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C2C SVN Changelog

v43.7450 - 2023-01-15
All Changes
Merge branch master' into release -- Toffer
Version number change, this SVN rev is v43. -- Toffer
DevExtras + profiler output aggregation -- Klara Zielińska
remove /std:c++14 from all configurations and FinalRelease from Assert -- Klara Zielińska
Merge pull request [#1405](https://github.com/caveman2cosmos/Caveman2Cosmos/issues/1405) from caveman2cosmos/pedia_corrections -- Luca Martinelli [Sannita]
other translations + typos -- Sannita
Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/release' into pedia_corrections -- Sannita
super-minor typos -- Sannita
cleanup Events file -- Sannita
Minor fixes -- Sannita
Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/release' into pedia_corrections -- Sannita

This denotes V43 release

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v43.1.BETA.7455 - 2023-01-16
All Changes
Merge branch 'master' into release -- Toffer
Merge branch 'MiscAfterFreezeChanges' -- Toffer
After v43 release -- Toffer
Lots of refactoring -- Toffer
Improved the "goTo city" unit action so that it will only list cities the unit can reach in the popup. -- Toffer
Merge branch 'master' into MiscAfterFreezeChanges -- Toffer
Fixed false positive assert caused by integer overflow. Refactoring. -- Toffer
Fixed minor bug pointed out by MattCA [@MattOttawa](https://github.com/MattOttawa) -- Toffer
Fixed some issues with advanced start, late initialization caching, and loading scenario files from within WorldBuilder. -- Toffer
Refactoring and minor optimization in scenario read code for city and plot cultures (less looping when parsing scenario file)) -- Toffer
Removed redundant comment -- Toffer
refactoring and some technical code tweaks. -- Toffer
Minor refactor -- Toffer
Minor logging change. -- Toffer
Merge branch 'master' into MiscAfterFreezeChanges -- Toffer
Mini-refactor.... -- Toffer
Removed unused dll2python call. -- Toffer
Added some exe logging. -- Toffer
Merge branch 'master' into MiscAfterFreezeChanges -- Toffer
Some new year code cleanup, minimap now don't colour borders over ocean. -- Toffer
Misc refactoring in CvPlayer and CvUnit -- Toffer

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v43.1.BETA.7455 - 2023-01-16

  • Revert "Save breaking code cleanup." -- Toffer
  • Minor logging change. -- Toffer
  • Merge branch 'master' into MiscAfterFreezeChanges -- Toffer
  • Save breaking code cleanup. -- Toffer
Saves are still not broken BTW, @raxo2222 delete those two lines that reference save breaking as they cancel each other out and it might confuse some.
11540 - v43.1.BETA.7474 - 2023-01-28
  • Blaze's tweaks to realistic culture spread. (Toffer)
  • Changes to culture mechanic (Toffer)
  • Fixed a display issue for unit strength with size matters, value was by mistake divided by 100 one time too many. (Toffer)
  • Reduced rounding errors in CvCity::baseRevoltRisk(...). (Toffer)
  • Removed/"commented out" some unused CvUnit functions. (Toffer)
  • 1_CITY_TILE_FOUNDING option no longer turn off MIN_CITY_BORDER option by force, no reason they shouldn't be compatible options. (Toffer)

Warning - culture broken here, don't update to this one; my bad.
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v43.1.BETA.7485 - 2023-01-29

All Changes

Merge branch 'master' into release -- Toffer
Fixed a pretty bad mistake in read/write (save) of the new culture rate caching on plots. -- Toffer
Added a minimum yield output limit of 1 for cities. -- Toffer
Fixed a compiler warning for finalRelease build. -- Toffer
Fixed WB bug when revealing tiles. -- Toffer
v43.1.BETA.7491 - 2023-01-30

All Changes

Merge branch 'master' into release -- Toffer
Made plot tooltip show culture values and its decay rate when a plot is owned by no one (neutral). -- Toffer
Fixed a serious shortcoming/bug in the way the lack of a positive culture rate on a plot was used to determine if one lose any right to ownership to the plot. -- Toffer
v43.1.BETA.7495 - 2023-01-31

All Changes

Merge branch 'master' into release -- Toffer
Added a new city option, it's a checkbox option and this is its description: "Enter full city screen, rather than just select city, when the player is prompted on what to build next.". -- Toffer
Added it to replacement too -- raxo2222
Added some iOccupationTimeModifier tags to governmental center buildings. -- Toffer
# SVN-11545
## v43.1.BETA.7503 - 2023-02-01

### All Changes
Fixed minor thing that stopped culture decay rate from being displayed in plot tooltip. --Toffer
Increased RCS dependency on tile/tech/infrastructure. See details here. --Blaze
Added Equilibrium Culture as a gameoption. Can be enabled midgame via worldbuilder game options editing. Details in this thread. --Blaze
Culture will no longer fill 1-tile holes. --Toffer
Added text to main menu play now / custom games to help guide new users. --Raxo/Blaze
Temp fix for over-long culture revolution timers, instant culture revolutions introduced a few svn ago. --Blaze
Rebalanced culture garrisons some. 100% culture defense scales to 1/2 chance of revolution, not prevents entirely. 200 to 1/3 chance, etc. --Blaze

Note: Existing games will require several turns for changes to culture, fixes to occupation timers, to stabilize.
Spoiler Reminder: How to see revolt chance :
One can either mouse over the city bar:

Or mouse over the culture bar when zoomed into the city:

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v43.1.BETA.7560 - 2023-02-15
All Changes
Merge branch 'master' into release -- Toffer
Minor technical tweaks to Blaze's latest work. -- Toffer
Pedia typo fix -- DZF
Pedia for culture gameoptions, continental/regional culture -- DZF
RCS: remove bonus noroute penalty, perf, fassert -- DZF
More accurate alert for rcs -- DZF
UI for completed doubling commerce -- DZF
Double culture in 1000 years on eq. gameoption -- DZF
Improved Hitler diplo meet text -- DZF
Updated crab cake event text -- DZF
Stopped dynamic name flipping randomly during anarchy and python bug -- DZF
Pedia concept reorg ([#1432](https://github.com/caveman2cosmos/Caveman2Cosmos/issues/1432)) -- dzfischer
Add info to some gameoptions -- DZF
Misc building balance minor tweaks -- DZF
Experimental pass for "visibility" -> "vision" in UI -- DZF
Thematic nat'l wonders fulfill prereq for grand earth, peak -> grand sky -- DZF
Excessive trait -> statesman penalty to match efficient bonus -- DZF
General fix for eq. culture decay on arbitrary high gamespeeds -- DZF
RCS Balancing, Improvements only on City-Influenced tiles -- dzfischer
Fix typos in prior commit -- DZF
Radio tower culture, hack to make wood towers func. at normal speed -- DZF
Mountains have actual movement cost now -- DZF
Eq. gameoption only loses tiles thru decay (unfortunately) -- DZF
Added cache for last-turn city influence -- DZF
Scenarios now have same naming scheme as maps in main menu -- raxo2222
trailing space cleanup -- raxo2222
Goody huts shouldn't give techs above Noble -- raxo2222
Land Worked (small hut on tile without improvement) and Cottage now will be displayed in Prehistoric era -- raxo2222
Push farm spread irrigation, bMoveFastPeaks, tech reduces hill penalty -- DZF
UI for city influence -- DZF
More tweaking RCS: Less bad jungle/noroute, worse ice -- DZF
Removed Hitler's edgelord diplo introduction -- DZF
Improvements limited to influenced tiles attempt [#2](https://github.com/caveman2cosmos/Caveman2Cosmos/issues/2) -- DZF
Fixed accidental route disallowing -- DZF
Blocking civilian builds from non-city territory -- DZF
Refactor cache code -- DZF
Tweak Ai_findBestFort, adjust improvement upgrade logic for culture -- DZF
Standardized most checks for fort/tower to isMilitaryStructure... -- DZF
Bumped universal trade producers earlier -- DZF
Culture for cottage line -- DZF
Helping AI tech eval a bit for RCS -- DZF
UI indication for plot-in-city, rebalanced 1st expansion -- DZF
RCS dependency on whether tiles in city culture range -- DZF
Basic read/write/access functions for cache -- DZF
Play Now! -> Simple Game!, slight rebalance of 1tilercs -- DZF
Can build beacons/reefs outside of owned territory -- DZF
Adjacent tiles to city in 1-tile rcs no longer free -- DZF
Culture for aquatic defenses too -- DZF
Renormalized culture values for defensive improvements -- DZF

v43.1.BETA.7565 - 2023-02-17

All Changes

Merge branch 'master' into release -- Toffer
Fixed bug in area based maintenance modifiers (home and other), fixes issue with gold income changing when doing modifier recalc, at least one reason for it to get out of sync is fixed. Looked into some application of inflation, a lot of dumb usage removed. -- Toffer
v43.1.BETA.7571 - 2023-02-19

### All Changes
- Fixed air strike mission unable to identify valid targets. (Toffer)
- Removed useless(?) culture check for rev (Blaze)
- Culture revolt timers adjust for speed, culture percent (Blaze)
- Removed temp hackfix for undue revolt timers (Blaze)
- Reduced conquest occupation time scaling per pop, normalized to culture (Blaze)
- Removed a OutputDebugString I added recently. (Toffer)
v43.1.BETA.7578 - 2023-02-19

All Changes

Merge branch 'master' into release -- Toffer
Fixed cached expenses like maintenance and unit upkeep not refreshing when difficulty change. Added interaction between "increasing diff" and "flexible diff" by stopping flex diff from reducing the diff for human players (it can increase it though). -- Toffer
New main menu Space Maps option that lists only space map scenarios, found no way to get the space maps out of normal scenario list though. -- Toffer
v43.1.BETA.7580 - 2023-02-20

  • Fixed a color offset that has been around for quite some time causing some select texts and misc other things which color is set by python to get a different color than intended.
    • Tech conquest now is readable in green rather than dark blue text. (Toffer)
Sourceforge; Github

11551 - Last revision that does not break saves, the next one will.
v43.1.BETA.7584 - 2023-02-20
  • Cleaned up leftovers from the removal of the storm feature. (Toffer)
Sourceforge; Github
11552 - v44.BETA.7700 - 2023-04-293 - SAVEBREAKING
  1. Merge pull request #1443 from dsmabell/master (dsmabell)
  2. Merge pull request #39 from caveman2cosmos/master (dsmabell)
  3. German transcriptions for wonders starting with B (Marco Bellmann)
  4. Change Research modifier reduction to operate in the entire negative range rather than just between 0-100. Mosly a refactor as one rarely have negative national research modifiers in play due to tech diffusion and WFL always being positive. (Toffer)
  5. Refactor on "win for losing" code. (Toffer)
  6. Reduced rounding down errors in the golden age length calc; added an definitive minimum cap of 1 turn on golden age length. (Toffer)
  7. Added an assert line. (Toffer)
  8. Fixed golden age from great person born from traits being 1 turn shorter than they should be, making it possible tfor it to be 0 turns long on fast gamespeeds. (Toffer)
  9. Added a max cap on city revolt turns due to cultural flip mechanisms. (Toffer)
  10. move a file to correct filter (flabbert)
  11. make CvHallOfFameInfo inline (flabbert)
  12. remove comment (flabbert)
  13. made cvunitselectioncriteria inline (flabbert)
  14. Deleted invasion stuff (raxo2222)
  15. remove cvcityinvasioncomponent, it was fully broken (flabbert)
  16. Changed how city object cache m_paiNumRealBuilding, m_paiBuildingOriginalOwner and m_paiBuildingOriginalTime so that all three are stored in the same map mapped to buildings that exist in city rather than three arrays that contain entries for all buildings in the game regardless of building existing in the city or not. (Toffer)
  17. Fixed culture overflow pointed out by sp00n (civfanatic handle). Thanks sp00n! (Toffer)
  18. More refining on the tech conquest code. (Toffer)
  19. Refined enhanced tech conquest code quite a bit; new config lines added to the tech conquest ini for those that want to experiment on the values. (Toffer)
  20. messed up something in last commit. (Toffer)
  21. Fixed CTD when sometimes capturing a city. (Toffer)
  22. Made AI understand the value of a building giving population locally to the city and improved its comprehension about it for the tag that gives pop to all cities. It also understand the negative value of losing a pop from a building using the local tag, the global tag assumes positive values in code and will ignore negative values. Improved code for how cities handles food and growth. Added info about how much food is stored for the next growth cycle in the tooltip of the population/food progress bar in cities. (Toffer)
  23. Removed unused building tag iOneTimePopulationPercentLoss, reduced cached integers per city by the amount of buildings in the game. (Toffer)
  24. Changed the "great bath of Mohenjo Daro" to no longer provide +1 pop to all future cities settled, but rather give +3 population to the city that builds it insetead, also increased some other stats of it like culture and great doctor growth. (Toffer)
  25. Renamed and reordered some options that got jumbled by the bug fix in last commit in a way I think Blaze would approve of. (Toffer)
  26. Fixed bug in advanced start option. (Toffer)
  27. Reduced number of cached integers per city by about the amount of units in the game. (Toffer)
  28. c++ crawler link update (Klara Zielińska)
  29. Reduced number of cached integers per city by about the amount of buildings in the game. (Toffer)
  30. Reduced memory consumption per city related to bonuses produced by corporations by about the number of bonuses in the game. (Toffer)
  31. Optimized CvCity::updateCorporationBonus(), and added some comments about why it is as weird as it is. (Toffer)
  32. Fixed bug in CvCity::updateCorporationBonus. (Toffer)
  33. Fixed bug in CvCity::updateCorporationBonus() (Toffer)
  34. Refactored CvCity::updateCorporationBonus(). (Toffer)
  35. Merge pull request #1441 from caveman2cosmos/feature/extra_profiling (klara-zielinska)
  36. extra method profiling (Klara Zielińska)
  37. upgrade to the next crawler version + fixes (Klara Zielińska)
  38. Fixed some issues with graphical paging, one can now play without it, reduced stuttering when playing with it. (Toffer)
  39. Added new option to the enhanced conquest config file so one can adjust the significance of the number of techs behind freely. (Toffer)
  40. Doubled the significance of number of techs behind in the tech conquest calculation that gives beakers when capturing cities. (Toffer)
  41. Merge pull request #1440 from caveman2cosmos/feature/extra_profiling (klara-zielinska)
  42. extra method profiling (Klara Zielińska)
  43. profile sample limit increase (Klara Zielińska)
  44. Revert "extra method profiling" (Klara Zielińska)
  45. extra method profiling (Klara Zielińska)
  46. Revert "extra method profiling" (Klara Zielińska)
  47. Revert "Merge pull request #1439 from caveman2cosmos/feature/extra_profiling" (Klara Zielińska)
  48. Merge pull request #1439 from caveman2cosmos/feature/extra_profiling (klara-zielinska)
  49. extra method profiling (Klara Zielińska)
  50. Merge (Klara Zielińska)
  51. Revert "extra method profiling" (Klara Zielińska)
  52. Merge pull request #1436 from caveman2cosmos/feature/if0_to_comments (klara-zielinska)
  53. Fixed a small mistake in an assert line that stopped debug and assert builds form compiling successfully. (Toffer)
  54. Performance improvement, many thousand less loop iterations per city per turn; also reduced number of integers cached in memory and read/written from/into saves by the number of units in the game. (Toffer)
  55. Renamed a CvCity variable and some related functions for increased clarity. (Toffer)
  56. Performance improvement, many thousand less loop iterations per city per turn; also reduced number of integers cached in memory and read/written from/into saves by the number of buildings in the game. (Toffer)
  57. Added a new Viking city name (Skarthaborg, aka Scarborough, North Yorkshire). (Toffer)
  58. Got rid of non-english letters from viking city names, i.e. no more ð, œ, Þ, and æ. (Toffer)
  59. Removed some unused stuff and forgotten leftovers, reduced cached integers per city by the number of promotions in the game. (Toffer)
  60. Revised Brazilian city names based on input from WIM (who I'm 99% sure is Brazilian). (Toffer)
  61. Replaced unsupported letter "ǫ" with "ö", only used for 3 Viking city names. (Toffer)
  62. typos (Toffer)
  63. Doubled MINIMAP_RENDER_SIZE, this breaks replay data backwards compatibility and there's no way around it as the errors of old replays will occur in exe. Added back the "try catch" clause to replay data read code as there seems to be a lot of ways it can fail that is difficult to resolve with specific compatibility code. (Toffer)
  64. Removed backwards compatibility from replay data as replay data from before m_listScore write/read code got changed (by MattCA I think) never got backwards compatibility for the old read/write scheme and no version number iteration demarked the new read/write code for it. I could have added code to keep support for version 2 and 3 (replays from before the m_listScore read/write change, version 1 was already unsupported) and just removed support for version 4, but it just felt cleaner to get rid of all the backward compatibility since it's probabyl more than a decade since replay data was at version 3 or lower. Now I've set replay data version to 5, let's try to maintain backwards compatibility for replay data from now on mkay. (Toffer)
  65. Removed unused NoBonus tag from buildings, reduced cached integer per city by 902. (Toffer)
  66. Reorganization in special building names (raxo2222)
  67. There were two typos in techs (raxo2222)
  68. Forgot to include scenarios while doing renames (raxo2222)
  69. Added an example of how to use the TechHappinessTypes specialist tag in SPECIALIST_SLAVES. (Toffer)
  70. Removed unused stuff that ate up a lot of memory per city, it cached 80 times the number of techs in the game integers per city which amount to 75360 integers per city that would never have any other value than zero... (Toffer)
  71. Removed an unused function. (Toffer)
  72. Some code cleanup, and fixed size matter strength displayed in tooltips/pedia wehn playing without Size Matters. (Toffer)
  73. warnings fix (line-continuation) (Klara Zielińska)
  74. Joseph civic update (#1437) (dzfischer)
  75. extra method profiling (Klara Zielińska)
  76. backup dir change (Klara Zielińska)
  77. pyproj (Klara Zielińska)
  78. script move + description (Klara Zielińska)
  79. comment out #if 0 (Klara Zielińska)
  80. description (Klara Zielińska)
  81. manual (Klara Zielińska)
  82. path fix (Klara Zielińska)
  83. Some refactoring (Toffer)
  84. Fixed silly error (Toffer)
  85. added save/load code for class unsigned long long array (#1435) (MattOttawa)
  86. Fixed issues with city health/happiness double applying values, tooltip errors and such; also reduced memory consumption per city. (Toffer)
  87. Some code restructure, minor performance improvement to processBuilding code (building added/removed from city) as it will no longer loop through all techs for buildings that get happiness or health from techs. (Toffer)
  88. Fixed CTD when loading saves. (Toffer)
  89. Insignificant changes to code comments. (Toffer)
  90. Some minor tweaks along the same line as recent commits. (Toffer)
  91. Some more fixes to handicap adjustment code. (Toffer)
  92. Fixed some issues with handicap adjusting code. (Toffer)
  93. Autopillage only impacts neutral/war tiles (DZF)
  94. encoding (Klara Zielińska)
  95. comment_if0 (Klara Zielińska)
  96. functions to save/load long long (#1420) (MattOttawa)
  97. Deleted Ongoing Training (raxo2222)
  98. Delete ongoing training (#1433) (MattOttawa)
  99. added code for MapTypes saved game compatibility (#1434) (MattOttawa)
  100. Reworked 1TS+RCS to be MCB+RCS instead. YOU BETTER BE HAPPY TOFFER! 😂 (DZF)
  101. extra profiling script comments + refining (Klara Zielińska)
  102. FProfiler refactoring (Klara Zielińska)
  103. Concept pedia text updates (DZF)
  104. RCS sans 1TF only grabs 4 adj @lvl1, but guaranteed. Easier cave feat. (DZF)
  105. Terrain/improvement/feature builds require owned territory, +gameoption (DZF)
  106. forgot to rename a thing in scenarios (raxo2222)
  107. No idea why those reappeared (raxo2222)
  108. Merge pull request #1423 from caveman2cosmos/Tag-renames-post-V42 (raxo2222)
  109. Merge pull request #1418 from caveman2cosmos/SaveBreakingStuff (Kristoffer)
  110. Fixed unresolved merge conflict. (Toffer)
  111. Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into SaveBreakingStuff (DZF)
  112. Mass updating of internal gameoption tags/names (DZF)
  113. Made aggressive/ruthless AI visible again (DZF)
  114. Reordered game options by type (DZF)
  115. Few more text tweaks (DZF)
  116. Some categorization tweaks (DZF)
  117. Categorization of ingame option text (DZF)
  118. Some more save breaking clean up in load save code. (Toffer)
  119. pyproj (Klara Zielińska)
  120. gitignore (Klara Zielińska)
  121. Script for adding extra profiling to methods (Klara Zielińska)
  122. gitignore (Klara Zielińska)
  123. Extra profiling facilities (Klara Zielińska)
  124. More renames (raxo2222)
  125. Some python cleanup (raxo2222)
  126. Fixed broken buildinglinks (raxo2222)
  127. education (raxo2222)
  128. culture (raxo2222)
  129. crumbs (raxo2222)
  130. Done buildings (raxo2222)
  131. So close (raxo2222)
  132. buildings 19 (raxo2222)
  133. buildings 18 (raxo2222)
  134. buildings 17 (raxo2222)
  135. buildings 16 (raxo2222)
  136. buildings 15 (raxo2222)
  137. buildings 14 (raxo2222)
  138. 13 letter buildings (raxo2222)
  139. 12 letter buildings (raxo2222)
  140. 11 letter buildings (raxo2222)
  141. 10 letter buildings part 2 (raxo2222)
  142. forgor to filter underscores, 9 letter buildings (raxo2222)
  143. 10 letter buildings (raxo2222)
  144. 9 letter buildings (raxo2222)
  145. 8 letter buildingtypes (raxo2222)
  146. 7 letter buildingtypes (raxo2222)
  147. 6 letter buildingtypes (raxo2222)
  148. 5 letter buildingtypes (raxo2222)
  149. Autobuild buildings (raxo2222)
  150. Unit Reward buildings (raxo2222)
  151. 4 letter long buildingtypes (raxo2222)
  152. 3 letter long buildingtypes (raxo2222)
  153. 2 letter long buildingtypes (raxo2222)
  154. Renamed potential collisions (BUILDING_ABC xyz), (BUILDING_XYZ abc) (raxo2222)
  155. Breeding -> Breeding Program (raxo2222)
  156. Animal totem -> military standard (raxo2222)
  157. Renamed animal folklore to folklore presence (raxo2222)
  158. Singled out NPC civ tags (raxo2222)
  159. Renamed bunch of ciilization tag that had completely different internal name (raxo2222)
  160. txt_key_civ_ -> TXT_KEY_CIVILIZATION (raxo2222)
  161. Increment version number to v44.BETA as save breaking excludes possibility for any v43.1 patch. (Toffer)
  162. even more (Toffer)
  163. some more (Toffer)
  164. Save breaking changes (Toffer)
  165. Renamed bunch of building tags, that are referenced in code (raxo2222)
  166. Renamed bunch of building culture tags (raxo2222)
  167. idk why these happen (raxo2222)
  168. Random duplicated text (raxo2222)
  169. Renamed bunch of buildings that had internally two versions (building_a, building_a2) (raxo2222)
  170. anothernother misfire (raxo2222)
  171. oops (raxo2222)
  172. Removed unnecessary _desc and renamed inconsistency/typos (raxo2222)
  173. Mass rename of BUILDING_ZZZZ_EMBASSY to CULTURE_X_ZZZZ (raxo2222)
  174. Simple print out for ingame and define name of infotype (raxo2222)
  175. Fixed typo in civic option tag (raxo2222)
  176. Cleanup (raxo2222)
  177. Forbid old saves from loading (raxo2222)
  178. Save breaking code cleanup. (Toffer)
| https://sourceforge.net/p/caveman2cosmos/code/11552 | https://github.com/caveman2cosmos/Caveman2Cosmos/compare/f69c57cae4d5...c09f721b4e7f
v44.BETA.7704 - 2023-05-08

All Changes

Merge branch 'master' into release -- Toffer
Commented out extremely slow part of the value evaluation of units which made AI_bestUnit() take around 30 seconds more than it should on the save I tested on (it loops across all units which again were looping over all promotions per unit to see if any of them were free promotions for the unit, I commented out the promotion loop, so AI won't factor in free promotions when decidign what unit is best anymore, but it saves a lot of time, shaved off 16 seconds from end turn as well for me, from 27 to 11 seconds.) -- Toffer
Fixed name of a Sumerian city. -- Toffer
v44.BETA.7725 - 2023-06-03

All Changes

Merge branch 'master' into release -- Toffer
Simplified the trade network automation for workers so it runs faster on large maps where all/most plots have been fully improved. -- Toffer
Refactored some worker AI functions in CvUnitAI. -- Toffer
Some XML cleanup I forgot about in last commit. -- Toffer
Made Settler, Chieftain, and Warlord difficulties fall in line with the other difficulties so they are no longer extremely different from the other diffs. -- Toffer
removed village culture push radius -- DZF
Mostly a refactor, solved a couple minor oversights/bugs, strange that the shortening of all the shortening of loops down from GC.getNumBuildingInfos() to iterating a vector only containing buildings the city have didn't give any speed boost to end turns. -- Toffer
Refactor -- Toffer
Added cache for performance increase (shorter end turn), first end turn time in my test save went from 11.5 to 10 seconds; effect might not be the same percent for each turn, but it will have a postivie time reduction effect for all end turns.. -- Toffer
Fixed a python error in barb civ code. -- Toffer
Fixed python bug related to the caching of data for wonders with pythons scripted events. -- Toffer
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11556 - v44.BETA.7785 - 2023-08-20

  • Tweaks to contractbroker, it now persists between turns, in an attempt to curb worker, and dog spam
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