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C3C PBEM : "Haiti" - Restart


King Qummik III
Sep 17, 2003
Estonia, Europe. GMT+2

Players :
1. classical_hero
2. qummik
3. Luthor_Saxburg
4. fe3333au
5. von_Clausewitz

- Spain : classical_hero
- Portugal : qummik
- France : Luthor_Saxburg
- England : fe3333au
- Dutch : von_Clausewitz
- Aztecs : AI
- Incas : AI
- Iroquois : AI

*** Special Rules ***
- Europe : no war can be raged on the European territory. If you are at war with another power, you must keep your fight in the colonies, no land battle allowed in Europe (naval battles are of course authorized around Europe, including Gibraltar).
- Natives and Trade : No trade with the Native Tribes. Except as part of a peace treaty.
- Religion : If a country research protestantism while another chooses the counter-reformation then these countries should declare war on one another (whether you actually fight is another issue but no trade, no agreement anyway).

Everyone should post their playtimes in GMT.

Mine are 13-19 GMT.
GMT -5

I don't want to impose this on anyone who is really opposed to it, but I know I will be posting here every turn, even if it's a simple GPS post, and I think it would really help the game if we all did.
My timezone is 21-24 GMT.

I'll post here most of turns. I can't say I'll do it everytime, but I'll do it most times.

Who ever sets the game up should send the Master Password to Loulong. Agreed?

I love this scenario, but sorry I cannot commit to posting a GPS in here each and every time. I often play the turn with a few minutes before going to work and if I post in the thread its after the fact when I have more time. I always send a reply to the email with GPS. I do agree of course that you should post major events in the thread.

Thanks for the invite but I'm not starting any more Conquest games with CIV4due out in 9 days, so I wish you all the best and hope we can play a CIV4 PBEM game one day. Once you see CIV4 you'll understand. :)
I usually play in the evenings during the week, anywhere from 9-14 GMT. I also usually have time later, like 19-20 GMT.
I will play anytime from my local 10.00am to 2.00am ... but weekends I think are going to be preoccupied soon ;)

@C_H ... yep that is why Loulong has been proposed as the password keeper ;)
Thank You!
Everyone else still interested?

I think the playorder should go like this:
1. fe3333au
2. AluminiumKnight
3. classical_hero
4. qummik
5. Luthor_Saxburg
What do you think?
@Qummik, would it be possible to update post1 with players and Civs?

I think more than one person should know the master password, in order to avoid what happened. I suggested who started the game (Classical Hero?) sends it to Loulong.

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