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C3MT - Civ3MultiTool (Second CFC Thread) 2016-10-05


Sep 1, 2001
So, today is the day when I release version 1.00 of C3MT. It's about half a day delayed to come to this site due to some reallife issues for me.
I've been asked to start a new thread with this version, and I think it's about time too. the old thread is way too long, and many posts are outdated. I should probably done this already by the namechange.

I'll start by telling you all what's new:
- SGE: Default loading directory now is the latest played game Civ3/PTW save directory
- SGE: Great Wonders are now handled correctly when assiging them to cities
- SGE: Bug where the buildinglist would show more than one copy of each building corrected.
- SGE: Bug where all last buildings in the rules would get unbuilt when a save was loaded and resaved corrected.
- SGE: Building count is now updated correctly when editing saves
- SGE: Unit count is now updated correctly when editing saves
- SGE: Small Wonders are now handled correctly when assiging them to cities
- SGE: Changing the Unit coordinates from odd-odd to even-even and vice verse now works as for cities
- SGE: Bug where the tool crashed when changing tab with invalid coordinates entered corrected.
- SGE: Typo in invalid coordinates popup message corrected
- Map converter: The welcome message now names the tool correctly
- SGE: Bug that made citizens unmoveable corrected.
- SGE: AI strastegies counts are now updated correctly in saves.
- SGE: Army count is now updated correctly in saves
- SGE: Saves with Victory Points are now loadable
- SGE: Victory Points added to the SGE histograph
- StartLocation data is no longer lost when editing a BIC/BIX
- Corrected some translations problems
- Language module extended to support inclution of other language files than the current. (It can be used to fill up with default strings if a translation is missing some)
- SGE: PTW Turn limit is now correctly handled.
- SGE: PTW Victory Pint limit added among with estimation of when it will be reached by the current Victory Location holders.
- SGE: The citycounters are now updated correctly.
- SGE: Optimized saving a little.
- Enabled minimize for map converter and unit wizard
- Added option to get back to the main menu when closing a tool
- Mainmenu change to center screen
- Bug with scenarios without spaceships corrected
- UCW: Added support for scenario search folders and #ANIMNAME civilopediicon entries
- Compatibility issues with early versions of PTW corrected
- Optimized maploading in saves.
- Added all icons to c3mt.dll to make all icons useable by shortcuts (VB doesn't give you more than the default icon to choose from)
- Added versioninfo to c3mt.dll
- Icons are now loaded at runtime from c3mt.dll => dialogicons are in correct size
- All icons except the mainicon removed from the exe.
- Added icon to Mapconverter
- SGE: Added Diplomacy Tab
- New Tool member: Civilization Diplomacy Data editor. Allows you to edit CDD files used by CDT to set up initial diplomacy in a first turn save
- Renamed the UNUSED flag to Flag Unit as that's what it's used for now
- UCW: Added AI strategy Flag Unit (how could I miss that one before?)
- SGE: Added Ctrl+L shorcut for Load and Ctrl+S shorcut for save.
- Unit Organizer: Flag Unit, Captured pop Unit and units place in a scenario will now be updated correctly if the IDs change.
- Fixed saving of Conquests saves. (1.12.7 and 1.12.6 caused an DATA IO error WRLD during save)

Full Install

Small File
The latest version (1.12.8) is here

A Full version is needed if you are installing from scratch or if you are upgrading from a version earlier than 1.0.

You will also need a fixed for the copytool to work correctlybuildings-small.pcx (Also needed with the full install) (NOT FOR PTW+)
Note that there might be problems loading PTW scenarios from early PTW versions (BIX version < 11.18). A fix for this will get ready soon. I'll just wait and see if there are any other direct easy to correct errors found.

A possible workaround is to load and save the file with an editor producing 11.18 bix files.
Yeah First to reply.

- Bug with scenarios without spaceships corrected

I know I was the one that brought this up, but now that your tool supports it I have found a way to make "spaceships" work in the MTG Mod. Thanks for the update. Now I can add units and not worry about order since I can re-arrange em later.

I actually would have, but decided to "Receive Updates to the Thread" instead of posting in it.
Originally posted by Gramphos
- UCW: Added support for scenario search folders and #ANIMNAME civilopediicon entries

Great tool Gramphos!

However, I'm having some problems.
I upgraded C3MT to v 1.00, and when I load up SGE, I get a message "File not found", but SGE still loads. Also saved games are loaded with no problems, but the histogram does not show up, and when I try to edit filter, I get the following error message and the program quits:

Run-time error '340':
Control array element '0' doesn't exist.

I didn't have any of these problems before. I'm running Civ3 PTW v1.14 on Windows 2000.

I hope you can fix these bugs soon, as I really look forward to using this tool. Thanks.

The diplomacy tab seems to work - I never knew AI sells resources to each other at 1gpt!
Can you check if you have both civilization3.ini and ptw.ini in respecive folder?

Also, what are the rules of the saved games? (Do you use VictoryPoints in any way?)
NM the rules. The problem is that either
or PTWPath\ptw.ini isn't found, and that the dialog initiation stops at the time resulting in the palletts not being loaded, and no colors being displayed for the histograph.
Correction: The palletes are initiated to all black. => fully balck histograph whatever option you select.

I'm not sure why this affects the filter, but I've confirmed that it does affect the tool the way you describe. A fix will be ready soon.
So, you don't have a civilization3.ini file? :)
Never run Civ3... You must have reinstalled ;)
Originally posted by Gramphos
So, you don't have a civilization3.ini file? :)
Never run Civ3... You must have reinstalled ;)

Yes that's right! I've uninstalled everything in December, and only reinstalled in April!
Originally posted by Gramphos
Small File
The latest version (1.00.0001) is here Later than the full install
If you have successfully used earlier versions with the Civilopedia Editor and Unit Creation Wizard in it of this tool this file should do it. Otherwise download the Full install

Does this Small file patch 0.99 to 1.00.0001 :confused:
I got an error using the savegame editor, I did use the diplomacy editor just to let you no and this is what it sayed"Datal0 operation System Error: CULT" then win you hit ok it says "ERROR READING FILE D:\Games\Infogrames Interactive\Civilization III\CIV3PTW\Saves\testmod.SAV" any ideas?
Can you send me the corrupt and, if you still have it, the original save.
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