip on some vodka or whiskey, without anything in it (no ice, etc.). I also like to sample craft beers and I enjoy an occasional raddler
First time I had a drink, can't really remember. Probably sipping cheap vodka or tequila under a bridge somewhere with my homies around the age of 15 or 16.

First time I really remember having a drink, got a little tipsy at the big swim meet. Team stayed in a hotel for four days, which was awesome, and some of the senior kids shared a bit of booze with me my junior year. Good times, I remember terrifying some of the girls on our team by pretending to stagger around totally gone.

First time I really got sloshed I was 17 on a cruise ship, we smuggled some vodka from Canada on board in water bottles. I drank about half a water bottle and remember well how it felt trying to walk up and down the ship's corridors.
What is the drinking age in Canadia?

I just remembered my first time getting drunk was a direct reaction to my parent's heavy-handedness regarding alcohol.

The very first sip of alcohol I had was at a labor day party where my parents and their friends got together and brought their kids. A bunch of the 14-16 year old guys stole a single beer from the parent's cooler for us all to sip on. I was super cautious about it because I knew how extreme my dad would react and sure enough, right after I got a tiny sip he came into the room and searched it and found the beer and scolded everyone. The other parents laughed it off but I got grounded.

So when I later found a bottle of vodka in my parent's cupboard, I got drunk on it out of spite as much as curiosity. Curiosity that they could have headed off - like I said I don't like drinking without getting drunk as it makes me feel awful and if I had been allowed to sip on that beer (which wasn't enough to get drunk off of), I probably would have avoided alcohol for years longer. Instead, I found the vodka and got drunk on it out of spite like I said which showed me how much I liked getting drunk. Parenting FAIL :lol:
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