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Choices and Chances

Discussion in 'Imperium OffTopicum' started by Tani Coyote, Dec 31, 2017.

  1. Ailedhoo

    Ailedhoo wonderer

    Mar 19, 2012
    To: The Confederacy of Indepedent Systems, The Hierarchy and The Colorado Republic
    From: The Magi Empire of Pavetterra

    Greetings in the name of Her Imperial Majesty, Modeste Aaij!

    As neighbours we would to offer a hand in peace and friendship.

    We would like to talk of possibilities of a joint non-aggression pact between all of us or barring that we would love to sign individual non-aggression pacts with each of you on case by case basis.

    In this basis we would like to ensure trade between us, particularly as we plan to enshrine our dairy industry so we can begin the move to make the best cheese.

    Our diplomats we sent to you will provide additional details.
  2. Omega124

    Omega124 Challenging Fate

    Nov 1, 2008
    Albany, New York
    Our policy is of non-interference of native nations. A non-aggression pact, however well intended, is interference into the politics of Earthlings. We do not wish to be seen as taking sides in your conflicts.

    That being said, we are willing to offer at least the Hierarchy the provisions of a NAP, as we recognize them as, a sufficiently advanced civilization to conduct meaningful diplomacy with.
  3. NinjaCow64

    NinjaCow64 Thought Bubble Thinker Supporter

    Apr 4, 2010
    When we stand utop of the ruins of...Richmond? Is that your capital?

    Anyway, when we get around to doing that you'll ask "where is our space empire now?". And we'll answer "I dunno, in another dimension or something. You just got pranked on!".

    We will give you time to reconsider your policy on sending us free stuff.
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  4. Ailedhoo

    Ailedhoo wonderer

    Mar 19, 2012
    The Roots and Foundation of the Imperial Cheesecake Guild
    By Olivia Gonzalez, historian at Sortis University
    Cheesecake Guild.png

    The histories before the Fall remain a mismatch of histories, let the cake remains whole.After the fall Cheesecakes found itself as a conception survived after the city of New York cease to be, the New York Cheesecake becoming a symbol of a time once by. Though agricultural infrastructure faced set backs as with the city the memories of the cake to be set, practices by those who could gain the needed ingredients, which turned the cake into a icon of wealth due to the difficulty in acquiring sugar.

    When the arcanic storms came and the magic saw the arrivals from Spíti cometh as goblins, elves, trolls, minotaurs and others once more stood upon the Earth. The summoning bought forth the maguses and the formation under the magi of the nation of Pavetterra as Magi Regnum and Nova Anglia came united through the arcane will of new founded imperium. The birth of the Magi Empire of Pavetterra also bought up a new re-establishment in trade, which leaded to a secured import of sugar. This naturally came for the joys of bakers and for a return in cheesecakes on a epic scale, particular after the orcish warlord Xunug Kritarkar famously promoted the New York Cheesecake after trying it after a battle against the pirate gangs of Quebec.
    Upon the establishment of the Magi Empire of Pavetterra and the formation of the remains of New York into a city once more as the capital Sortis the cheesecake resurrected as a symbol of heritage and propserity, the New York Cheesecake finding itself imperial popularity along with the imperial love the Sambocade. With this came forth the Imperial Cheesecake Guild as the cheesecake makers gather to enshrine their wares under the majestic charter of the Magi Empire. Under the guildmaster Noah Chavez the cheesecake became a intriguing element in the design for the food industries, especilly under the delight that Modeste Aaij, Empress of the Magus Throne, took to particular joy towards New York Cheesecake. Now with keen interest to enhance the dairy indsutry and to expand trade the Imperial Cheesecake Guild, though still a niche in scale to the Imperial Dairy Guild and the Free Shippers Guild of Sortis, has become a symbol of prosperity in the streets of Pavetterra.
  5. Robert Can't

    Robert Can't Éponine

    Dec 7, 2007
    The Barricade
    The Colorado Republic maintains the following attitude re: NAPs

    If you can not trust us enough to not declare war on you that you must write documents making us promise not to then what makes you trust us enough to believe that we would abide by such a document.

    Harry Colorado's word is good enough for the peoples of the Colorado River, it should be good enough for you too.
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  6. Terran Empress

    Terran Empress Hornet

    Mar 30, 2011
    Hallow Nest
    ^ I speak from experience
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  7. Thorvald of Lym

    Thorvald of Lym A Little Sketchy

    Nov 21, 2005
    A Palace north of Oslo
    All into industry.

    Rest into Armies.
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  8. Ailedhoo

    Ailedhoo wonderer

    Mar 19, 2012
    Agreeing to the NAP would be the means for more access to New York Cheesecake.

    Also: we are on the side so technically war would be a logistical nightmare.

    Finally: NAPs would be the first step toward alliances and you would want to ally with a top dairy producer for the sake of your teas and coffees.
  9. Tani Coyote

    Tani Coyote Son of Huehuecoyotl

    May 28, 2007
    Annnnd orders locked.

    Late orders may still be accepted (I will process the ones I already have first), though for the sake of balance (that is, to avoid use of information obtained post-lock), no wars or espionage actions against other players may be made in them.

    In the event no orders are received, I will take a minimum risk approach to whatever objectives (if any) were spelled out in signups so as to keep a player from falling hopelessly behind. There is still the CP penalty for not turning them in, however.
  10. KaiserElectric

    KaiserElectric Total Freakin Besties

    Dec 2, 2007

    Construct a new city in Nome, Alaska, Laan'Shemin overseeing construction.
    Commit our armies to take over the province of Yukon and Saskatchewan, splitting between the two.
    Put the rest of funding into infrastructure.
  11. Tani Coyote

    Tani Coyote Son of Huehuecoyotl

    May 28, 2007
    About to conduct investment result rolls, but here is full disclosure of Hero and Battle rolls.

    Warning that there is not much formatting due to me trying to hurry through the update.

    Hero Actions

    Spoiler :
    1: Unbelievably total failure. Action WILL backfire.
    2-3 : Failure, with penalty
    4-5 : Marginal failure with possible penalty
    6-8 : Failure, no penalty
    9-15 : Straightforward success
    16-17 : Success, with possible bonus
    18-19 : Success, with circumstantial bonus
    20 : Guaranteed success, with added bonus.


    Empress Modeste Aaij reads up on magic and conducts visits to milk farms to increase productivity.

    7. The Empress reads well, but she basically already knows everything already in her selection, gaining little benefit from it.

    9. The Empress’ visit have a modest increase on productivity, largely due to irregularly large output to please her. +3 EP to Infra production. +1 to Agricultural Rolls.

    +3 XP.

    Grat Kasnok conducts a census and reforms military texts for the Army and Navy.

    15. Grat’s census manages to identify citizens – and tax revenue – that had not been recorded in prior years. +2 Population, +2 Infra. +1 to Bureaucratic Rolls

    7. The military brass provide institutional inertia to Kasnok’s efforts, preventing much meaningful reform.

    +3 XP.

    Vregu Arau conducts a recruitment campaign, making use of his well-developed body.

    3. While Vregu is objectively gorgeous, something about his campaign is off putting, and recruitment officers report a decrease in total signups, particularly among intellectuals who would help fill the officer corps. (-10 Army research investment)

    +1 XP.

    Vancouver Hierarchy

    Laan’Shemin aids construction in Alaska.

    1. Faulty construction of the city of Nome causes much of it to collapse into a sinkhole, consuming 15 of the EP put into it.


    MRN boosts research.

    10. +2 EP in all research categories. +1 to rolls increasing Engineering Research.

    11. +2 EP in all research categories. +1 to rolls increasing Trade Research.

    +4 XP.

    Wat duF- boosts research

    10. +2 EP in all research categories. +1 to rolls increasing Espionage Research.

    +2 XP.

    Tankie Gang

    Stalin: Give a speech to the people (and penguins) to get them ready for the liberation of the world.

    16. A surge of class patriotism flows through the Tankie citizenry.

    Stalin gains 3 XP; he now has +1 to morale rolls. The Tankie Gang gets an extra Navy.

    Trotsky: Research historical tactics from around the globe and try to implement them into his penguin army - also continue writing theory.

    7 and 8. Trotsky has severe mind fog for both of his activities, and so he just kind of loafs for a bit. His mood sinks due to lack of productivity, but at least it’s not a crippling down.

    Marx the Piplup: spend time with Trotsky as a friend and training for Pokemon battles.

    19. Marx’s training is a success, improving not only Trotsky’s mood (the guy needs it after his writer’s block), but also gaining a good amount of XP!

    Trotsky gains 2 XP.

    Marx gains 10 XP.

    Khruzchev: Try to plant corn in Antarctica.

    15. Now that’s what I call a Khruschev thaw! The abundance of corn spurs population growth in Antarctica, as the mad genius Khruschev has found a way to plant vital crops in even the harshest of climates. (+3 Population)

    Khruzchev gains 2 XP, and now has +1 to food production rolls.

    Basilea Konstantina

    Iris aids construction in Constantinople. Rolls of 4, 6 and 16. Average of 9. While engineers were quietly asking God why He had forsaken them when Iris accidentally spilled some coffee on some painstakingly detailed blueprints, forcing them to delay the project, her excellent memory and eye for efficiency more than helped make up for the setback. Ultimately, her diligence has proven an invaluable trait, and the Hagia Sophia project has received a marginal boost of 5 EP. Iris gains 1 XP.

    The Emperor Demetrios leads an army into Greece (automatic success due to leading an army (bonuses/penalties will be based on victory/defeat); gives a bonus of 1.4 Armies).

    John commands a navy in support of Aegean operations. No rival fleet, so roll to determine effectiveness. 11. John isn’t a maverick, but he’s qualified enough to keep things together. The Roman fleet under his command lends an extra 2% bonus to the troops it supports, and he gains 1 XP. John has +1 on all future naval command rolls.

    The Great Cult

    Aryaman Behzadian summons Byakhees to act as transport in lieu of aircraft. He also researches Eldritch Lore to find other creatures that would be of interest for Cultist plans.

    14. Behzadian’s summoning is a success. He will now automatically use his Byakhee to warp out of a battle that would kill him.

    15. Behzadian has gleaned useful knowledge from his research. He now has +1 to future summoning rolls.

    Behzadian has gained 4 XP.

    Hakam el-Can Will assist in the production of the new city. He will also research non-euclidean engineering for a future project he's been thinking about.

    18. Hakam el-Can successfully accelerates the construction of the city by 5 EP. His efficient planning allows for the early completion of some new roadways in the city (+1 Infra). +1 to construction rolls.

    9. Hakam’s research yields a modest amount of fruit. +5 to Engineering progress.

    Hakam gains 4 XP.

    Markar Seferian assists Aryaman Behzadian in his summoning rituals.

    14. Seferian is a useful assistant with summoning rituals, having brought Behzadian’s latest pet into the world. He gains +1 to future summoning rolls.

    Seferian gains 1 XP.

    Yangi aids an invasion force in the assault on Alexandria and all Egypt. Counted in battles.

    Arshad el-Azzam functions as a one-man Army, and invades the Holy Land. Counted in battles.


    Luna leads an invasion of Sweden.

    Cadance leads an invasion of Finland.

    Twilight Sparkle and Celestia assist the construction of a wonder in Scotland. 6, 9. Twilight Sparkle finds herself unable to make much headway, but Celestia is able to make some slight progress, bolstering the wonder’s progress by 5 EP. Twilight Sparkle and Celestia each gain +1 XP.

    Pacific Empire

    The Emperor and Bismuth lead an invasion of Queensland.

    Pearl leads an invasion of Tasmania.

    Remaining Heroes stay on defense.


    As the Champions run off to slaughter, Olga Marie briefly remains behind to whip people into shape building a new city.

    3. Olga Marie is so enthusiastic she not only accidentally destroys the city as currently built, but some of the surrounding infrastructure as well. The engineering-loving cultures of the world are sure to crack many jokes about how militarists don’t always make for great architects. (-1 City Investment, -1 Infra)

    Oracular Domain

    The Oracles of Spring and Summer collaborate to produce food for Chaldea. 10, 13. Average of 12. The Oracles produce a bountiful harvest, ensuring the citizens’ food supplies do not need to be tapped!

    The Oracles each gain 2 XP. Each one now has +1 to rolls involving food production (which would materialize in the form of extra population).

    Miloslaw Kozlow tries to advance espionage tactics. 5. His heart is in the right place, but he learned too late that anyone can pretend to be anyone else on the internet. (-5 to Espionage Research) +1 XP.

    Milowslaw Kozlow goes to deliver the food to Chaldea. 6. Kozlow is just not having a good day. En route to Chaldea, a miscommunication due to rusty Russian results in his being roughed up (nothing too serious) and his food delivery being confiscated. +1 XP.

    Waleria Rog researches engineering methods. 4. Rog doesn’t far much better than Kozlow. Some faulty sources have a slight detriment on Oracular progress (-5 to Engineering Research). +1 XP.


    Reflet meditates on the mysteries of the Force. 6. She gets an intense clairaudient vision, but the language in it is all in underwater Mandarin pig Latin. She gains nothing from this, other than maybe some mild annoyance at the Force’s sense of humor.

    Jango and Assajj go bounty hunting together to generate extra revenue for the Confederacy, each having 2 moves. Jango gets 14 and 10 (average 12), Assajj gets 9 and 9 (average 9). In the end, they each successfully collect bounties, and bring a total of 20 EP to the Confederacy


    Spoiler :

    2 Armies invade Greece, led by Emperor

    8 Armies invade Asia Minor, with Naval support

    Battle of Greece

    3.4 (+12% from naval supremacy) vs 1 (+10% from defensive)

    4 vs 1.

    Roll 3. It’s not a stunning victory, but you don’t need a stunning victory over a tiny Army.

    Southern Greece falls to Basilea Konstantina. Konstantina gains 3 Population.

    Emperor Demetrios gains 1 XP, and now gives 2% to an Army he commands.

    Battle of Asia Minor

    8 (+12% from naval supremacy) vs. 5 (+35% from urban defense).

    9 vs. 7.

    Roll 13.

    Despite a respectable advantage, good command on the part of Asia Minor preserves the region’s independence. Konstantina loses 2 Armies (1 captured), while Asia Minor loses 1. 1 population lost in the battle.

    The Great Cult

    4 Armies and Yangi invade Egypt from the Red Sea.

    5 (+10% from naval supremacy and +50% from Army advantage) vs. 3 (+60% from urban amphibious defense).

    8 vs. 5.

    Roll 6. The Cult scores a moderate victory over the Egyptians, capturing one of their units. The destructive fighting destroys 2 population units. Egypt remains independent, but the Cult establishes a beachhead that will allow it to avoid more bloody coastal warfare for the time being.

    Yangi gains +1 XP, and now adds 2% to battle score when in command of an Army.

    Arshad El-Azzam invades Palestine.

    1.6 (+10% from naval supremacy, +50% from Army advantage) vs. 1 (+10% from defensive).

    3 vs. 1.

    Roll 2. Arshad vanquishes the Palestinian forces and conquers the territory for the Cult. His injuries are minimal.

    Arshad gains 1 XP. He has become a national icon and will now generate 1 CP for any future battle he wins without Army support.

    2 Armies invade Eastern Arabia.

    2 (+10% from naval supremacy, +50% from Army advantage) vs. 1 (+10% from defensive).

    3 vs. 1.

    Roll 4. Despite the odds, the Arabs pull off an impressive defense, killing 1 Cultist Army.

    2 Armies invade southwest Iran.

    2 (+10% from naval supremacy, +50% from Army advantage) vs. 1 (+10% from defensive).

    3 vs. 1.

    Roll 1. The Cult seizes southwest Iran with minimal bloodshed.

    2 Armies invade central northern Iran.

    2 (+50% from Army advantage) vs. 1 (+10% from defensive).

    3 vs 1.

    Roll 3. In a bloody battle that kills 1 Population, the Cult marches into Tehran victorious, though it loses 1 Army in the process.

    Net results: Cult gains Palestine, Southwest, and Central Northern Iran. Gains 8 population. Gains Loses 2 Armies.

    The Force Alliance

    3 Armies attack coastal Burma

    3 (+10% Naval Supremacy) vs. 1 (+10% defender bonus)

    3 vs 1. 4. The Force Alliance is repelled, losing 1 Army.

    7 Armies, augmented by Darth Revan, Darth Marr, and Meetra Surik launch a massive attack on the urban centers of Cambodia.

    13 (+10% naval supremacy bonus) vs. 5 (+35% urban defense bonus)

    14 vs. 7. 1.

    The Force-sensitives utterly decimate the enemy ranks, and the Force Alliance manages to destroy the entire Cambodian military without losing any of their own. The 3 surviving Cambodian Armies integrate into the civilian population easily enough, giving up resistance.

    The Force Alliance gains 1 City, 22 Population, 2 Infrastructure while losing 1 Army.

    Darth Revan, Darth Marr, and Meetra Surik all gain 3 XP, and each gains the ability to increase the battle score of an army they command by 3%.


    4 Armies invade Norway

    4 (+10% naval supremacy bonus) Vs. 1 (+35% amphibious defense bonus)

    4 vs. 1. 5. The Norwegian offensive is a flop, with 1 Army lost.

    Luna leads 2 Armies into Sweden

    4.4 (+10% naval supremacy bonus) Vs. 2 (+35% amphibious defense bonus)

    5 vs 3. 7. The Swedish offensive is a failure, with each side losing 1 Army.

    Luna gains 1 XP.

    Cadance leads 4 Armies into Finland

    5.4 (+10% naval supremacy bonus) Vs. 2 (+35% amphibious defense bonus)

    6 vs 3. 2. Cadance’s forces stroll victoriously into Helsinki, having destroyed the Finnish forces.

    Cadance gains 2 XP. She gains +2% to all future Army rolls.

    Pacific Empire

    The Emperor and Bismuth lead 2 armies in an invasion of Queensland.

    5.6 (+10% naval supremacy bonus) vs. 5 (+10% defense bonus)

    6 vs 6.

    Roll 8. Both sides lose 1 Army, and the Imperial force is repelled.

    Bismuth gains 1 XP.

    The Emperor gains 1 XP.

    1 Population and 1 Infra in Queensland destroyed.

    Pearl leads 3 armies in an invasion of Tasmania.

    4.4 (+10% naval supremacy bonus) vs 5 (+35% amphibious defense bonus)

    5 vs. 7.

    Roll 11. The well-equipped Tasmanians kill 1 Imperial unit and capture another, while losing 1 of their own.

    Pearl gains 1 XP, but loses 7 Health. While the invasion was a failed bloodbath, Pearl’s survival makes her a glimmer of pride and hope to Imperial citizens. At the cost of all actions, she can now bolster recruitment, increasing the progress and base investment in either Armies or Navies by 10%.

    2 Armies invade South Island.

    2 (+10% naval supremacy bonus) vs 1 (+35% amphibious defense bonus)

    2 vs. 1.

    Roll 3. The Imperial soldiers escape with their lives.


    Blue Saber, Berserker, Olga Marie push West.

    4.2 (+60% Army and naval supremacy bonus) vs. 4 (+10% defensive bonus)

    7 vs. 4

    11. The push towards the Urals is a stunning failure.

    Blue Saber gains 1 XP loses 6 Health.

    Berserker gains 1 XP and loses 6 Health. Berserker’s giant ass inadvertently steps in the way of a missile that probably would have killed Olga Marie. Going forward, Berserker absorbs damage that would be dealt to other Champions or Armies in the same province, tapping out once they hit 1 HP. This could either be advantageous or a liability depending on how Berserker’s health and durability are in the future.

    Olga Marie gains 1 XP and loses 6 Health.

    Gudako, Shielder invade Kazakhstan.

    5.2 (+50% Army bonus) vs. 4 (+35% urban defense bonus)

    8 vs. 5

    4. While Gudako’s invasion is largely successful, it lacks the punch to completely take over Kazakhstan. Much of the Kazakh countryside falls, nonetheless. The Kazakhs lose 3 Armies. 3 Population units and 1 Infra are destroyed.

    Gudako gains 2 XP, and will now earn 1 CP for any battle won without Army support.

    Shielder gains 2 XP, and adds 3% when assaulting a city, whether alone or part of an assault force.

    4 Armies invade Xinjiang.

    4 (+50% Army bonus) vs. 2 (+10% defense bonus)

    6 vs 2

    2. Xinjiang falls easily. 1 Population lost. 1 Army lost.

    3 Armies invade Irkutsk.

    3 (+50% Army bonus) vs. 1 (+10% defensive bonus)

    5 vs 1

    1. Irkutsk falls without issue.

    3 Armies push East.

    3 (+60% Army and Naval Supremacy bonus) vs. 1 (+10% defensive bonus)

    5 vs 1

    3. Another province falls. 1 Population lost.

    Net: CSO gains 3 provinces, 1 Infra, and 7 Population.

    Oracular Domain

    5 Prussian Armies attack Baltic States and blitz to Bylorussia, aided by Waleria

    6.4 (+10% Naval Supremacy bonus) vs 2 (+10% defense bonus); 7 vs. 2

    1. The Baltic Armies basically evaporate due to Waleria’s excellent command. They advance on Belarus, with odds of 7 vs 1.

    5. Another great victory, though 1 Army is lost. Either way, the Domain gains 2 provinces.

    Waleria gains 4 XP and now adds +3% to Armies they command.

    5 Mazovian Armies attack Kresy and blitz to Ukraine, aided by Maksym Wojda

    6.8 vs 2 (+10% defense bonus); 7 vs 2.

    7. It’s a bloody battle, with each side losing 1 Army. Maksym has orders, though, and presses the attack again, with odds of 6 vs 1!

    5. Kresy is taken successfully, though 1 Population unit is destroyed.

    Maksym gains 2 XP and adds 2% to Armies they command.

    Net result: The Domain loses 2 Armies, but gains the Baltic States, Belarus and Kresy. The Domain gains 8 Population and 1 Infra.


    5 Armies, led by Dooku, blitz through Kentucky and Missouri.

    6.6 vs. 4 (+10% defense bonus). Odds of 7 vs 4.

    6. Dooku successfully routs Kentucky’s Army, destroying 2 and losing 1, but they’re still able to regroup. He tries again, with odds of 6 vs 2.

    6. Dooku destroys 1 Kentucky Army, while losing none of his own. He tries a third time, with odds of 6 vs 1.

    6. Dooku vanquishes Kentucky’s final Army. His own force is pooped, but he has achieved victory for the Confederacy and has opened paths into the North American interior.

    Dooku gains 2 XP. He increases a commanded Army’s battle score by 2%.

    5 Armies, led by Grievous, blitz through Virginia and Ohio.

    7.2 (+10% naval supremacy bonus) vs. 1 (+10% defense bonus). Odds of 8 vs. 1.

    8. Grievous successfully conquers Virginia and moves onto Ohio, with odds of 7 vs. 6.

    7. Grievous scores a minor victory, with each side losing 1 Army. With one spare move, he tries one last time to seize Ohio, with odds of 6 vs. 4.

    6. Grievous successfully reduces Ohio to 3 Armies.

    Grievous gains 3 XP. He increases a commanded Army’s battle score by 3%.

    Net: The CIS takes Kentucky and Virginia, losing 2 Armies. It gains 6 Population and 1 Infra.

    Tankie Gang

    5 Armies led by Pingu storm the Cape of Good Hope

    7.4 (+60% Army and Naval Supremacy bonus) vs. 0.5 (+35% amphibious defense bonus)

    12 vs 1.

    9. The Tankie Gang easily seizes the Cape of Good Hope and all of South Africa. They lose 1 Army and the province loses 1 Population, but it’s a respectable gain to the Tankie Gang’s strategic position, and sure to give them leverage in African expansion discussions. South Africa yields 2 Population to them.

    Comrade Pingu earns 2 XP and now gives +2% battle score to forces he commands.


    5 Armies invade Northeast Angola

    5 vs. 1

    1. Not even a challenge. Myxomyleza easily rolls in and understands Angola.

    1 Army and MWN1 invade South Africa

    Vs. 0.5 (+35% amphibious defense bonus)

    3.4 (+10% naval supremacy bonus) Vs 1.

    4 vs 1.

    3. Myxomyleza is victorious over the South African military, and many of its members are soon Understood.

    …but what’s this? A far greater foe has taken root further south…?

    South Africa enters disputed status between the Tankie Gang and Myxomyleza. MWN gains 2 XP and now has +2% to commanded forces. 1 Population gained.

    2 Armies and MSN1 invade Northern Mozambique

    3.4 (+10% naval supremacy bonus) vs 1 (+35% amphibious defense bonus)

    4 vs. 1.


    Myxomyleza is victorious, but loses an Army. 1 Population destroyed.

    2 Armies and MSN2 invade Southern Mozambique

    3.4 (+10% naval supremacy bonus) vs 1 (+35% amphibious defense bonus)

    4 vs. 1.

    3. Myxomyleza is victorious. 1 Population destroyed. 1 Infra gained.

    Hangzhou (Automated)

    Mei Xiulan and Keung Liang lead all 10 of Hangzhou’s Armies on a campaign.

    13 vs. 5 (+35% urban defense)

    13 vs. 7


    It defies all expectations. While Hangzhou’s ambitious move to push into the urbanized interior destroys 1 defending Army, Hangzhou loses 1 and 2 more are captured.

    Undeterred and used to tolerating casualties, Hangzhou’s forces make their next move on the coastline.

    10 (+10% naval supremacy vs 2 (+10% defense)

    11 vs. 2.

    8. Jiangsu is captured, with Hangzhou losing 1 Army. Jiangsu yields 2 Pop and 1 Infra.

    Mei Xiulan and Keung Liang each gain 3 XP, and grant +2% to Armies they command.

    Dorado (Automated)

    Radec, Orlock, and Widowmaker lead 9 Armies in a campaign against Central America.

    13.2 (+10% naval supremacy) vs 5 (+35% urban defense bonus).

    15 vs 7. 21.

    Despite a huge advantage, the campaign is a failure, with 1 unit killed and 2 captured. 1 Central American force is killed.

    Dorman leads 1 Army along the coast to the Rio Grande.

    3.4 (+10% Naval Supremacy) vs. 1 (+10% defense bonus).

    4 vs. 1.

    Dorman successfully captures the northeast coast of Mexico. 2 Population is Dorado’s prize.

    Back South, it was anticipated that the Central American campaign might be a failure, so a contingency was prepared: an invasion of Colombia. Naval vessels are in the area to ferry the troops away in the event of failure.

    10.2 (+10% naval supremacy) vs 2 (+10% defense bonus).

    11 vs 2.

    9. The campaign is a success, with 1 Army captured, though it is quickly liberated.

    Belgium (Automated)

    Archibald, Tintin, Thomson & Thomson lead 10 armies on a massive campaign, first pushing east into Germany.

    14.8 vs 4 (+35% urban defense bonus)

    15 vs. 5.

    3. The Rhenish Army is utterly decimated. Thomson & Thomson suffer 1 HP loss, but they can walk it off. 1 Pop is destroyed. Belgium gains 3 Infra and 18 Population.

    The mobile Belgian Army quickly moves to restore order in Eastern France.

    14.8 vs 3 (+10% urban defense bonus)

    15 vs. 3.

    9. The Alsatian military doesn’t fare much better than the Rhenish, being utterly destroyed, though it kills 1 Belgian force before going down.

    Belgium conquers Eastern France, gaining 2 Pop units.

    For a final offensive, the military is ordered to split in two to conquer the French interior.

    5 Armies led by Archibald Haddock attack central France.

    7.4 vs. 1 (+10% defense bonus)

    7 vs. 1.

    2. Archibald easily seizes Paris. Belgium gains 3 Pop and 1 Infra.

    4 Armies led by Tintin and Thomson & Thomson strike northern France.

    6.4 (+10% naval supremacy bonus) vs. 1 (+10% defense bonus)

    7 vs 1.

    8. Apparently leaving Haddock’s side made Tintin listen to Thomson & Thomson’s incompetence, costing them the battle. The Belgians lose 1 Army and are pushed back.

    In the end, Haddock adds +4% to Armies he leads, while Tintin and Thompson & Thompson add 2%. Haddock gains 8 XP, while Tintin and Thompson & Thompson gain 6 XP.

    Vancouver Hierarchy

    5 Armies invade Yukon

    5 (+10% naval supremacy) vs 3 (+10% defense)

    6 vs 3.

    1. Flawless victory. Yukon is seized with no losses, and the defeated armies mold nicely into the population. The Hierarchy gains 5 Population.

    5 Armies invade Saskatchewan

    5 vs 3 (+10% defense).

    5 vs 3.

    5. Vancouver pulls off a victory, losing 1 Army, but destroying 1 of Saskatchewan’s.


    Harry Colorado and Marie-Charlotte lead 1 Army to South Peru

    4.6 (+10% naval supremacy bonus) vs 3 (+35% amphibious defense)

    5 vs 4.

    6. The Peruvians barely score a victory, with each side losing 1 Army; the Peruvians capture the Coloradan force. Harry Colorado and Marie-Charlotte retreat to their ships, making notes that future invasions necessitate more forces. Harry and Marie both gain 1 XP.

    9 Armies

    3 Heroes

    4 Armies led by John Smith blitz Kansas and Dakota.

    4.4 vs. 1 (+10% defense)

    4 vs 1.

    4. Smith’s force takes Kansas, losing 1 Army. He advances on Dakota.

    3.4 vs 2 (+10% defense).

    3 vs 2.

    3. Smith scores a small victory, with 1 unit captured by the enemy, though he destroys 1 Dakotan Army.

    5 Armies led by Smailovic and Leighton strike Oregon.

    5.8 (+10% Naval Supremacy) vs 3 (+10% defense)

    6 vs 3. 2. Smailovic and Leighton celebrate the conquest of Oregon with no units lost.

    Net: Colorado gains 5 Population, 2 provinces. 2 Population destroyed.

    Smith gains +4 XP, and now has +2% to command.

    Smailovic and Leighton score +3 XP each, and now have +2% to command.

    Magi (Tactics Advantage; free reroll in event of failure)

    2 Armies led by Ransar invade Portugal

    3.4 (+10% naval supremacy bonus) vs 2 (+10% defense bonus)

    4 vs 2.

    5; rerolled to 5. Each side loses 1 Army.

    2 Armies led by Minet invade Maramhao in Brazil

    3.4 (+10% naval supremacy bonus) vs 1 (+10% defense bonus)

    4 vs 2

    1. The storming of the beaches is a remarkable success, with no casualties and minimal damage. Normandy ain’t got nothing on Minet!

    3 Armies invade Pennsylvania

    3 (+10% naval supremacy bonus) vs 2 (+10% defense bonus)

    3 vs 2

    4; rerolled to 2. Pennsylvania falls, with 1 Army lost.

    3 Armies invade Ontario

    3 (+10% naval supremacy bonus) vs 2 (+10% defense bonus)

    3 vs 2

    4; rerolled to 2. Ontario falls.

    Net: The Magi gain 3 provinces, 1 Infra, and 7 Population; 3 Population are destroyed.

    Ransar gains +1 XP. Minet gains +3 XP, and now grants +3% to commanded Armies
  12. Tani Coyote

    Tani Coyote Son of Huehuecoyotl

    May 28, 2007
    Turn II

    World Map

    As the world turns, the beginnings of a Great Power system are starting to form.

    Belgium and the Force Alliance stand tall as the world's primary economic powers, with close seconds in the Harmonic Union, Myxomyleza, and the Magi.

    Analysts see great potential in Belgium's ability to rise into a great military power given time, though in the short term, the Chaldeans and Great Cult are posited to be the military powers of the world, fielding large, well-trained armies that few can match in quality and quantity. If there was ever a time to form alliances, it is now.

    Multiple Action Clarifications

    If you perform the same action twice or more, the average of the rolls will be used in the event one of them was a failure. Otherwise it will be two separate actions.

    Only one action per turn can be used to take part in a military or espionage campaign; when part of an Army, all of a Champion’s contributions to that Army count as one action (e.g. if they lead an Army to blitz multiple provinces, it only counts as one action).

    Champions are free to use spare actions for other purposes on the same turn they take the role of a spy or Army.

    In the event of using espionage, the Champion automatically uses up one action to stay put unless you decide to move them elsewhere.

    Wounded Heroes

    A Champion regenerates 1/5 of their health per turn if they take no actions that turn. Alternatively, unused XP can be used to heal 1 HP per XP, but it will consume the XP unit.

    Spare and Banked XP

    Almost every Champion now has some spare XP they can spend to improve their stats. Each nation also has a pool of spare XP that can be used for any Champion. In the event spare XP is not spent, it gets banked; you can view each Champion's individual spare XP near the bottom of their stats, while your national pool of spare/banked XP is all the way on the right.


    An Army that you order to “blitz” through multiple provinces will attack a province again if it loses the initial battle, provided it has a probability of winning. This continues until it runs out of moves (determined by your mobility minus how many provinces it moved through, if applicable). Blitzing offers the advantage of a concentrated assault on multiple provinces, but it has the disadvantage that your military may not be evenly spread around your borders.


    For simplicity, counterespionage will be conducted using one action from any one of your Champion units. They will lead your resident spies in an effort to root out enemy spies. Be warned that Champion to Champion combat can result from this action.

    Budget Shortfalls

    In the event your budget had a shortfall, your orders were prioritized in the order they were given, so funding would have been cut from the last item in your budget.


    Hagia Sophia restored!

    Under the leadership of director Iris Resta, the Hagia Sophia has been restored to not only its former glory. From its architecture to its art, every square meter of the structure has been painstakingly restored, and the burgeoning Empire is seeing an increase in tourism accordingly. (+5 CP, +1 Wonder)

    Scottish Monument!

    Equestria has successfully built a monument way ahead of schedule in Scotland! (+5 CP, +1 Wonder)

    New Cities in (please place them on the map in your orders)


    Great Cult


    Force Alliance

    New Armies (place them in your orders):

    CSO – 9

    Dorado - 3

    Myxomyleza – 2

    Equestria – 4

    Hangzhou – 2

    The Great Cult – 5

    Oracular Union – 2

    CIS – 3

    Belgium – 3

    Force Alliance – 1

    Tankies – 3

    New Navies

    Hangzhou – 1

    New Spies (automatically placed in your capital, may be reassigned with 2% risk of exposure)

    Great Cult – 1

    Oracular Union – 1

    Tactics Upgrade

    Pacific Empire, the Great Cult

    Army Upgrade

    Myxomyleza, the Hierarchy

    Navy Upgrade

    Pacific Empire, Dorado, Konstantina, Hangzhou, Belgium

    Mobility Upgrade

    Tankie Gang

    Trade Upgrade

    Myxomyleza, Force Alliance, CSO, Dorado, Magi, Pacific Empire, Hangzhou, the Cult, Oracular Union, CIS, Colorado, Belgium, Hierarchy

    Engineering Upgrade

    Magi, Myxomyleza

    Espionage Upgrade

  13. Danwar

    Danwar Warlord

    Dec 30, 2017
    Right under your nose
    The Emperor is appalled by the Grand Cult's rapid expansion into the surrounding nations and calls on the other nations of the world to condemn their rapid expansion stating that "{The Grand Cult} is a threat to civilization as we know it". He has issued a proclamation that anyone who is willing to work with the Empire against the Cult The Emperor will accept the assistance of gladly. In addition, any alliance proposals against the Cult are welcome.

    While some believe that this is just a continuation of the Empire's long-standing anti-Cult rhetoric, others speculate that the Empire may be justified in their alarm - the Cult is growing to be a military powerhouse. They see the empire's growing alarm as justified in these trying times.
  14. Ailedhoo

    Ailedhoo wonderer

    Mar 19, 2012
    The Magus Throne would wish to mark the following as our claimants this session of territorial expansionism:


    The Magi Empire of Pavetterra will thank you for respecting our ambitions.
  15. Omega124

    Omega124 Challenging Fate

    Nov 1, 2008
    Albany, New York
    Our national security nessecitates that we obtain Michigan. I hope you don't mind the influx of droids that will be marching north.
  16. Ailedhoo

    Ailedhoo wonderer

    Mar 19, 2012
    Strange: our reports showcase you do not border Michigan and we desire the University of Michigan, one of the foremost research universities, for unlocking the secrets of the arcane.

    Also we would advice that ditching your "non-interference" policy would be declared mute, unless you wish to acknowledge our superior might from magic over your metallic dolls.

    Still we would rather settle this diplomatically: why is Michigan vital to the national security of the C.I.S?
  17. Omega124

    Omega124 Challenging Fate

    Nov 1, 2008
    Albany, New York
    Well, we know from your plans, that you plan on expanding across the ocean. That's fair cop, we're not going to stop you from settling colonies in your various continents. Whatever.

    However, our goal is to create a power base here, in this "North America", so that we may secure ourselves before our eventual return back to the stars where we actually *want* to be. Letting you become a contiential and colonial power is a little too much for us. We don't want a single power being able to breathe down our neck, and we fear your territorial expansion plans is you trying to encircle us by land and by sea. Of great concern is the great land of Illinois; just as much as you want a buffer for your capital, we want a buffer for our eventual plan of expansionism into that cradle. It is, by far, our greatest long term security issue here on the planet. You can get cradles in Brazil; I don't see why you particularly be concerned about us grabbing ours.
  18. TheGryphonPrince

    TheGryphonPrince King

    Jun 30, 2013
    The war on Scandinavia

    When the princesses decided, after much hesitation, to begin the campaign of Scandinavia, they expected it to meet some local resistance, but that it would be worthless and that eventually, most of Scandinavia would be within Equestrian control by the end of the year.

    However, the campaign has turned out worse than expected. About the only one which accepted the offer of peaceful expansion was Helsinki, but the expansion wasn’t so easy in Norway and Sweden, where the population resisted from the moment ponies showed up, and while the city of Oslo and the region of southern Sweden were successfully occupied, guerilla campaigning by the locals halted the advance of the union. To be precise, the armies of the union led by Spitfire are held up Oslo and the southern coastline of Norway, where, after the battle for the city brought major casualties, the morale is very low, and the locals have retreated to the mountains and the hills of the countryside, hoping to cut off the major supply lines of the army. Luna secured the south of Sweden, but she is stuck with her soldiers in Vastergotland, where further advances north were met with a series of defeats while fighting for various towns.

    There are some good news however. The recruitment program has gone well enough that the army has some fresh recruits to make up for the lost lives in Scandinavia. In addition, the war has served to confirm to some ancient-fashioned generals why the practice of bringing around big armies in one place instead of smaller, more mobile units has been abandoned a long time ago in this world. And of course, it has taught them the importance of urban combat. Finally, a few ponies in the army who were just screwing around with human weapons have figured out how to adapt some of them to battle saddles, but the mechanisms are hardly adequate to be anything more than a gimmick.

    Cadance, whose endeavors in Finland have brought fruit, will come to the aid of the soldiers on Southern Sweden, but Luna herself has to go, while her soldiers continue holding their position in Ostergotland until Cadance gives her signal to advance. Officers who fought in the battle of Oslo will also be sent to Cadance, to explain to them what they learnt about urban warfare. Some armies fresh from their victory in Finland (there was some resistance that still needed moping up) will also assist the armies of Oslo in driving back the resistance.

    And some thinking for the future has began too. Luna is leading an expedition into Guinea, hoping to establish a foothold on the region for further advance. Seeing the potential Guinea’s endeavor has, Twilight has also commissioned the construction of a few new battleships.

    These are the provinces we're claiming, we hope that foreign powers respect our claims to this area.

    (thanks Tani for putting this map on Discord)

    Crystal Empire sustainable!

    Around a thousand years ago, the evil King Sombra was defeated by the two princesses during the Second Crystal War, but this was done not before he placed a curse upon the Crystal Empire, and the Crystal Empire suddenly banished into the snow for almost a thousand years. As soon as the Empire returned, Cadance, helped by Twilight and her friends, defeated King Sombra once again and Cadance took charge of the Empire.

    Ever since it reappeared, the Crystal Empire was dependent on Equestrian support to feed its population. Although this worked fine back in Equus, things have become much harder than they were before now that Equestria and the Crystal Empire are located in two separate continents. While the threat of famine has died out, and Equestria sends as much food as they possibily can, the Crystal Empire is still suffering from periodic food shortages, especially on winter, which has led to many crystal ponies to move to Equestria. And things could quickly get grim if a foreign power began to enact a blockade on the Crystal Empire.

    This has begun to change, however, as ever since the Crystal Empire reappeared, the greatest minds in Equestria and the Crystal Empire have continued to work on their project of using crystal magic to continue creating fertile land. Now, they can finally say that the science behind the project is complete, and deployment of beacons spreading crystal magic has begun. Although the beacons will take some time to fertilize their land, when they have finished the Crystal Empire will be able to sustain itself when it comes to food.

    The wonderful city of Canterlot

    (decent res because it keeps getting butchered for some reason)

    Standing on the side of a mountain, Canterlot is an eyesore for any armchair military strategist*, but with its white walls mixed with vines, purple and golden rooftops, its ancient libraries, its still-surviving semi-relevant nobility, it’s something to behold for the tourists traveling to the city that truly is far bigger than it at first appears**. Even those who haven’t been able to enter Canterlot itself, at least have many positive things to say about the rustic looks of Ponyville, a village that saw more than a few evil monsters be stopped on their tracks or even reformed completely.

    For some years, tourists have been dying to get to visit the legendary settlements, but while humans managed to reach and snap some pictures for their families, the city of Canterlot had too little space for fancy hotels designed with aliens in mind, and the ponies kept scoffing at the humans, as if their mere presence disturbed the princesses themselves.

    Princesses Twilight Sparkle and Celestia attempted to haggle with the nobility and the locals of Ponyville for places to build hotels on, but both populations sternly refused to have any more human tourists enter their cities. They believe that humans will only bring crime and chaos into their safe and peaceful communities, and that the cities will become simple tourist centers in detriment of their inhabitants, and other towns in the area have began echoing their dislike to the idea of having humans visit their places too. However, the citizens of Canterlot have, at the very least, approved of the idea of the princesses renewing the architecture of the city, and the best artists have dully accepted commissions to paint great artworks revolving around the daily life in the city.

    This endeavor has been, to the surprise of the princesses (and in spite of the obsessions of a young princess), has been finished far ahead of schedule, and Canterlot has finally partly ceded to the pressure of the princesses to at least give permission to a few human photographers to enter the cities of Canterlot and Ponyville to take pictures of the city. These photographers have been nothing but amazed so far at the fantastic pieces of culture and art from an alien world, and combined with the paintings, great amount of revenue is coming into the city from selling great art pieces. It is truly a wonderful, albeit forbidden, city to live on indeed.

    *Ignoring the fact that the supports that keep Canterlot from falling from the side of the mountain have been constantly enchanted for century and can stand for a few millennia even if ponykind disappeared, and it can even last months worth of bombardment.
    **Yes, Canterlot literally is bigger than what it appears at first glance.
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  19. Ailedhoo

    Ailedhoo wonderer

    Mar 19, 2012
    The Magus Throne would like to declare three announcements: a domestic and two international relational news tales to be delivered by courtier in our efforts to enshrine our plans for the world, along with the plans of our fellows.

    Praetorium Magi Restitutio

    By commission of Her Imperial Majesty the Magi Reis, the imperial palace of our beloved Empress, is to be having major works on it to make it fabulous and majestic, with consideration of it being classed as a wonder for all to behold.

    Michigan Talks Continue

    Talks between Pavetterra and the C.I.S. are currently in conduction, with tensions decreased as both powers come to recognise the thorniness of Michigan's position to both great imperial powers geopolitically. It is likely that both may recognise the sovereignty of the University of Michigan over the state in a joint effort to over protection over the state in return for access to research; either way the Magus Throne is to reset annexation plans from Michigan to as of yet declare province across the seas which will be determine in the coming times by a session hold in the Imperial Senate.

    Formation of the Pact of the Arcana

    Recognising threats to magic users and the need to channel secured linkages between masters of the arcane a group of realms have bounded together under the Magi Empire's suggestion to forge a defensive, economic and scholarly alliance. This alliance, to be known as the Pact of the Arcana, has been founded as primal members by the Magi Empire of Pavetterra, the Great Cult of Elder Lore, the Chaldean Security Organization and Myxomyleza, with both the Harmonic Union and the Transcendent Domain of the Oracular Union setting as observer members for the time being. The pact will make settling dispute between us easier, promote trade between us, allow magic students to study across, allow co-operation between arcanic academia, enshrine a defence pact between all members and to promote global stability. We look forward to co-operation with our allies and for increased prosperity throughout the world.
  20. Danwar

    Danwar Warlord

    Dec 30, 2017
    Right under your nose
    The Emperor requests this new pact's immediate expulsion of the Great Cult from its ranks. The Cult has long posed a threat to the Empire, and any further friendship with the Cult will lead to war between the Empire and this new Pact. The Emperor cites the Cult's expansionism and it's willingness to openly persecute otherwise docile religious minorities as reasons for the Cult to be openly opposed in every way. The Emperor will not stand idle while the Cult gains power and requests the Pact either pressure the cult into religious tolerance or face open war.
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