Choose Your Adventure

What should our course of action be?

  • Honor our deal with Epsilon, focus on finishing off Aloha

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  • Side with Innovia, gang up 3 verse 1 on Epsilon

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  • Double-cross Innovia, honor our deal with Epsilon (see first post)

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  • Other (please specify)

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Apr 9, 2004
Portland, Oregon, USA
Okay, we have an interesting choice to make in this game, and the intermittent and overlapping discussions going on in the Strangers thread is not really getting us anywhere. I know we're an anarchy so I'm exercising my inherent right to do whatever I want: posting a poll.

My vote is to stir the pot. Do the double-agent thing, take peace with Aloha (probably just straight peace w/ no repiration), agree in terms with Innova, build up troops for a seeming backstab of Epsilon, and then when Innovia has commited we attack Aloha.

What do you want Piffle to do? Do we open the old iron door to the north and see what is lurking on the other side? (turn to page 23) Do we follow the sound of gurgling water and try to pry up the grate in the southeast corner? (turn to page 142) Or do we put our tail between our legs and run? (turn to page 3)

Choose your adventure!
My problem with voting is how does Piffle win the game? It seems to me that the options presented will determine whether Epsilon or Innovia win this game. How does Piffle win the game?

Someone (don't recall who) suggested we backstab Epsilon with a few well placed nukes. Frankly, I'm not sure how we pull that one off, considering Epsilon's GNP and production capabilities. Plus, when the suggestion was made, Epsilon was planning on attacking Innovia, not Loco.

I know we're an anarchy so I'm exercising my inherent right to do whatever I want: posting a poll.
:hmm: I was under the impression that the only rule we had was no polls? :p
I believe that if we gang up 3 on 1 against Epsilon, we'll be next on the list. So I prefer the Double-cross Innovia, honor our deal with Epsilon option (unless we would be ready to move on Aloha again in less than 10 turns). Saying that though, it still means we have to find a way to win...
ah, the poll is but an arbitrary and inadequate means of getting at a nuanced position. But I was hoping to spark debate and get people's views out under one thread on the matter.

"How do we win" is certainly a valid retort. But it is a valid question under any circumstance. How do we win when we carve up Epsilon with Innovia and Loco? How do we win when it is just Epsilon and ourselves left? But the choice we make now in whom we ally with should always be put in that context.

I see a better win posibility with Epsilon (1v1 instead of 3 or 4 v1). The whole double-cross bit is just to have some fun along the way.

We could probably use a few more votes ... Although, there is something to be said for unanimous ...
I'm all for the double cross.
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