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Cerne Abbas Giant


Mar 31, 2008
Java has the majestic temple-mountain of Borobodur; Rapa Nui the powerful and enigmatic Moai, both tributes to the skills and imagination of the artistic cultures there. England?

Dear England, emerald jewel in a sapphire sea, the Cerne Abbas Giant, a petroglyph famous for looking rather pleased to see someone. He actually used to look less pleased, but someone mistook his navel for another part of his anatomy

Carved into chalk limestone, the Cerne Abbas Giant has been recut by locals for generations. No-one is really sure who or what it represents - local folklore says it is a powerful fertility inducer. Theories of it's creation have waxed and waned, including it being a pre-Roman god called Helis (with attributes of Hercules, but otherwise unattested except in the imaginations of the theorists), and my favourite - seeing as it was never mentioned until a couple of centuries ago, an attempt to poke fun at puritan Lord Protector Oliver Cromwell, so unpopular he was dug up and kind of re-killed after death (he was lionized as 'the English Hercules'). Recently some migrant snails were interrogated and the dating speculatively changed to mid-late Saxon times - perfect for an English Heroic Epic or something, and a triumph of British archaeology.

So that's what I did. I bowdlerized it as I didn't want persons of a nervous disposition upset by this (i.e. me), hence the pink and frilly knickers: standard issue for Anglo-Saxon warriors, as described in the Saxon epic 'The Battle of Maldon'. PM me if you want the correct texture. Or is this the correct texture?

Image uses the following xml
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